Thursday, June 12, 2014

Queen of the Blood Father, Dark Fantasy Author Tessa Dawn

Today, I am excited to welcome Guest Diva, Dark Fantasy Author Tessa Dawn as she reveals her latest release in The Blood Curse Series, Blood Father.

If you haven't yet had the chance to read Tessa's work, now is the time, with her sixth book in The Blood Curse Series releasing today, June 12th.

Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father - Blood Father

After my little chant, I sat down with Tessa, a glass of blood in hand, naturally, to discuss her latest release filled with sexy, dark, brooding vampires. I'm thrilled to bring it all to you today.

S: Tessa, Thank you so much for joining us here on The Decadent Divas, to share in the celebration of your newest release, Blood Father!
T: Thanks for having me - so happy to be here! :)

S: I have to start with the one question everyone wants to know when they hear vampires are involved; what would you say is the heat level in Blood Father?
T: I would say the love-scenes sizzle! Although, interestingly enough, they're not designed to - they just come out that way. (That's the best Tessa!) Here's the thing: My writing style (or voice) is very sensory and detailed. I bring the reader into my stories, walk them step-by-step in the characters' shoes, and let them feel, taste, hear and smell everything the characters' encounter. I don't pull back on the joy, the darker scenes, or the heart-wrenching moments - it's all in vivid color. So I made a calculation early on to carry that through to the love scenes. If the characters' feel it, or experience it, so will the reader. (Amen!)

T: Can you share a little hint about Blood Father?
T: Sure! Here goes!

“May the rivers run crimson with their blood.”
~ Kagen Silivasi

    Kagen Silivasi is a powerful, ancient vampire with a unique gift for healing – he is also a son, a brother, and a loner who has survived unspeakable tragedy and loss: Beneath his handsome, well-mannered exterior lies an alter ego consumed by rage and an overwhelming impulse to “kill them all…”

    Arielle Nightsong is a brave human, a rebel spirit, and an accomplished healer in her own right. Born into a harsh world of violence, cruelty, and danger, she was enslaved at the age of ten and given as a gift to the most depraved being in Mhier – the infamous king of the lycans. If not for her enduring friendship with a captive vampire, she might not have survived to escape the slave encampment…or to discover her mysterious role in an ancient Blood Curse.

    When Kagen and his brothers voyage into Mhier in search of their long lost father, it will take more than stealth and cunning to get out alive: Secrets will be revealed; loyalties will be tested; and an indomitable spirit will fracture beneath the weight of an impossible choice. 

where destiny and duty collide.

S: *sitting on the edge of my seat* Can I say wow? So, given your obvious talent, when did you first start writing?
T: I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, so I think I was simply born doing it. And loving it. :)

S: What has been your biggest writing influence? (A book or another Author?)
T: There are simply too many to count. Right now, I would have to say that I'm in awe of George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones). Why? Because he also writes a form of Dark Fantasy, he knows how to pen extremely compelling characters, evil-to-the-bone villains, and he never, ever pulls his punches. I love bold, courageous writing.

S: Can you tell us a little about your current project?
T: I'm about to release book #6 in my Blood Curse Series on June 12th, and I've already started seven. (Glad to hear it!) In addition, I'm playing around with a similar dragon-themed series (These won't be your typical dragons but sexy, hot, alpha males), a single-title epic fantasy, and maybe a little short-story horror. I love my deep, emotional male-female relationships, but I also love the DARK. (And we LOVE to read it!)

S: Do you write full-time?
T: Well, I'm a full-time writer, but it's not the same thing. LOL I try to write a little every day, but it doesn't always happen.

S: Now, just for fun, I'll rattle off a question and answer the first thing that comes to mind. *Tessa cringes and laughs*
T: Okay, it's on!

Last book you read? The Undead Pool by Kim Harrison
Cake or pie? BOTH! Oh, and cookies!
Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere I can soak in a hot tub!
Hairy chest or smooth? SMOOTH.
Stand alone or series? Mostly series, but stand-alone is fun to stretch your wings (as a writer).
Novel or novella? Novel.
Tattoo or piercing? Nope.
Once Upon a Time or The End? Once Upon a Time.

S: Thank you so much for stopping by The Decadent Divas to share your new release with us Tessa! We were thrilled to have you and wish you the best of success with your new release, Blood Father!
T: Thanks for having me! ;)

Below, I have listed a video showcasing another book in Tessa's Blood Curse Series, as well as all of her social media links - and of course, the links you need to purchase Blood Father - I already have!

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