Thursday, September 29, 2016

Perspective by Jennifer Kacey

I've been going through some health stuff lately. Some of it's been more than a little scary.

I've always been a glass half full kind of girl. I can always find something good to be excited about, proud of, look forward to, dream about. And through all of this I've tried really hard to focus on all the little things that make me happy, hidden in the big piles of poop I've been wading through.
Cooking with miniman, watching a movie, getting something done at work early, using the first squeeze of toothpaste from the tube. Virgin toothpaste...mmmmm......

But the not awesome I'm dealing with at the moment seems to have turned on a brighter light bulb for me. Talk about a slap in the face to remind me that no matter HOW BAD I feel, I still woke up today. And none of us are assured of tomorrow so I'm going to squeeze every last drop of amazeballs out of every second I'm functional during each day.

A few nights ago I was snuggling miniman and he crashed hard. I just stayed in his room for a few extra minutes just to be there. Hear him breathe, feel how warm and cuddly he is, and know that if I did nothing else right in this life I did THAT right!

A few mornings ago we were on the way to work and there was the most beautiful sunrise. I was driving so miniman took the picture for me. I'm pasting it below because it was just soooo pretty. Made me say a few extra "Thank you, God's" for my day.

So my advice to everyone is roll around in the awesome. Every little tiny spec of it. Don't look for only the huge things that you're working toward. Those are great too but there is so much around us every day that is amazing and I want everyone else to be as happy as me!!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Re-Release of Together in Cyn by Jennifer Kacey

I have the first book in the Members Only Series back up for sale!!! Booyah!! Can't tell you how INCREDIBLE a feeling it is to be able to put something out that I love so much and be PROUD of it again!!! Cover reveal and blurb and series blurb and links to awesomeness are below!!!:) Syneca Featherstone does the bestest covers EVUH!!

Kobo –
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Print books are coming too!!!!

After finding their best friend’s diary two brothers find the submissive they’ve been waiting for.
She knows it’s wrong. Cyn shouldn’t have feelings for fraternal twins Jared and Chris, her best friends. She shouldn’t want the kinds of dirty and delicious sex she craves with one of them much less both of them. The only way to control her taboo desires is to write them down and lock them away in her diary. Guys like Jared and Chris could never be interested in someone like her, or in the kind of sex she dreams of.
But Jared and Chris have read her diary, and sweet little Cyn is in for the shock of her life. The brothers not only own a members only BDSM club called The Library, but they want her. Need her. And now, with their unlimited funds and an entire establishment devoted to fulfilling her darkest pleasures, they’re going to claim Cyn for their own.
With the key to her every need in the palm of her hand will she finally be brave enough to reach for what she’s always wanted? Or will past mistakes tear them apart forever?
The Members Only Series
Within the walls of The Library, a members only BDSM club, anything goes. It’s a dark oasis for every Dom and sub to discover their happily ever after. Screams of pleasure and pain echo through the walls every night, but beneath each cry lies a confession. Unrequited love, cravings of domination by more than just one, even the desire for someone of the same sex. Each member learns, to find their forever, they must unearth the strength to reveal…everything.

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Freebie and Giveaway from Sabrina York!


Fall in Love on Tryst Island
When a group of friends share a vacation house, wild hijinks, unexpected hook-ups and steamy sex ensue. And true love. Did I mention they all find true love?

Each book in the series is a stand-alone story.

Book #1 is FREE!

REBOUND by Sabrina York

Kristi Cross has had the hots for her friend, Cameron Jackson as long as she can remember, but she knows she’s not his type. She’s nothing like the women he dates. So when he suggests they play for a kiss over a game of Hearts, Kristi can’t resist. Even if she loses, she wins. Because she’s finally going to taste him.

Of course, one kiss can quickly become something altogether steamier, especially when both parties are on the rebound…

Amazon Erotic Romance #1 Bestseller May 2013
2014 RONE Award Nominee

An Excerpt From: REBOUND
Cam nodded and dealt the cards. They were halfway through the first hand when he broke the silence.
“I can’t remember a time when we were both single.”
“What?” Thank God she hadn’t just taken a sip of beer—she would have spewed it across the table for sure.
“Think about it. Since the day we met, one of us was always in a relationship.”
Usually him.
She didn’t respond. She didn’t know what to say.
He winced as he took a trick. “I just think it’s interesting. That’s all.”
“What’s… interesting?” It took everything in her not to mangle her cards.
“You know. That we’re both available. Both here. Alone.”
Oh. Yeah.
All uncertainty wafted away. That was definitely interest simmering in those steely blue orbs.
Kristi’s heart went into rapid fire mode. Her breath hitched. Heat lashed through her body.
“I…ah… W-what’s your p-point?” She tried to act all blasé, but the stuttering probably ruined it.
He grinned at her, investing his expression with an extremely seductive thread. “I was thinking we could play…for something.”
“A kiss, maybe?”
Brain freeze. Oh yeah. Every thought fled. Every rational cogent inkling spun out of reach. She could only feel. Stare at him in shock. Ache for him.
His tongue came out, dabbing at his lips. She fixated on it, imagining that tongue, what it could do. The havoc it could cause in various parts of her trembling body—
“A kiss?” A squeak. “We’ve never k-kissed before.”
He leaned closer. His voice dropped an octave. “I’m aware of that.”
“But-but… I thought… We’re just f-friends.”
He studied her over his cards, stroking them slowly. “Are you saying you don’t want to kiss me, Kristi?”
“I… No! I just… We’ve always… It’s probably…”
Amusement—twined with certainty—softened his intensity. “What are you trying to say, Kristi?”
She meticulously rearranged her cards. “I just… I didn’t think you found me attractive. That’s all.”
He boggled. “Are you crazy? You’re gorgeous.”
A little thrill flickered up her spine. “I’m not.” She ignored his frown at that, and plowed on with her reasoning. “Besides, in all these years, none of us… well, none of us have.”
“Lane and Lucy did.”
She snorted. “And look how well that worked out.”
He drew in a breath. “I’m suggesting a kiss, Kristi. Just a kiss. Be honest. Haven’t you ever wondered what it could be like between us?”
A hot tide crawled up her cheeks. Oh, he didn’t miss it. He couldn’t. Her face was neon red. Like a well-cooked lobster.
His features tightened. A muscle ticked in his cheek. “You have. Haven’t you? Imagined it?” The hint, the thread of uncertainty in his tone struck her to the core.
He was uncertain? He was nervous? Holy Hannah.
“I…” She plucked at the label on her beer again. It was becoming quite mangled. “Maybe.” A whisper.
“Well. So have I. Often.”
She gaped at him. “Often?”
“Very often.”
“Carmen was perfect.”
“She was.” Her heart dipped at that. “But when she smiled?”
“She didn’t smile with her whole face. Not the way you do. She didn’t embrace life. She just kind of clung to the edges. You toss yourself in.” He fondled the neck of his bottle. “It’s an attractive quality, Kris. A man can’t help wondering…”
“Wondering what?”
“If you make love that way too.”
Ooh. Those words skimmed over the air between them, smooth and silky and oh so seductive.
Not that he needed to seduce her.
Hell, all he had to do was breathe and she wanted him. Still…
“Are you drunk?”
He grinned. “Not in the slightest.”
“This is probably a bad idea.”
His smile broadened.
“Cam, we’re both on the rebound.”
He shifted, as though something was making his position uncomfortable. “Sometimes you score the winning point off a rebound.”
“A basketball analogy? Really?” He knew she was a football fan.
“If the shoe fits.” He reached across the table and took her hand in his. His heat enveloped her, sank in and made her want to weep. She could only imagine how good he would feel touching her all over. Pressing her down into a soft mattress. Entering her in a hard, hot thrust…
Yeah. She could imagine it. So well, her body was already preparing for it. A slick dampness eased between her legs. Her nipples pebbled. Her womb clenched in hunger.
“What would the others think?”
“Why would we tell them?” His smile was far too charming. “It’s only a kiss.”
“One kiss?”
“Yeah. One kiss. A forfeit. If you win the hand, I kiss you. If I win, you kiss me.”
She glanced at his lips. Strong. Powerful. Perfectly formed. She’d wanted to feel them, taste them, have them since the day they’d met. Why was she dithering? What was she afraid of?
Well, other than heartbreak.
But she’d long ago learned that heartbreak could come whether you were careful or reckless.
Might as well be reckless.
She would rather enjoy a sliver of decadent fudgy brownie than suffer through a lifetime of dusty rice cakes.
“Okay. Let’s do it.”
He stared at her. The tension between them mounted, hummed. His Adam’s apple made the slow journey up and back down his throat. Then he picked up the cards, shuffled once and quickly dealt out a new hand.
Kristi’s pulse raced. Her mind whirled. Her body trembled.
She was going to do it. After all these years.
She was going to kiss Cam Jackson.

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“You can't go wrong with a Sabrina York story. You'll want to take the hero home with you and keep him forever. And the sex? More than you ever dreamed. Get this book today.” Desiree Holt

“Rebound had some serious SIZZLE to it. I LOVED it! It hit just about every romantic cord in my totally rocked my face off.” Insightful Minds Reviews  

 “Although it was short I did really enjoy it, remember ladies size doesn’t matter it is what you can do it with it that counts! This was a good quick read, sexy and fun and I look forward to the next book in the series.” Under the Covers Book Blog

“Characters with clever conversations, a few mix-ups with ‘who wants who’, and some starkly sensual steamy scenes, this is a great introduction to this group of friends set in the Pacific Northwest.” The Jeep Diva

When friends share an island vacation house, wild shenanigans and romance ensues!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Waterloo Heroes #2 Call of the Wild Wind by Sabrina York #Giveaway

Call of the Wild Wind
By Sabrina York

Though the world is convinced that Lady Britannia Halsey’s fiancé perished on the fields of Waterloo, she is certain he is still alive. And she is determined to find him…before her twenty-fifth birthday.

When the Earl of Wick sees a portrait of her beloved Peter, and claims he looks just like a wounded warrior working on his highland estate, it only seems logical to hie off to Scotland and meet this man. 

To Britannia’s annoyance, she finds herself traveling with the Annoying Earl of Wick, a man who is far too attractive for her peace of mind. A man determined to seduce her…


Britannia gulped. The command had utterly thrown her for a loop.
Undress him?
How strange that a curl of excitement whipped through her belly. She resolved, however, to be as aloof and blasé as he, and stepped behind him to help him shed his coat.
A frisson of restlessness, a coil of tension shot through her at the sight of this man in his shirtsleeves. This was a shockingly intimate tableau. She reminded herself she was his servant and there was nothing more to it. But when he turned around, so she could untie his cravat, she began to shake.
She drew in a deep breath and began working the knot.
All the while, he glared at her with a muscle pulsing in his cheek. Surely she was not so clumsy or slow to deserve that.
When she began on his buttons, he snarled something that sounded like, “Never mind,” and turned away to finish the job himself.
It wasn’t wrong for her to watch.
She was a valet, after all.
And, frankly, she was curious.
Besides, it wasn’t as though she hadn’t seen plenty of naked men in her day. If one counted today.
But oh. That frightening and dismal experience had done nothing to prepare her for this. As Charles pulled off his linen shirt, and his bronzed back was revealed, she nearly swallowed her tongue. Mr. Cole-Winston had not had muscles like that, muscles that bunched and rippled when he moved. Mr. Cole-Winston had not had a bottom like that, either. Charles’ bum was beautifully formed and tight. His legs were long and thick and, all things considered, rather intriguing.
She tried not to stare, but could not help herself.
Had she really thought naked men were hideous?
This one was like an Elgin marble. Perfect. A Greek God.
As he shed the last of his clothing, and Charles turned to the side to step into the tub, it almost seemed as though he was shielding his most private parts from her, which was, all in all, a disappointment.
Everyone knew the most interesting part of an Elgin marble was the—
“Well?” he barked as he sloshed into the water.
“Well what?”
He glanced over his shoulder at her. “Are you going to wash my back?”
Wash his back? Touch him? She gulped. Dare she?
She tipped her head to the side. “If you wish.”
“I do so.” He waved to the cloth and soap Will had left on the table and she gathered them up and then slowly made her way to his side.
She didn’t even try to peek over his shoulder into the water.
Unfortunately, it was murky.
Or fortunately. Depending on one’s point of view.
Gingerly, Britannia dipped the cloth into the water and made a lather and then began scrubbing Charles’ back.
This was, again, a new experience for her. And again, a surprising delight. His skin was warm and smooth. His muscles were finely formed. She found she enjoyed washing him very much.
He, however, did not seem to enjoy it at all. His muscles were tense and he moved restlessly as she worked away on his back.
“Would you like me to wash your hair?” she asked.
“No,” he snapped, though there was no call for snapping.
“Shall I wash your front as well?”
He whipped around and frowned at her, then snatched the cloth away. “No.”
“What would you like me to do?”
She did not understand the consternation on his face. Really she didn’t. And…why did he look as though he was in pain?
“Just turn around.”
An odd command, but she did so, and then she heard him rise from the water. Her gaze flicked to the mirror and she froze as she caught a glimpse of…
Good. Glory.
He was magnificent.
And he was aroused.
She knew enough about the way of the world to spot that right off.
But why would he be aroused by his valet?
Oh dear. She’d heard about that, too.
She peered at him over her shoulder as he dried himself with the towel and dressed in what he assumed was semi-privacy. Oh, he was a beautiful man.
Why should it matter to her if he preferred young valets over ladies of the ton? It wasn’t as though the two of them had any kind of future. But somehow it did matter, and the fact that it did matter irritated her greatly. And made her sad.
Which was ridiculous.
She was in love with Peter.
She had no business wanting any other man. Most specifically, him.
He turned around without warning, catching her gaze on him, and he frowned. “This was a mistake,” he said.
“I beg your pardon, milord?”
His lips twisted bitterly. He raked his fingers through his hair. “Oh leave off, Britannia. I know it’s you.”
Shock whipped through her. Her knees wobbled and she sat with a plop on the bed. “What?”
“I know it’s you. How could I not know it’s you? How could any man not know it’s you?”
Well, blast. She put out a lip. “When did you realize?”
“Really?” He tipped his head to the side and gaped at her. “The first bluidy moment I saw you by the mail coach.”
“You did not know then! How could you?”
He snorted a laugh. “Because I’ve met you? I know your face. Your expressions. Your smile.”
“Why on earth did you pretend you did not?”
He snorted again; this one was not a laugh. “I thought to teach you a lesson.”
She couldn’t help it. She chuckled.
He was not amused.
“You thought to teach me a lesson?” How adorable. “Is that why you made me fetch and carry for you?”
“You hardly fetched or carried anything.”
“I intended to. That counts for something. And you’re the one who stormed downstairs all growly and rude.”
“Rude? Rude? I was worried about you. You disappeared and didn’t return.”
“I was right there in the—”
“Oh, yes. I heard the songs they were singing. What do you think your father would say if he knew you’d been exposed to such language?”
She batted her lashes. “He would probably think you were the one who exposed me to it.”
It was wrong of her to be amused by his chagrin. Or not.
“I was the one who saved you from a brigand and don’t you forget it.”
There was no call for finger shaking.
“I won’t forget it. I am certain my father will be very appreciative.” She frowned at him. “Would you mind finishing?” Not that she didn’t appreciate the glorious expanse of his chest, but it was a trifle distracting.
She waved at his person. “You are undone.”
Why he muttered, “You have no idea,” was a mystery. But he did make an effort to do up his buttons, though he got them wrong.
“So,” she huffed. “What do we do now?”
His gaze snapped to hers and his face went a little red and that muscle in his cheek began bunching again. “I…what?”
“Are you sending me back to London?” Might as well throw it out there. But she wasn’t going. If she had to, she would slip out in the night like a wraith and find some other means of making her way to Wick.
He huffed a breath and collapsed into the chair. “We both know how that would end up, don’t we?”
“Do we?” She widened her eyes in an attempt to look innocent. He was not fooled.
“At this point, it is better for you to travel with me, where you will be safe. Though we will need to hire a companion.”
“A companion? Whatever for?”
“You are a lady, remember?”
“Within the last week, I’ve been a boy and a valet. That seems to have worked out fine.”
“Has it?” He leaned forward and pinned her with a glare. “What do you think would have happened if I had not come along when I did this morning?”
She sniffed. “There is no need to belabor the point. I believe I did thank you.”
“In point of fact, you did not—”
“Well, thank you—”
“But your gratitude, or lack thereof, is hardly at issue here. You were in dire danger of being—”
“Being what?”
“Ravaged.” He scrubbed his face with his palms. “Can you imagine what could have happened?”
“I was prepared to protect myself.”
For some reason, her declaration did not appease him. “Really? And how would you have done that?”
She sat up straight and tipped up her chin. “Caesar has taught me to box.”
“Oh bluidy hell.”
“And I know where a man is most…vulnerable.”
“That you do.”
Again, she did not understand his insinuation. “Regardless, it seems perfectly obvious to me. We shall travel together to Wick, but there is no need for a companion. I can continue posing as your valet.”
“Wandering around strange inns and flirting with the stable boys?”
“I was not flirting!”
“It looked like that to me.”
“Will and I were simply being friendly.”
“And we all know where that leads, do we not?”
“Balderdash.” She turned away and stared at the door. “One would think you were jealous, the way you are carrying on.”
“Jealous?” A roar. One that shook the room. “To be jealous, I would have to want you for myself.”
The silence that fell, following his pronouncement, was a deafening one. Slowly, she turned and looked at him.
His eyes burned. His face was a mask. His hands were closed into fists.
And she saw it there. On his face, in his expression.
An unholy thrill rose up within her. Because there, in that moment, all thoughts of Peter faded. No man existed but this one. This large, perfectly-formed, glorious specimen. And she realized that her impatience with him, her restlessness in his presence all along, had been speaking to one thing and one thing only.
She desired him, this man who was not her betrothed.
It was really something of a surprise, but not nearly as surprising as the realization that he wanted her as well.
He stood and prowled across the room. He stopped just short of her, touching her with nothing but his breath.
“Britannia, I am trying to be an honorable man.”
She stood as well and faced him, toe-to-toe. “The way an honorable man pretends not to recognize a lady in distress so he can use her as his servant?”
“I think I explained, I was trying to teach you a lesson.”
“Which is so very flattering really. Women love it when men show them their place.”
“It was not meant like that and you know it.”
“Do I?”
“Goddamn it, Britannia…”
“Such language. Whatever would my father say?”
“I believe he would say you are in need of a spanking.”
Her eyes widened. Outrage swelled. If he even tried, she would saw him open with the butter knife. “You are something of a beast, you know.”
“I am a Scot,” he snarled. “What else would you expect?”
Well, there was no answer for that.
But then, he didn’t expect one.
Rather, he took that last step toward her, yanked her into his arms, and kissed her.
It was not a gentle, demure or respectful kiss. Not in the slightest. It was like the wild wind on the moors. A crashing tumult of a storm at sea.
And it was mind-boggling.

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Release day for Aslan's Evening by Jennifer Kacey

Book 7 in the Fantasies A-Z Series is out today!!!
Hope you love the next adventure with Zeke and Aslan!!

Aslan’s fantasy is to give Zeke an evening he’ll never forget. But by the end of the night, he delivers a gift she never knew to hope for. 
A single glance across a crowded grocery store. The brush of a hand along the inside of a knee. An evening like any other. To Aslan, all of these things are everything she’s ever wished for and the things she’s most thankful for.
For her next fantasy, she wants to give something back to Zeke. An evening of his choosing. A night of his desires fulfilled with nothing but a single glance from him in her direction.
On her knees, restrained, waiting for him to command her? Perhaps.
Immobile in the playroom, unable to utter more than a satisfied moan? Maybe.
Bound by more than words is where she expects he wants her but the evening isn’t anything like her expectations.
Soon, she learns her husband’s needs run deeper than she thought possible—she may just get a whole lot more than she begged for.
This is the seventh short story in a serial release all featuring Aslan and Zeke. A married couple looking for more and finding it in the arms of each other. There will be nine stories total, with one being released every month or so. Short kinky stories meant to tantalize and excite you. May you fall in love with love and everything that word means to your fantasies…

Buy Links – Aslan’s Evening
B&N – available later today!!!
Smashwords –

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


On this day I wish for you peace, love, and all of the hugs you can stand. Then a million more.


Until next time


Friday, September 9, 2016


I posted a couple months ago that I had sent something out on proposal. A week or so ago, I got the response. You can probably guess by the title of this blog that it wasn't the response I'd been hoping for. Yep. It was rejected. But this isn't downer post. It isn't a ranting or venting post. It's a post to let the world know that rejection isn't the death of a story. Yes, I wanted the story to be accepted. I'd be lying if I said otherwise. That's the whole reason I sent it to that publisher. But there are some positives to the story not being accepted and there are reasons a story is rejected that actually have nothing to do with the story itself.

The first positive is that, because this was sent out on proposal, I had to send a synopsis. I'm a pantser. I'm not used to writing with a synopsis. Knowing where I'm going and trying to force the story to get there felt weird to me. Now, I can throw that synopsis out (or, at least, not worry about following it so closely) and go where the story takes me. Suddenly a m/f is looking more like a m/m/f. Not because of some plan but just how my characters are interacting.

Another good thing about the story not being accepted is I have more time to write and polish the story. I'm sure I would've sent out a fantastic story if it'd been accepted. I never put out work I feel is subpar. But, let's be realistic, if I'm working under a deadline I feel more pressure to send the story out and I might overlook some of the minor points. A possible twist or nuance might go unnoticed and I might have lost the chance to deepen the story.

Yes, being rejected isn't all sunshine and roses. But just because a story is rejected doesn't mean the story sucks. This is something I remind my writer friends whenever they get a rejection and it's something I reminded myself of when I got my rejection. Publishing houses reject stories for any number of reasons. They might have just signed a similar story. They might have been looking for more m/m and I gave them a m/f. They might have been looking for more humor and mine was political intrigue. They might have met me in person in the past and didn't like me (yes, it's more comforting to think I'm the problem than to think my story is the problem). They might have looked my social media and noticed I've been a little quiet lately, something I realize I need to fix.

The bottom line is I think this is a great story. I have tremendous faith in it. The house I sent it to wasn't a good fit for any number of possible reasons. So it's time to pick myself up and continued writing it. I know when the story is done, I'll find a great home for it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Secret Destiny by Kathy Kulig #Giveaway

Coming September 12th

Secret Destiny by Kathy Kulig
Book 1 in Sins of Odyssey series

Sexy. Seductive. Wickedly Delightful. Desperate and on the verge of financial disaster, Destiny Noir accepts a sexy offer from the mysterious billionaire manager at a hedonistic club. Dark Odyssey is in a mansion along the South Florida coast and caters to the rich and powerful, providing a particular service that satisfies their clients’ sinful requests.

Performing kinky sex shows at private parties with her lover Darius Logan should be easy for two lovers. The risk to her professional reputation is high, but the money and scorching sex is too good to refuse. This arrangement is just what the couple is looking for. But they discover the harsh consequences when their secret is exposed and their fun and well-paying side job takes a nosedive.

Amazed by how uninhibited she can be, Destiny is driven by a sensual need aroused by her audience. But when clients begin demanding special favors—slave services on a billionaire’s yacht, then a public ménage at a CEO’s cocktail party, Destiny has second thoughts. Are the risks to her professional career worth it? And what about her blazing-hot romance with Darius? Can they survive the consequences? Secret Destiny is book one in a new sexy contemporary series Sins of Odyssey. 
Coming soon: Secret Escort and Secret Sins.

Read an Excerpt:
She talked as if they were living together, and he liked that a lot. Maybe he should bring the topic up again. When he was in town, they practically lived at her place. The last time he brought it up, they agreed to wait. His job, her studies, all was not the best environment for a steady relationship. But everyone had challenging schedules and busy lives.
“Great. Come have breakfast. Do you want to eat there or on the bed?” he asked.
When she looked up, he noticed the glitter of tears in her eyes. “The bed is fine.” She got up and put the album down.
“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” He placed the tray of food on the end of the bed and pulled her into his arms.
“I’m okay. Just looking at these old pictures got me thinking.”
He smoothed her short, dark hair out of her eyes. Without the long blond wig, she had more of a pixie face and less of a seductress face, but he liked both sides of her. He kissed her, but she returned the kiss with less enthusiasm. Something bothered her. “Thinking about what?”
“I love this house. But if I sell it, my financial problems would ease a bit. It may take years before I could afford another home. I do want a home. I have so many memories here. It would be hard to leave it.”
“Then don’t sell it,” he said. “You’re doing okay. This side job pays well, and we’re discreet. Oliver sets up the clients and prescreens them, which makes it even safer. I can always move in to help out. It’s more than that Paula. I want to be with you. I want a home that we share together. It’s hard, I know, when I’m away. When I’m in town, I want us to be together.”
“I thought you needed space.”
“Not true. My regular job requires a lot of travel, and I was afraid it would strain a relationship, so I avoided getting serious with anyone.”
“I know, but…” She hesitated.
“Tell me.”
She looked up at him. “I’m worried about what this job at Dark Odyssey is doing to us. What if we end up liking it too much? We’ve not had much sex alone since we started. I’m worried that sex will become just a job, an act. Each assignment is hot and fun and we’re making great money, but at what expense if we lose something between us, what we have together?”

RELEASE DATE: September 12th.


One Sea Glass Bracelet
One signed print copy of either RED TAPE or HIS LOST MATE (Winner’s choice)
Five $10 Gift Cards (Amazon or Barnes and Noble)
(Bracelet and Print book for US and Canada only please)
Read more about the SECRET lives and lovers within club Dark Odyssey! Hot men and the passionate women they love!

SECRET DESTINY by Kathy Kulig 9/12/2016
SECRET ESCORT by Kathy Kulig ~9/25/2016
SECRET SINS by Kathy Kulig ~10/9/2016

Discover Secret lives, Secret loves, Hot guys in SECRET DESTINY #Hot #ContemporaryRomance from @kathykulig

About Kathy Kulig
Kathy Kulig is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, sensuous romance stories for the smart, adventurous reader. Her titles range from sizzling contemporaries, to sultry paranormal and scorching romantic suspense. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, news and contests. Newsletter: .
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