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So hello there. Rebecca here. I realized perhaps it was time I talked about Warrior series. It was really one of the best things I've ever written but different for me as it is Young Adult/New Adult and as you guys know if you read me, I do LOVE my heat. Its also totally unique for me as it is the only series I have ever written in the first person. Everything else I've ever done has been third.
But Rachel was a character I could not silence so I went where it took me and I am enormously proud of it. For those of you worried about the lack of sex in Young Adult books, she is eighteen in the final book which makes it finally New Adult and there is some sex.
The Warrior Series by award winning author Rebecca Royce - Initiation, Driven, Subversive, Redemption, and Justice - all in one place.

Rachel Clancy was born to fight the monsters that go bump in the night. In a post-apocalyptic world, she and her fellow Warriors are all that stand between what is left of humanity and the monsters who stalk them. Her destiny seems written--fight or die. Until one fateful trip Upwards changes everything. Follow the story as one sixteen year old girl changes the course for human kind forever.

Initiation is the story of sixteen year old Rachel Clancy, born with a specific set of genes that let her fight monsters, she has trained her entire life to kill Vampires and Werewolves. Knowing since birth what her destiny would be has not made the onslaught of emotions she faces as she journey Upwards any easier. It doesn’t help that her father is drunk and her best friend just doesn’t get ‘it.’

Rachel isn’t prepared for the level of deception she faces, and before long she will find herself on a quest she is in no way prepared to handle. What happens next will alter not only Rachel’s life but the lives of everyone she knows. She will learn beyond a shadow of a doubt that sometimes the monsters we know are worse than the ones we don’t and that love can surprise us when it comes from somewhere we never anticipated it.

If she lives, she will be a Warrior. If she doesn’t, no one will ever remember her name.

When Rachel Clancy turned sixteen, she inadvertently changed the lives of everyone around her. Now, six months later she has to figure out how to live with what has happened.

Sent back into the wilderness—this time with a new love—she will find herself face-to-face with two people she never thought to see again: the boy she thought she loved and the man who wanted to destroy her since birth. If Rachel can learn what drives her forward, there may be a chance for everyone to start again. If she fails, all is lost.

Rachel Clancy has been through a lot. With a mission to fight vampires, while losing two boyfriends—one to a vampire and one because of his daddy issues—she is in charge of a secret revolution that could change Genesis, her home, forever. Her confidence is shot, her hands are shaking, and she hasn’t felt a real emotion, except for anger, in a long time.

But Rachel should never be counted out. She sees things others can’t, even if her ideas are considered downright traitorous. The life destined for Rachel is to lead in the world, filled with vampires and werewolves instead of romance and flowers—always forced to fight to stay alive and vanquish any threat to her friends and family. But no matter how many times she’s won, the evil that has stalked her never forgets her name….

Rachel Clancy made a decision to erase herself from the lives of her friends and family. She did this, she believes, to free herself up to make some hard decisions. Only to realize out she was manipulated by a master into doing just what he wanted. Now, she is alone with no one to turn to for help.

But fate isn't done with Rachel. When she is thrust back into the path of her former people—who have no idea who she is—she will find that life gives second chances. Will she gain redemption? Or is it too late…?

My name is Rachel Clancy, and if you’re reading this, chances are I am dead. I have returned to Genesis, my family and Chad. I think I might even be happy. But you know, happy endings aren’t for everyone least of all me.

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Like Your Fantasies Dark and Hot?

Then I've got a story for you! Assassin Queen is out.


At sixteen Lilavati was banished from her mother’s kingdom by her stepfather. She was the rightful heir, but with the queen carrying a new child she had to choose between exile or death. Instead of facing the executioner, she fled in the middle of the night like a common thief—leaving behind everyone and everything she ever loved, including the dashing knight who’d stolen her young heart, Naresh.

Now, ten years later, Lilavati isn’t the naive, helpless princess she’d once been. Life on the run has hardened her. It’s also given her time to formulate a plan to take back the kingdom that should be hers and access to criminals, assassins, and a ruthless spell-caster named Kirin who can make that plan a reality. If she can keep the sorcerer focused on the goal and not the ill-advised attraction between them, that is. When she hears of her mother’s death, she knows it’s time to act. She will have everything that is rightfully hers. But she’s not the only one that’s changed since her departure. Her once strong kingdom is dying. It needs a savor not a conqueror.

Kirin agreed to work with Lilavati because he enjoys being near the aloof princess. He’s drawn to her confidence and determination. But when she starts using that determination to keep him at a distance, he’s not nearly so fond of the attribute. A promise she made to another ten years ago is keeping her out of his bed. When he discovers her knight in shining armor is married and has kids, though, all bets are off. But no matter how many times he shares her bed, it’s not enough. He’ll have to figure out a way to make the princess surrender her heart. It’s not going to be easy with his reputation. But if he can save her kingdom, he might have a shot.


She meant to make her way into the night. She needed space. So much had happened in such a short time. She needed some time on her own. But Kirin seemed unaware of her need as he followed her.

“If you’re going to continue arguing with me, you can save your time and breath. My decision is final.”

“You will go back to your kingdom despite certain death?”

“Nothing in this world is certain. But, if you fear your own mortality, you are free to part company with me. There will be no hard feelings.”

“I guess I’m easy to leave behind when a crown is dangled in front of your eyes.”
She turned around and was glad to find they were out of earshot of the rest of the camp.
“Is that what this is about? You think I’ve chosen a trinket over you? Over all of my men?” “Of course. We’ve fought beside you for years. Put our trust and lives in your hands. We’ve

been your family when your family wouldn’t have you. But now we aren’t good enough? You’d choose a kingdom of ungrateful peasants over us?”

“If I do not go back and set things right, I will be a target for the rest of my life.”

“You always have been and always will be a target. Greatness paints a bull’s-eye on your back. It may not be fair, but that’s the way it goes.”

“I want....” She shook her head. “I need to set things right. I need to protect my people. My stepfather does not have their best interests at heart. He never has. And with my mother gone....” She paused as the words made her eyes burn again. “With my mother gone, they have no one.”

He spit on the sand near her feet. “Already you’ve changed.”

“I will not tolerate this abuse.” She pointed a dagger at his heart to emphasize her words. “And I haven’t changed.”

“You want to go home for vengeance. You want the walls to run with his blood and your people to finally have to admit they chose the wrong side.”

Her blood heated with pleasure at the picture his image painted.

“You are an assassin at heart. You live for the thrill of dispensing justice with your own hands and following your own moral code. Yet five minutes after you’ve made your decision, you’re already speaking the language of diplomacy and sugarcoating your desires.”

Her heart stopped as he leaned forward. He was going to kiss her. She could feel it in her soul. But that wasn’t the scary part. What terrified her was how badly she longed for it to happen. When he stopped a mere breath away from her, she actually whimpered with desire.

“I would follow you through the gates of hell without a backward glance.”

His warm breath fluttered across her skin and made her shiver.

“But only the true you. The assassin. And there are a million and one deaths I am prepared to watch you die. It is the nature of who we are. But I refuse to watch your spirit be cannibalized until you are nothing but a pale shadow of the woman who once held my allegiance.”

“I have been the Assassin Princess for ten years now.” She ran her fingertips over the stubble on his chin and gasped at the raw hunger that emanated from him. “But she is no more.”


“Now I am the Assassin Queen. Help me take my kingdom back. Help me find justice for the ten years I was sentenced to exile for the crime of being another man’s child.”

His teeth reflected a glint of moonlight as he smiled. “Aye. That I will do. I serve at the pleasure of the Assassin Queen.”

He ran the pad of his thumb over her cheek and then stepped back. “But if I see you’re fading into a life of politics, I will kill you myself.”

She laughed. “If you can take me in a fair battle, I deserve to die.”

“In all the years we’ve fought side by side, have you ever seen me fight fair?” He turned and walked into the night before she had a chance to answer. 

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All Romance: http://bit.ly/18UAx3t
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Final Surrender Exclusive Excerpt by Jennifer Kacey

After just one night, the only man she’s ever loved pushes her away…
Painful secrets have kept Angela Meyers running for more than a decade.  She’s fought her way to the top of the fashion world but hidden scars run soul deep.  Now a stalker has resurfaced, threatening to destroy everything she’s sacrificed for, and the only person able to protect her is the one man she vowed would never get close enough to crush her heart again. The same man that she still loves and hates and needs with every breath she takes.  Can she allow him in to keep her safe while protecting the secrets destined to rip them apart again?

Now to save her, he must convince her, their love is worth a second chance...
Clay Waters must break down the barriers surrounding Angela’s heart while discovering who the voice in the shadows belongs to. Convincing her to trust him and surrendering his heart to a love he never believed in will be the only way to save the two lives hanging in the balance.  He couldn’t allow himself to love her then, but now he must help her accept their past and fight for a future she thought lost forever…
A contemporary romantic suspense from Samhain Publishing
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Samhain Publishing

Exclusive Excerpt!!!

Angela padded lightly down the hallway past the bathroom door. She heard the shower running and tried not to think of the path the water was traveling to get to the drain. Then she tripped over her own feet and had to catch herself on the archway leading into the living room.
“Focus,” she reminded herself with a small shake of her head, as she made her way into the kitchen and went straight to the freezer, after hesitantly depositing her extra key on the kitchen table. She’d never had reason to pull the key from the safe in her closet before and she glanced at it one more time.
She grabbed her favorite double chocolate ice cream, scooping some out.
“Think you got enough?” a sexy voice asked from behind.
She turned to find Clay leaning against the entry to the kitchen with his arms crossed in front of his bare chest. The scar on his cheek traveled all the way down his left side. Her nipples beaded at the sight and she wished she’d had the foresight to leave her hair down to cover it.
His dark hair, still wet from the shower, was darker than she remembered, and he had Snoopy and Woodstock sleep pants on, tied loosely around his waist.
The scar disappeared behind his waistband, and when her gaze finally made it back up to his face, she frowned at the smirk there.
“What did you say?” Angela questioned quickly.
“Did you get enough…” Her gaze traveled to his chest again. “Ice cream, I mean?” he amended.
Now red in the face, she snapped her head back around to find her bowl full of enough ice cream for more than two people.
A self-conscious laugh escaped her lips as she tried to figure out what to do with all of it. Then realized she had ice cream dripping onto her hand from the scoop she held.
“Guess I got a little distracted,” she answered honestly as she licked the melted chocolate off her hand.
“By what?”
She grabbed another bowl from the cupboard, scooping ice cream into it and replied, “The day in general.”
“Want to talk about it?” he asked as he moved into the kitchen.
“No,” she quipped as she put the ice cream back in the freezer and grabbed two spoons from the drawer, and a glass jar of cherries out of the fridge.
“There’s a key for you on the table for the front door. I figured you would need it.” She added a cherry to both bowls. “Hope you’re in the mood for ice cream. Want to eat in here or in the living room?”
He came forward, took one of the bowls from her and retorted, “Living room, thanks. I need to talk to you anyway.”
“That sounds scary,” she admitted as they made their way onto opposite ends of the couch.
Angela licked ice cream from her spoon and shivered. She didn’t even try to lie to herself and say it was from the cold.
Clay stared at the photograph above her mantel, a black-and-white photo that seemed to capture him in some way. He paused before turning to Angela.
“I want to know what has been happening to you the past year. If you have any idea who this fucker is that’s stalking you?”
Never one to beat around the bush.
She set her bowl down and got up to retrieve a file from her hall closet. “I can’t imagine who’s behind any of this. It still seems quite surreal that someone would do this. Or…care enough to spend so much time on this stuff.”
She placed the large manila envelope on the coffee table and opened the flap before sitting back on the couch, tucking her feet beneath her legs. It was no larger than a regular folder holding tax returns or medical records. But it seemed larger than life because she knew what it contained. She resumed eating her ice cream and let the simple pleasure ease her sudden fears.
“That’s everything. All of the weird letters and threatening pictures, transcripts of the tapes from my phones being wired. Copies of my full case file. Lot of good any of it has done me or the detective assigned to try to help me. I hate feeling like I have to keep any of it, but I thought maybe it would help…someday.”
Clay set his empty bowl on the table and pulled out the contents. He re-adjusted himself on the couch closer to Angela. It wasn’t supposed to make her heart spike in rhythm or her breathing catch.
Those were just added bonuses, she thought, as she tied a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue.
Clay pulled letters out, commenting on reading them the following day when his brain was more functional. “The transcripts I’ve already read from Mark and the collages seem odd, but I can’t put my finger on why yet, other than the fact that someone took lots of magazine pictures and cut them up to form your face or your name.”
Always on blank, white non-traceable paper and envelopes with standard black-and-white printed labels. And always from a different post office, according to the police report.
There were also pictures. Full eight-by-ten pictures of her out and about town, grocery shopping, or on Fashion Avenue.
“It wouldn’t be so creepy if I had an idea who it was. The thought of someone watching me is…”
“Disconcerting,” he finished for her.
“Yes,” she accepted, as a shiver from the cold ice cream crawled up her back again. So much for the hot shower.
“How are you holding up?” he asked as he turned to stare at her. He reached up and swept a few stray hairs off her shoulder.
Almost positive the beating of her heart could be heard across the room, much less two feet away to her, she swallowed and said, “Fine,” in a breathless whisper.
“You don’t look fine, Angela.”
“I don’t think that has anything to do with the stalker.”
“Then what does it have to do with?”
His fingers grazed her shoulder and she wanted to lean into his touch. She craved his caress and his lips that were so close.
“Something I can’t have,” she admitted on a shaky breath, standing on even shakier legs.
Quickly, she gathered their dirty dishes and escaped to the kitchen.
She froze by the sink as cold breath touched her ear a second before he ground out, “What can’t you have?”
He had been so quiet, she never heard him approach. Now she felt him everywhere. Surrounding her.
He pinned her between his almost naked body and the countertop then ran his fingers down her arm to turn off the water.
He wrapped his protective arms around her, rendering her speechless. His lips trailed along her shoulder and she leaned her head away to give him better access as a sigh escaped her lips.
Somewhere between heaven and hell was where she now found herself.
His warmth heated her backside as she shivered at the cold of the counter in front of her.
“I can’t have you,” she said, trying to convince them both.
His fingertips slid over her silky skin as he pulled the strap on her tank top down her arm.
A moan left her lips and he ground his erection into her backside, her knees almost buckling from the temptation standing behind her.
“Turn around,” he demanded.
Her fingers dug into the sink as she tried to stand her ground. “I can’t.”
“Can’t or won’t?” he debated as he took love bites out of her neck. Nibbling the skin softly, just how she remembered him licking her pussy so many years before. A little bit of teeth, sweet and hard all wrapped into one mind-numbing orgasm…
She tried to step away but he caught her, twisted her around and trapped her again.
This time she didn’t have the safety of the cold metal sink to hold on to. This time her hands settled on his warm chest that tightened under her fingers. From the cold or her fingers, she didn’t care.
He groaned as his hands finally found her lower back beneath her tank top.
“You feel even better than I remember, Angela. I’ve wanted you so fucking bad. I was hoping it would lessen, that I could just let you leave and go back to my life, but it hasn’t worked out that way.”
Angela listened to him, but didn’t really hear what he was saying. Her hands were on a mission, to feel every inch of his exposed skin.
The scars mesmerized her. They were sexy and fascinating and they held a story that she’d had no right to hear earlier. She could tell he didn’t like them, but he never retreated from her touch.
She took her time, memorizing the feel of him and saved the best for last.
His face.
“I’ve dreamed of this,” she admitted in a dazed tone, as she ran her fingertips over his jaw and lips then finally, his scar. He stiffened and his breath caught when she touched it.
She knew he didn’t want her pity, but it wasn’t pity that made her lean closer, on tiptoes, to brush her lips against the scar tissue.
Down his chest, she left a trail of kisses, until he gently pulled her back up to him.
Dark eyes filled with lust awaited her when she looked up from beneath lashes heavy with desire.
He captured her chin with his fingers and leaned down to within a breath’s distance from her lips. “What have you dreamed of, Angela?”
“You,” she answered simply before he captured her mouth with his.

Need another book boyfriend.....or girlfriend?  I gotcha covered!!!!

The books in the Members Only Series can be found here...

Stand Alone

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