Monday, June 30, 2014

Look Into My Crystal Ball

If someone could tell you your future, would you want to hear? Would you want to know who you were going to fall in love with? How many children you were going to have? How he was going to break your heart but then put it all back together again? When and how you’d die?

What if you didn’t have a choice? What if you saw the future? What if you could feel when you were on the right path? And knew when you were on a path were very bad things happened?

That’s Rowe's position in Covert Desires. She doesn’t really have much of a choice. She’s a Sub Type Six. She was made to see the future. When she was government property, she was hooked up to machines that would see and record the prophecies. Now that she’s a citizen, however, she has to find her own way. Sometimes it’s easy. She just lets life guide her down the paths that feel right to her. But other times she has to improvise. Like when she and Jack are captured during an undercover investigation.


“See, if she was a prophet, you would’ve known you was talking to the boss earlier. And you most certainly would’ve seen this coming.” He nodded and the man behind Jack brought the butt of his weapon into the back of Jack’s head. He collapsed like a rag doll under the force of the hit and he didn’t move again.
Her heart stopped and her breath caught in her lungs as the world blurred around her. Her body no longer hurt and she couldn’t feel the tight grasp Thomas had on her hair. She was completely focused on Jack. When his chest rose with a breath, her heart began to beat again.
“You’re wrong. I am a prophet.”
Thomas laughed loudly. “And I’m the prime minister.” He stopped laughing and pulled her tightly to him. “You’re with Special Investigations. I know a rat when I see one. I’m not an idiot, bitch.”
But he was. He’d proven his folly in her past. Or in his future. She shook her head as she tried to straighten out the timeline. In the end it didn’t make any difference. Whichever it was, he failed. There was an escape here. Some path that got her and Jack out of here and led to Thomas’ downfall. She only had to find it. Now was the time to test her theory. She had to try to focus on that one path and forget the others.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The fuzzy image of a nail flashed through her mind. It poked out of the wall as nothing more than a glint of metal in an otherwise dark room. Such a small thing. It was so insignificant her captors probably didn’t even realize it was there. But that one tiny glimmer of metal would save them both. She just had to find the track that would put her next to it.
She opened her eyes and shoved against Thomas as she brought one of her heels down on his foot. She didn’t weigh much but she hoped the element of surprise would work in her favor. Since she’d done little to fight back up to this point, Thomas had no reason to anticipate it now.
He cursed as her heel made contact and then stumbled as she continued to push as hard as she could against him. Her hands were still trapped behind her back but her shoulder provided a large enough surface for her to have an impact. Soon she was free of his grasp. Spinning, she ran for the nail.
A sharp pain erupted at the base of her skull and stopped her from reaching it, however. Her knees gave out from under her and her cheek hit the cold concrete floor. The air rushed out of her lungs and for one second she forgot how to breathe.
So, would you want to know how your story was going to end before it even began? To see a glimmer of hope only to have it pulled away at the last second?
I don’t think I’d like it. But, as Rowe states, she’s a Sub Type Six. This is what she was created to do. And she’s the best at it.
Covert Desires Blurb:
Universal Defiance, Book Six

Rowe is a Sub Type Five—a prophet—so her future should be laid out in front of her, clear as the stars in the night sky. But since Type Fives can’t remember their visions once they wake, the only thing she’s certain of is her overwhelming attraction to her partner, Jack. And that the desire seems one-sided. Jack does everything he can to put space between them.
After working undercover together to bring down a militia group, she discovers she got that one wrong though. Some hot encounters reveal that Jack wants her as much as she wants him. But they’ll have to survive the final mission and discover the identity of its mastermind before she finds out what their future holds.
A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

If you want to know more abou the story, you can find a different excerpt on the Ellora's Cave web site or download a sample on Amazon.