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Meet the Stars of "Darkness Calling (Primani Series Book Five)"

In my Primani Series, the Primani are the good guys. Made immortal by an archangel, they exist to give humans a fighting chance against the chaos caused by demons. This doesn’t mean they are pure, or always good, or completely moral. They still retain their humanity. Darkness Calling represents the struggle that Primani Sean and Aisling, and yes, even the demon Cain, face inside their minds. Centuries of loneliness and pain leave scars. Obsession, lust, fear, desperate sadness... sometimes the dark offers an escape for the wounded. Sometimes the dark hides their sins. Sometimes the darkness is impossible to resist even if it destroys them.

Curious? Now that I have your attention, let’s meet two of the stars of book five in the Primani Series, Darkness Calling. Aisling Andersson and Cain--just Cain--but also known as Irku, Slayer of Angels, Bringer of Nightmares, and more titles than probably necessary, have agreed to meet with me to share their dirty secrets with my readers. I invited Sean O’Cahan to share his thoughts, but he flatly refused, pointing out that he’d rather be spit-roasted in Hell (again) than play nice with the demon who keeps trying to rip his heart out. While I can totally understand his attitude, I feel safer when he’s around.  I’m more than a little nervous. This is the first time I’ve interviewed my characters, and these two are explosive together. I hope we can keep the noise down and not blow up the studio so I get my deposit back!

Cain, my wicked, but delicious demon, is radiating his usual raw sexuality and overwhelms the chair he’s sprawled across. He is evil to his core, but that doesn’t keep my skin from tingling as my blood pumps harder in his presence. His compelling green and gold eyes hold mine with way too much knowledge, and he shoots me a tiny smirk so I know he senses my arousal. Mmm. He is yummy in a bad, bad, bad sort of way. I cross my legs just a little tighter.

Aisling is another story. She’s pissed as hell to be here. The last thing she wants is to be anywhere near Cain now that the book is finished. Perched on the edge of her seat, she’s dragged her fingers through her pretty strawberry blond hair until it’s floating like a cloud around her pale face. She’s moved her chair as far from Cain as possible and looks ready to slap me--hard. I really wish Sean was here. He’d have my back. He always does. Well, the clock is ticking as Cain likes to say, so best to dive right in.
“Thank you both for agreeing to be here today. I’m sure my readers are dying to hear from you so let’s make this exciting for them. Cain, why don’t we start with you? How did you two meet?”
Cain leans back, crosses his ankles and smiles at Aisling’s scowl. Before she can respond, he replies, “I picked her up in a quaint little trattoria in Rome. 1925. I was bored, and she was desperate for a good fucking.” He lifts one strong shoulder in a careless shrug. “After that first time, I couldn’t get her off my dick.”
Aisling gasps, but recovers to snap, “You bloody asshole! I was minding my own business when you showed up and invaded my space. I was in a really dark place. You offered sex. I wanted a one-night stand. You used some demon mojo to get me to stay!”
He chuckles as Aisling walks right into his trap. He loves to make her lose control. Angling into her face, he asks, “Is that how you live with yourself now? I thought we’d agreed to be honest. You were hungry, angel. Admit it. You loved what I did to you.” His voice drops to a purr, “Every. Single. Thing.”
She sure did, and so did I. After all, I wrote it.  My imagination is beginning to roar to life. I clear my throat to get their attention but neither hears me. The tension is palpable, and I’m starting to sweat. Why didn’t I frisk them?
Aisling flushes and rounds on him, teeth ground together. “Fine! I won’t lie. It wasn’t horrible, but I’ve had better!”
Glaring daggers, she sneers, “Don’t flatter yourself. You weren’t that good.”
“Really? I’ve still got scars on my ass from your nails. It’s been over 100 years.”
She freezes as his words sink in. Time to change the subject before Aisling does something I’m going to regret. I like Cain. He’s too evil to kill just yet. So I say, “Why don’t we move on to talk about what you’ve been doing since the book ended? Aisling? How are things in Plattsburgh?”
She ignores me. She only has eyes for the demon who turned her life inside out. After the space of a heartbeat, she hisses, “You were convenient. A distraction from the pain of my life. Nothing more, Cain. Move on. I have.”
“Still lying? You want me now. You’ll always want me.”
“Are you kidding me? I hate you for what you did to me!”
“What exactly did I do that you didn’t want?” Cain’s voice drops so low that I have to lean closer to make out the words. His hands are steady on his thighs, but one finger twitches with anger. He’s doing his best to stay civil, but he’s got a short temper.
I interject, “You threatened to kill Sean Michael. That wasn’t cool.”
He cocks his head and murmurs, “Ah. But I didn’t. Did I? I left the boy alone. I didn’t cross that line.”
Aisling throws up her hands in exasperation. “You kidnapped me and threw me in a dog crate for two weeks! No food, no water! You put a friggin’ shock collar around my neck, you prick! You tortured me!”
Cain waves away her protests. “You provoked me. I told you to stay away from that Primani. I wasn’t going to interfere until you spent the night fucking his brains out.” He looks at me and arches a brow in question. “You didn’t expect me to let that go, did you? I’ve got a reputation to protect.”
I can’t argue with him. I created him to be the bad guy... and he was a very good bad guy. I use my best apologetic tone. “Sorry, Ais. I have to agree with Cain on this point. He wouldn’t be a legit demon if he let that go. Fucking Sean was a slap in the face.”
Her blue eyes begin to glow with her saol. Uh-oh. “You’re just jealous because you want Sean to be real! You sit at your computer and write these smoking hot sex scenes without caring how they hurt your characters in the end! Why don’t you find your own demon to play with?”
Ouch! “Whoa! That’s not true! I do care what happens to my characters! After a thousand years of loneliness, I gave you mind-blowing sex with two gorgeous studs. I know it didn’t end well, but you enjoyed Cain’s intensity until you found out he was a demon. I’ll admit that was a little cruel of me, but it fit the story perfectly.”
Cain crosses his arms over his chest with a smirk. “Ah, yes. Good times. My favorite was bending you over the statue of Gabriel. Do you think he watched?”
Aisling has calmed down, but she’s clearly unhappy with me. She glares at me one last time before turning to Cain. “You’re a pig.”
That finger begins to twitch again, and his eyes narrow to slits. “Be very careful, cara. You might want to rewrite our history, but you are only lying to yourself. I didn’t love you, but I gave you freedom. Freedom to embrace the darkness inside you. You should be more grateful. You can lie to yourself, but don’t lie to me. I was there.”
She opens her mouth to argue, but then stops. Her eyes dart around the set as if she’s looking for...
Sean. I feel his body heat before he’s fully rematerialized behind me. As soon as he’s corporeal, he lays his hand over my shoulder and squeezes.
“Easy, darlin’. I thought you might need me. Mind if I sit in?” He drags a chair to my side and straddles it backwards; his black Oakley’s hide his glorious eyes.
“Um. Yeah. Sure, Sean. Are you armed?”
He picks up my hand, kisses my knuckles, and smiles tightly. “Always.”
I breathe him in, and my nerves calm. Okay. I can do this. They aren’t real, right? They can’t really draw blood? Feeling a lot like Jerry Springer, I say, “Why don’t we move away from the past and talk about something else? Sean, what scene was the most difficult for you as a character?”
Sean’s shielded gaze rests on Cain’s golden eyes; his muscles tense. He’s ready to launch himself at the slightest twitch of the demon’s body. After less than a second of thought, he breathes, “Gina.”
Oh, damn. I used Gina to rip his heart open and leave him on his knees, utterly destroyed. Cain made that happen with a few clever strokes of his knife. I grope for Sean’s hand and find the cold silver of his Primani blade instead. The haft’s resting in his palm; the blade gleams along his thigh. I swallow hard as his body vibrates with subtle power. “I’m sorry I put you through that, but you handled it very well. I was proud of your self-control. Please use some now. I don’t want any fighting today.”
Without breaking his stare, he says, “I’m biding my time. He’ll get what’s coming to him whether you write it or not.”
Cain unfolds himself and flexes his fingers with a hard grin. Aisling jumps to her feet crying, “Sean, no! Not now!” She splays her palm over her belly. “He’s not worth it!”
Cain snaps his fingers, and his black athame appears in his palm. Sean springs to his feet with blade ready, mouth curled into a snarl. Aisling throws herself between them, cursing them both in Italian.
Oh, for fuck’s sake! Clearly, I’ve lost control over this interview.... “Sean, please! Cain, get back to Hell--NOW!”
Cain rakes his eyes over me, but takes a step away from Sean. “Control is an illusion I let you enjoy. Don’t get comfortable with it.” With that, he’s gone.
Sean and Aisling share a private thought before she gives me a stiff hug. Sean rolls his eyes at her prickliness before sweeping me into a bear hug that steals my breath. After dropping a kiss on my cheek, he slips off his favorite Oakley’s and sets them on the top of my head. His mesmerizing eyes delve into my soul, and he smiles at what he finds. “Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Call me any time.”

They leave me standing here with the light techs, the sound guy, and a nerdy little producer who thinks he’s Steven Spielberg. I touch my cheek to feel the lingering heat from Sean’s mouth on my skin.

Maybe my demon is right. Control is only an illusion.

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The works of Jennifer Bene: Dark, Edgy, Delicious

Last July I attended the Dark and Seductive Affair, a book signing weekend in Charlotte sponsored by the women who post on the After Dark Book Lovers Blog. They did a great job, and I had a wonderful time meeting a lot of authors who write dark erotic romance. I had read some of them and some of them were totally new to me. What an interesting, fun group!

Jennifer Bene was among them. I had already read a few of her books. Along with Livia Grant, she runs Black Collar Press, which among other books, publishes the Black Light series. I have read them all and they are edgy, kinky, and consistently good.

Jennifer’s Thalia series is even darker, but it is edge-of-the-seat action with an alpha female holding her own with an alpha male. Destruction, her latest book, is darker still, a psychological thriller that has you squirming (in a chilling yet titillating way) till the very end. Imperfect Monster is up for preorder and comes out Jan. 20. I can't wait.

Jennifer has become an absolute one-click author for me. In later posts, I will talk about some of the other authors I met, such as Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Alta Hensley, Lee Savino, and Addison Cain, to name a few.

I have started a new Facebook group called Rose's Garden of Delights. I will be posting about my writing progress, talking about kink, and will feature Tasty Tuesday, with a new recipe each week. Come join me at

Twitter: @roseccarole

Monday, January 15, 2018


If you're anything like me, you're recovering from holiday madness, curbing your spending, and trying to keep the wicked flu that's been going around at bay. 

January has always been my "recovery" month, a month to recharge the batteries, and hibernate with a good book. Or 3 or 4. Nothing too heavy. Something I can escape into for a few hours without much thought.

I wrote The Meatball Mistress because I love wacky romantic comedies, I come from an Italian family, and I love food. This romance has all 3 of these elements. 

If you love romances where the hero happens to be the heroine's boss, then you'll love He's the Boss: 10 Office Romances (of which The Meatball Mistress is a part of).

It's available on Amazon for .99!

I leave you with an excerpt from The Meatball Mistress and hope for warmer tomorrows.

“All I’d need is some work as a cocktail waitress and a place to stay for a short time. I promise I won’t be any trouble.”

Trouble. There was that word again.

She chose that moment to glance up at him with doe-like eyes, and against his better judgment, Ryan found himself in an almost trance-like state saying the words, “Fine, you can stay here.”

Was he trying to atone for being an uncommitted jerk to all the women he’d dated since his divorce? He wasn’t a jerk intentionally, and he was genuinely sorry when they walked away with that opinion of him. He always tried to be honest in the beginning so they wouldn’t expect more from the relationship, but it never seemed to make any difference. Whenever women didn’t get what they wanted, they weren’t happy. End of story.

Ryan was no stranger to commitment. Marriage had been sacred to him. He had chosen one woman above all others to spend the rest of his life with until death. But that dream had died when his wife had betrayed him. In an instant, all hopes and plans for the future fell apart, and with it, any desire to love and fully commit. He couldn’t handle that kind of upheaval to his life again.

So, yes, he knew exactly what Cara was going through, and he was genuinely sorry for her. Hopefully, she’d learn to trust again. Just because he was a lost cause when it came to love didn’t mean everyone else should be, too. He heard her let out a deep exhale.

“I’m a fabulous cocktail waitress,” she bragged. “You won’t be sorry. I know every drink in existence. Honestly, it’s like I have a photographic memory when it comes to ingredients.”

Ryan didn’t answer her. He sat there shell-shocked.

“Say something.”

“I can’t. I’ve lost all power of speech.”

“You’re not regretting your decision to let me stay, are you?”

“It’s just ... ” His voice trailed off. He leaned his head back and stared up at the ceiling. “I’m trying to remember whether I’ve ever helped out a woman I wasn’t sleeping with.”

“If you think I’m going to sleep with you ... ”

“No! Jesus, that’d be a disaster waiting to happen.”

“Are you saying sleeping with me would be a disaster?”

“Absolutely!” He caught the deadly look she shot him and quickly said, “I mean, absolutely not!”

Cara shrugged. “It doesn’t matter either way, because I’ve sworn off all men. As far as I’m concerned, they’re all mangy dogs. Except you, of course,” she amended.

Ryan stood up and headed for the door. “No, I’m one, as well. If I weren’t, I would have told you five minutes ago your robe was open,” he tossed back. 

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Feelling Pretty by Jennifer Kacey

I'm so incredibly thankful for my good days. And I'm so incredibly thankful for my bad days when they're over! But every single day I try to feel pretty for some reason. An awesome pair of heels. A new super shiny glittery lip gloss. An adorable pair of unicorn slippers.
Oh yeah, that is totally a thing!!

It could be ANYTHING that makes me smile and I feel good about ALL THE THINGS!

Moral of the story - make sure and spend some of your spoons on yourself. It makes Everything better! :*

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

To Write or Bust! & Giveaway

The more you write, the easier it is to write. 

In some ways, I believe it’s true and in others I call “Bullshit” a la Penn & Teller. 

Starting on New Year’s Day, I started trying to get my writing chops going. I’ve been non-productive, laying low and life hasn’t been cooperative. But with the 100-day challenge with author Maren Smith, I knew I had to start somewhere. 

That’s where we always start, right? With 0 words. And eventually we finish. Being in a mountain cabin with my family wasn’t the most productive. With a slow beginning of 240 words, 367 and 400 — on my fourth day, I finally broke 1,000 words. 

It took some grouching and snapping to be left alone but it happened. Some say that the process of writing gets easier. Then again, after finishing and publishing more than 40 books, novellas and short stories, there are days that it definitely doesn’t feel that way.

The good thing is that with the open writing community, I know I’m not alone!

Right now, I’m in the process of revising the first The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf novel, A New Orleans Threesome for Entangled Publishing. It was the second novel I ever wrote, and it’s good to see how far my craft has come. That said, I’m falling in love with the characters of Lawrence, Trevor and Lily all over again.

So maybe, while there are a few hiccups along the way, there’s a reason why we keep doing this!

What are your thoughts? Does it ever really get any easier?

Giveaway! Are you near the New Orleans area, or have plans to be there next month? I’ve got four tickets to giveaway to For the Love of Books & NOLA. Depending upon the interest, these can be four individual tickets or two pairs!

For the Love of Books & NOLA

February 10, 2018, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
New Orleans Marriott

Tell me: What would you like to see in New Orleans?

To enter, leave a comment and enter via the Rafflecopter! Winner will be pulled at random on Thursday, Jan. 11, at noon PST.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope to see you there!

Louisa Bacio

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Three days in, one day behind

We are officially three days into the new year, and I'm already one day behind on my goals and resolutions. Welcome to 2018!

Fortunately, I set my goals for the week (ending on Sunday nights), so I have time to make things up. But it's frustrating to be behind the eight-ball so early in the game. I had a calendar that was bright and shiny and perfect and it lasted all of two days.


But I am on track with a few things. And I cheat.  If I resolve not to smoke (I'm allergic to all forms of cigar and cigarette smoke) and not to chew on my toenails (I'm not that flexible), I can start and end the year with two perfectly kept resolutions.

Including those two things, I have five resolutions. # 3 is to hit my daily word goals. Being a writer means you are your own boss, and that means you have to hold yourself responsible. #4 is to exercise at least three times a week. I've already done this once, so yay, me! And #5, dust off my old textbooks and brush some of the rust off my language skills by spending an hour a week reminding myself of what I used to know.

I also set a goal on my Goodreads account of reading fifty-two books in 2018. (If you are on Goodreads, feel free to friend me!) This will be a real hardship, I'm sure.

I think the biggest challenge for 2018 is going to be on the work front. I've made some changes, and will be concentrating on sweet contemporary romance this year. You can keep up with my new series, and new releases in my existing series by signing up for my newsletter. I can promise that they are going to but a lot of fun.

Now it's time for me to make up for yesterday.

As for you? Go out and conquer 2018!