Monday, December 11, 2017

Joy To His World by Clare Dargin- It's Almost Christmas And Everything Would Be Perfect But A Crazy Dom Is After His Subs #HolidayRomance #BDSM #Menage


“I went to Love Play’s mansion today to drop off the paperwork for the party and…” she said in between sobs. “This horrible man was there.”

“Dueño,” she said as Chris took his place back at the table. “When Nate and I went by to give the info to the Love Play rep at the mansion, we ran into Gavner.”

“Go on,” Chris said, his body tensing.

“And he said something,” Nate said.

“Like what?”

“Ummm…he mentioned…he said Jilly and I would make a great pair of subs, and he hinted that he was going to make that happen soon.”

“Dammit!” Chris said, storming over to the phone. “I’m going to kick his ass!” 

“And if you go over there now, you’ll get into trouble over nothing.” 

“He’s threatening my family. And I won’t have it.” 

“Please calm down, Dueño,” Jilly said. “We’re fine. We’re with you.”

Nate wrapped his arms around them both. Their dual embrace soothed him. His boiling rage mellowed to waves of frustration. 

“I can’t let him go around harassing you,” Chris said as the frustration ran out of him.

“Go to Vander’s office tomorrow and talk to him,” Nate whispered in his ear. “File a complaint. Maybe that will stop him.”

“We’re not going to that party, not while he’s here,” Chris said. 

“We can’t not go. It’s who we are. We don’t give in to this sort of thing,” Nate said.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not giving that ass the chance to get near you.”

“Yes, Dueño,” Nate and Jilly replied in unison.

He stormed out of the room, seeing red. First Nate and now Jilly. Gavner had gone too far, and he had to pay.



[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, HEA]

Chris Spinell, Jilly Reimers, and Chris “Nate” Poole are happily married. Now living in a small town run by The Love Play Matchmaking Service, Chris Spinell hopes his family is safely away from the possible dangers that come from living in a big city.

Jilly and Nate cherish the life they have with Chris. They even love the fact that he is their Dom. BDSM gives them the structure and sense of belonging they’ve always wanted. However, life in Minaqua doesn’t give Chris the peace of mind he needs in order to quell his anxieties. The scars from his time in Afghanistan run so deep, Chris’s PTSD will not allow him to escape the fears that his family is at constant risk for harm.

When a stranger comes to town seeking to harm Jilly and Nate, Chris’s protective instincts are put to the test. Will he deal with this reasonably, or will he do whatever it takes to defend his family—including breaking a solemn oath?


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

5 Distractions of the Holidays

One way to keep the kids occupied -- holiday crafts!
 Can you guess what I’m thinking about? It’s the most wonderful time of the year … or is it? A tight ball of panic has lodged in my chest. What’s the date? How long do I have before Christmas? Who’s left to buy for? What in the world do I get my husband? (Motorcycle pants, he said today. Where the hell do I buy those?)

While many idealize the winter holidays, for many others – I’m hoping I’m not alone – it’s a balancing act of regular duties that still need to be done and all those distractions!

Here’s my top five!

1). “I’m Bored” – If you have kids, you’re probably familiar with this one. With a few weeks off from school, suddenly they expect you, the parent, to fill up all the time (and if you see below, we probably will).

2). Holiday Parties, boat parades, The Nutcracker – Wait, aren’t those all supposed to be fun events? Oh yes. This coming week, I have all three planned. I love going to all the above. But does it every feel like we try to squeeze a whole year’s worth of fun into one week?

3). Cookies – Making and eating. Let’s get this straight, I adore baking. Spending time in the kitchen works as relaxation for me. The thing is, we’re normally crazy-busy. This year, the kids get off on break on December 22. That totally sucks. Monday is Christmas Eve. We’re going to have to cram as much goodness into two days.

Plus, I admit, I am influenced by others. I see friends on Facebook baking, and I want to … now!

4).  Hallmark Holiday Movies – Oh, I know I’ve missed several already. I know this one may be controversial. Not everyone likes the sappiness. But for my and my 10-year-old, it’s a bonding experience over love. Tonight, we’re watching!

5) Holiday book releases – So far this season, I’ve bought three – maybe four – and I just wait for some “free” time to devour. The problem is, even when I have stuff to do, sometimes they continued to distract. So much feel-goodness!

So tell me, what are you favorite or least-favorite distractions?

Here's my distraction to add to the mix!

A Sexy holiday read ... on sale for .99 cents

Winter Solstice Ménage

Sugar isn’t as sweet as her big brother, Yas, believes. After he leaves the big city to venture a small pack in the hills he’s heard about from their mom, she decides to let loose in all the best ways. Except when all hell breaks loose and she’s faced with some tough decisions, she runs … to her family. 

After growing up in Los Lobos, twins Derek and Tyler Baker lived through all the hardships under the former Alpha leader. While one twin is happy playing the dating field, the other wants something more special. They both find what they’re looking for when newcomer Sugar comes for a visit.

Where Sugar goes, trouble follows. It’ll take more than one member of this pack to tame the new shifter she-wolf. But will the Winter Solstice Ménage be enough to convince her to settle down? 

Until next time!

Louisa Bacio