Sunday, September 4, 2016

What I did during my summer vacation...

I feel as if I say this every month, but holy heck. It’s September already?!?!?

If you were like me, you had a busy summer. All of my favorite festivals happen in July and August and you’ll often find me out in the sun on the weekend.

First off was the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference where I was a speaker on their romance panel. I always get a kick out of attending cross genre conferences. For some reason the non-fiction and mystery/sci-fi authors make me giggle.

It was a pleasure to be on the panel with Gerri Russell, Pam Binder, and Meghan Farrell. You learn so much from your fellow industry professionals. Although I think I might have scared Meghan a little when I showed up for our workshop with wine glass in hand. I’ve been told I was brilliant.

Squirt couldn't get enough
of the Hawaiian Shaved Ice.
Next was the Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering. I know. It’s not as grand as the Military Tattoo in Scotland, but it’s the closest we can get in the Northwest. Three days of food, games, and pipers. Oh, the pipers. I love a good Celtic tune.

The next weekend we moved from Scotland to Renaissance England to the Midsummer Renaissance Faire. Jousting, corsets, and more snow cones that are as big as your head. And jewelry! I buy all of my jewelry at the faire.
You run into everyone
at the Ren Faire.

The small town where I grew up has an annual festival, and this year they added a book fair. During Augustfest, I met not only some of my community, but also some fantastic authors.

Another annual pilgrimage is the Waterfront Book Festival. Being out on the pier with some of my favorite author friends is always a treat.

It was party time for my friend Kelly at Havana Nights. Dancing, drinking, and cigars!

My first and last cigar.
It wasn't bad, just not for me.
Rounding out August was the Enumclaw Rodeo. But I’ll save that trip for another time. J

So long summer. I’ll miss you. 

Until next time!

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