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Arriving at the Cool Kids Table...An introduction of sorts Is. The. Coolest. Thing. EVER!

No, seriously. For me, this is like the first day of my freshman year, and the older, cooler kids invited me to sit with them.

I literally can't even right now.

For those who might not know me, I'm TL Reeve: Small fish, in a huge pond. I write in several different genres, including but not limited to, paranormal, contemporary, action adventure, suspense, LGBTQ, and RH. have a writing partner for a couple of series, and I'm just kind lol I've been writing for a while now, and I think I enjoy it. I could bore you with all the pros and cons of writing, but why? This is fun time for me. So I guess I could tell you what I am working on, right?

Michele and I have three really great series TSU, The Dreadfuls, and Apache County Shifters currently in production. Click on the pictures for more information. We also just finished Art of Deception, to be released soon as well.

Speaking of AoD, I also write YA. (I know...I can't believe it either.) Mandy Caruso and JT Camp are my/our YA names as well. Click on them and they'll take you to my/our facebook pages. month, I hope to share a bit more with you about our Victorian Gothic/Steampunk series The Dreadfuls and maybe give you a sneak peek of Darkness Rises.

Until then, happy reading!


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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Spotlight on Erotic Romance: Dark Rooms and more

Hello Dear Readers,

I had a fabulous summer, making a dent in my TBR list as well as rereading some favorites in erotic romance. Enjoy high heat romance? Check out these fab series:

I also read a new release in erotic romance: Dark Rooms by author Sionna Fox.

The story hooked me from the first page, where our hero and heroine, Wes and Aimee, meet at a private, BDSM party. Instant attraction leads to negotiation leads to a sensual first encounter for our budding lovebirds. This opening scene played well and had me eager to turn e-pages.

From there, Fox adds some fun layers of conflict to impact the potential relationship. First, Aimee is older and wants commitment-free hook-ups; Wes is younger and looking for a committed partner. Second roadblock: she’s one of his college teachers. Oops! While our hero doesn’t mind the teacher-student issue, our heroine does. And what’s worse, they both have some past relationship baggage to overcome. Wes is better at this than Aimee and ready to help her stop letting her past define and ruin her future. Yay, Wes!

In addition to a believable and entertaining romance arc, Fox provides interesting settings. Aimee’s two gay BFFs (entertaining secondary characters), throw the invite-only private parties in their lovely home, chock-full of kink equipment. Nice visuals. The other backdrop, the photography classroom and its dark room, provide Wes and Aimee opportunities to up the sexual tension in their budding relationship. I enjoyed this immensely, along with Aimee cursing like the proverbial “trucker”, and the occasional Princess Bride reference.

To sum up, Dark Rooms is a fun, kinky, sexy fast read, and a “yes” for your TBR list. Enjoy!


(some hot phone sex!)

“Are you alone, Aimee?”
“Take off your clothes.” If she obeyed that order, everything changed. She meant to say no. To tell him again how it could never happen between them. “Yes, sir,” came out of her mouth instead. A whispered affirmative as she slipped her free hand into the waistband of her pants and slid them over her hips.
“Tell me about it.”
She paused with her leggings halfway off. “I’m on my couch. I’m sliding my pants down my thighs.”
“Tell me how your legs feel under your hands.”
“Warm, soft.” She pulled her feet free and kicked the pants to the side.
He hummed in her ear. “Take off your shirt. Set the phone down if you have to.”

(End Excerpt)

See you on the 30th of next month, Dear Readers!

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Sabrina York Releases 2 Anthologies With Exclusive Content! #Giveaway


A lot of readers have no idea I have a number of books that have been out of print for several years. 

These are some of my earlier (and steamier) stories.

I decided to offer these stories in an anthology, for my loyal readers who ask for more, as well as for new readers who have been asking for samplers of my work!

Hot Alpha Heroes includes a collection of shorts and novellas that are steamy and snarky. This is a great collection for readers who are new to my work.

Hot Dominant Heroes includes my HOTTEST stories (featuring couples exploring sugarkink and BDSM). This collection is not for the faint of heart, and a great choice for readers who discovered me after some of these books disappeared from the marketplace, and for readers who really like a super steamy romance. As I said, many of them are not available anywhere else.

Both collections will only be available on Amazon. They will be on sale for a short time.
If you preorder, you can grab them for $2.99, but on September 1st, the price for each collection goes to $5.99 which is still less than $1 a story!

Hot Alpha Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology
Like a box of yummy chocolates, these hot shorts include a delicious selection of some of Sabrina’s hottest alpha heroes. Award winning historical and contemporary romances in a variety of lengths.
This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time.  Releases September 1st.
Regular Price: $5.99
Preorder Bargain: $2.99

Luscious: Indulge in a naughty Regency romp where his thirst for revenge could destroy everything.
Rebound: A scorching friends-to-lovers contemporary romance! This fun and flirty novella is the first installment in the Tryst Island Romance Series featuring an alpha hero and a spunky heroine who have known each other forever...but never hooked up. Yet!
Whipped: Dane Coulter is determined to avoid love at all costs…until he meets a woman he can’t resist. It’s a damn shame she is the one woman he can never have. A scorching contemporary romance.
Pool Man: This luxurious contemporary romance romp features exotic locations, a steamy flirtation and a hilarious twist that will have you laughing out loud. A scorching contemporary romance.
Man Hungry: Blind dates can be a crapshoot, but for Jessica and Justin, it’s like winning the lottery. The lust lottery at least! A scorching contemporary romance.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
Dark Fancy: Running away from an unwanted marriage, Helena unwittingly runs directly into the arms of the most dangerous man in Regency England. And he refuses to let her go. A scorching Regency romance.

Don’t miss Hot Dominant Heroes as well…if you dare.

Hot Dominant Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology
Enjoy a delicious selection of some of Sabrina’s hottest romances featuring hot, dominant heroes and loving couples exploring spanking, bondage, sugarkink and more—featuring award winning historical and contemporary romances in a variety of lengths.
This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time. Releases September 1st.
CAUTION: Not for the faint of heart.
Regular Price: $5.99
Preorder Bargain: $2.99


Adam’s Obsession:  When Adam Trillo discovers his buttoned-up co-worker is actually Wildcat, his kinky online lover, he is determined to seduce her in real life, even though it’s strictly against the rules. Book One of the scorching Wired Series!

Pushing Her Buttons: Tangling with a blazingly handsome stranger in an elevator leads to a dark passion Samantha cannot resist.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Her Royal Comeuppance: Furious at the betrayal of her once-loyal woodsman, Queen Cressida intends to make him pay. But Nicholas turns the tables, determined to thaw his Ice Queen with the heat of a passion she cannot resist.

Training Tess: When hardcore Dom Jared Mittlebank discovers sweet Tess’ curiosity about his, ahem, lifestyle, he cannot resist the opportunity to…instruct her. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

Trickery: Tricked into seducing a yummy mortal, young witch Willow has no idea what is in store for her—magical domination by one of the most powerful wizards in the witching world. And he will use all his powers to win her.

Extreme Couponing: Imagine receiving a coupon book for kinky explorations. Would you be brave enough to redeem them? Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!

BONUS CONTENT! Dark Duke: Edward Weyth is notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, but everything turns upside down when his cousins come to stay with him. Until he notices his cousin’s mousy companion isn’t mousy in the least. He cannot resist introducing her to his dark desires. From Sabrina’s scorching Noble Passions Series.


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Hello, Divas!

Hello everyone. I'm so honored to be on the Decadent Divas Team. Many thanks to the amazing Jennifer Kacey for the invite! Mwah!

This week, I'll just introduce myself and feel my way around. I'll be here on the 27th of each month and hope to see you here.

I'm Madison Sevier. **waves**
I've been writing erotic paranormal and erotic contemporary romance for over twenty years and I've been published for eight of those. I'm a coffee-fueled/ Coffeezilla kind of lady and to this day, no one has ever attempted to wrestle the coffee mug from my hands. I think they know how badly that'd go for them. **wink** What's more decadent than a steamy read and a great mug of java? It's my one and only vice. We all have them, right?

By day, I'm a homeschooling mom, wife of a trucker, bookkeeper for the family business, RWA Member, VP of Communications for RWA Passionate Ink Chapter #207 and domestic animal wrangler. At night and whenever I have a few free minutes, I dive into whichever book I'm working on. We have two Chihuahuas: Rocky and Brutus. And three cats: Sebastian, Prince and Jack. Needless to say, there's a lot of testosterone at our house and they all keep things lively.

If you'd like to know where you can find me, here are a few links.
Author Page
Passionate Ink RWA Facebook

In my VIPs group on Facebook, I have live readings of my books and sometimes, a chapter or two from some of my other author friends. We keep it light, fun and I think you'd enjoy yourself. That's also where I hold our #MadisonMadness giveaways each week. Come on over: Madison's VIPs

My latest release was a collaboration with Wendi Zwaduk/Megan Slayer. Faeries After Dark is a Rosie Peaks crossover and the next installments continuing this series will be out in October. Stay tuned for a HUGE cover reveal for Out-Foxxe'd soon.

If you're in the mood for a free read, sign up for my newsletter and I'll send one your way. Just head over to my landing page and fill out the purple and black box on the right hand side. I pinky swear I won't spam you, but please make sure my email address: Madison Sevier at yahoo is approved. My next newsletter will go out with the cover reveal. FREE book!

Well, I think I've taken up enough of your time today. In the comments below, let me know what your "vice" is and you'll be entered to win a swag pack from me. I'll choose a winner Labor Day weekend. Thanks so much for welcoming me. Hope you have a fantastically decadent week. See you soon.

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Need a place to blog?? How about the Decadent Divas??? by Jennifer Kacey

Calling All Divas!!!!

The Decadent Divas is looking for a few more romance authors to blog with us!
You'd be signing up for the same day every month to blog with us here. I'll get you log in access as soon as you pick a day and you can get in through blogger and set up your post at any time.

All I ask is these few things!
1. Blog on your day EVERY month.
2. Put a link to your facebook and twitter profiles on each post (in your signature is awesomeness) so I and the other divas can help pimp your posts.
3. Help spread the word of all things Decadent Diva by sharing and pimping the other authors.

Uber easy!!

The days I have available right now at the time of this post are below! To reserve a day just email me a quick hey-how-are-ya and a link to you. FB, twitter, instagram, amazon, your website, whatever works as long as I can tell you're a romance author!

6,7,8,9,14,18,24 & 29

Hope to fill up the days quick so email me at jenn @ (just take out the spaces so I don't get spammed by internet trolls)!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Susan Saxx Excerpt: The storm was a bitch, approaching near gale.

Excerpt: The hero, Dare Logan, is in the midst of a tropical tempest, on a cruise ship. His ex is on the small tropical island he’s just left. 
And he can’t stand where he is.

From Real Deep by Susan Saxx, Chapter 13.

The storm was a bitch, approaching near gale.
Dare leaned into the railing around the hurricane deck, his fingers white-knuckling the cold metal, the relentless wind buffeting him and forming his jacket and pants so hard against his body they were like a second skin.
Freezing. He was so damn cold.
The wall of wind, unyielding.
He sucked in a breath through his nose, lips clamped together. He’d opened his mouth a moment ago, and airborne spray and some marine concoction had hurtled in as the torrent of air had whipped his breath away. No, thanks.
He stared, gaze narrowed, at the boiling sea. Watched the waves dancing crazily, froth bursting into life then gone from existence the next second as new sections of briny ocean reared. Strained to see the island he’d left just a few short hours ago, and made out the grey shapes of palms in the distance bowing in the ferocious wind.
“A mess.” One of the crewmen appeared at his side, and he felt strangely comforted by the presence of another human. “Captain wants everyone inside.”
Dare didn’t answer, just kept his eyes straight ahead. A thousand possibilities cycling through his mind. Considering.
The relentless storm. What the gale force winds were doing to the water. Heaving it, slashing it into sharp lines that could cut.
How a bunch of tiny humans could protect themselves on land against Mother Nature’s evil bitch step sister.
His cellphone dinged, and he turned, huddled away from the conflagration. He palmed his phone protectively within the confines of his slicker, checked.
A text from Mack.
Keeping his lower half pressed against the bulwark, he made his way to a tiny shielded section and ducked inside. While he could still hear the wind, its effect on him was momentarily reduced to zero. Except for the cold. He was still so damn cold.
Inside and out.
He peered at the screen, drew the configuration to unlock it and was greeted by Mack’s latest communiqué.
How’s paradise, jerkface?
Mack. Buddy extraordinaire. And another Jack’s Bay boy.
He’d gone to Mack for help with increasing his cash flow for some costly and unexpected equipment for the latest job he’d taken on for his crew. Mack had given him sound advice that had taken into consideration his current need while barely adding to his mounting loan. Smart as hell with numbers, dude was. Dare swore he got it by osmosis. His dad made money in consumer goods and the Stones never lacked for the latest Pagani roadster or designer vacation.
But it didn’t change who Mack was. The truth was, whatever he could do to help a buddy, it was done. The guy was often a pain in innumerable ways and he certainly couldn’t help it if every woman within ten kilometers of him went ape-shit for his good looks, and dropped her panties on command. Made him the world’s lousiest wingman.
But if you needed him, it was done. Without fanfare. Mack didn’t want accolades. Just knowing you were his buddy seemed to be enough, though he’d never say it or even hint at it. Just a clipped, brief, “I’ll get back to you” followed by him getting back to you with what you needed, no embellishment.
All Mack wanted was your friendship.
And yeah. All the warm pussies. Which he always got. Damn babe magnet.
He clicked his response. Storm. A mess. You?
Read that. U safe?
A long pause, where the wind howled around him, blew past him like a deranged bat out of hell.
But his eyes were fastened to the screen as his gut wrenched in anticipation. Wait for it, he told himself. And it came. Bastard.
How is she? Safe?
A sigh expunged from him as something deep in him pinched razor sharp. I don’t fucking know would be honest, but he couldn’t—wouldn’t—admit that. It would cut him into tiny bits that would never heal, bits that, though they were bleeding, didn’t let him feel. Couldn’t.
Bleeding, yet numb. His new normal.
He couldn’t very well say Dunno. I blew her off for a job.
His breathing accelerated, and he forced himself to put the reality out there. He always forced himself to face the truth, or at least, he tried. He texted the awful acronym.
A pause, then the rest of the text came, damning in its brevity.
And the vile taste in his mouth overwhelmed him and something jolted through him.
Fuck him, fuck Mack. Fuck the lousy job he needed and Tabby’s medical shit, the mountain of bills. Fuck the asshole that left his mom after promising her the moon.
Mostly, fuck himself.
He clicked off the cell with a flourish, was just about to jam it into his inner pocket, when he heard the querying ding.
“Fuck it. What does he want now?”
We’re thousands of miles from each other and a few words can still split me open.
Customer. Gotta go. Hang in there bud.
And just like that, dead space reigned as relief spilled into him, and the cell was cloistered away.
He turned his face back to the crazy that was in motion all around him, the wildness that he’d had a brief and somewhat unwelcome respite from him. Stepping into the wind, his clothes suddenly streaming behind him in weird lines, the harsh air blasted the sudden moisture from the rims of his eyes.
Damn it all, the internal voice yelled within him. You need this job. You need the money. Not just for the pay. With the connections, you could expand your crew, take on work internationally. You could be setting yourself up for life. Take great care of your mom, your sis. Set yourself up for…
The wind suddenly punched him with a wicked blast he couldn’t have foreseen and he almost let go of the railing. Almost fell backwards to smash into the iron bulwark behind him.
The question echoed in him, the punctuation of everything he’d been mulling, that had been roiling around in his gut.
Set yourself up for…what exactly?
The echoing emptiness inside clawed at him with ragged strokes. And he no longer had a defense against it all. And finally…
…felt. With Mother Nature screaming around him.
As fucking bad as when she’d first left. When he thought there was supposed to be oxygen in the air, but somehow he’d fallen into a part of the world where the parts per billion had been drastically reduced. To a part of the world where color had been sucked out of the universe, and his own cells were no longer properly aligned—at least not in the configuration they’d been in before. Suddenly, they didn’t fit, and everything bumped up against everything, abraded raw. It hurt just to look at their livingroom, when he’d loved it before, their clumsy bohemian approach to what they laughing called decorating obvious. To walk in the park. To order a cup of coffee at the diner, alone.
Nothing made any fucking sense any more.
And that feeling swirled around inside him again.
You have a life, the responsible dude inside him screamed. She left you, a-hole. You had no choice but to claw your way into a new thing you then called life. Try it on, make it fit. And some parts of it had been okay, had fit some. Not great, but ok.
But nothing fit in that one part. It was like the room was barred off, closed, boarded up. The furniture covered with dust piled on it, frozen in time like that old hag’s room in that so-called classic he’d been forced to read back in school. Haversham? Something like that.
            And he’d tried to build a new room, God knew he had. Tried to open it to prospects but it hadn’t felt the same, had felt like shit and he’d shut that down. Lost himself in taking care of himself and his crew. His new family. And Ralph. Their mutt.
Ralph, who loved her as he did, and would go crazy protecting her.
And a thought flashed into his mind, as a particularly nasty, high wave broke onto the deck, a few meters away. Crashed into a million dirty jewels, breaking around him, then gone, as if it had never existed, in the next wild second.
Ralph would eat his nuts if he knew he’d left her on an island, in a storm.
What the hell was he doing here?
Protecting a business so he could be…alone? So she could possibly—and terror seized him by the throat—never come back?
“Enough. I’m done.” He strode off to find the crewman he’d so roundly ignored a few minutes earlier. Found the dude, made him talk to him. Was taken to the captain, made his case. Signed the fucking release for them to let him go on a shifting bar.
If the storm had been any fiercer, it would have meant the loss of life and limb almost certainly, and he would have been shut down. But something, somewhere, held for him. Even though all hell was breaking loose around him, the elements held themselves in stasis, didn’t wind up further until he was lowered onto the boat and slapping the cruiser through the rough seas at a demented horsepower, still too slow for him.
He didn’t know where he’d land. He’d been advised to go to a cove he’d seen briefly, but he hadn’t really paid attention and wasn’t really sure quite how to get there. Rocks to watch out for. Stuff like that.
But hell.
And though an errant monster of a wave could wash him over and he be lost, and she’d never know he was coming—something in his heart clenched, yet, incredibly, sang at the same time. All those cells within his ravaged body came back into alignment.
He was on his way back for his girl.


Today, I’m giving away one copy of Real Deep to a randomly chosen commenter below! All you need to do is:

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Also, let me know what struck you most about Dare, in the excerpt!

Giveaway ends on Saturday at midnight, so let all your friends know! (When your friend posts, tell them to put your the name you posted with in their post, and if they win a copy too!)

Real Deep:
Sexy Small Town Military Romance

Real Men #2
by Susan Saxx

Real Men

A new, small town military romance series. Featuring full-length stories and shorts. 
Read the entire series to fall in love with the men of Jack’s Bay!

About Susan

Susan Saxx writes sexy, unexpected, heartwarming romances. Her REAL MEN series focuses on a band of Canadian military reservists and the strong women they fall in love with. Join her mailing list for exclusive teaser stories and release updates!

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Hunger Of the Heart

Good afternoon, Trinity Blacio here with my new release at Decadent Publishing. Now, tell me who does not like a tall dark handsome Native American warrior? On top of that a biker, where is the fan.


Running Wolf was chosen to lead The White Buffalos over ten years ago, helping his people when the calls come in, while also preparing them for the dark day that has been foreseen. When not riding with the wind, his group operates a casino using the money they raise to help their people. But something is missing in his life, or someone. It seems the Great Sprit has responded to his need in the form of a witch-gypsy, Kizzy Lala, who happens to be helping the last survivors of a people thought long dead. Not only stunning, Kizzy has a heart of gold, but Running Wolf isn’t her only suitor.
Kizzy Lala has called in the White Buffalos because the local tribe needs more help than she can give. Kizzy’s life is one of peace until William Teter, a racist jerk trying to destroy the local tribe, decides he wants her. Dodging his touches and calls is hard, but when Running Wolf pulls up with his group of bikers, her brain goes south, relaxing her guard, and making it possible for William to catch her alone one night.
Can Running wolf and his biker friends save the small tribe and Kizzy before William Teter takes both or will the Great Mother call her back into her loving arms, leaving him alone again?


Warriors of old used to ride their mighty horses out into the night, searching for the enemy, hunting for food, and enjoying the land the Great Mother let them borrow. Those times have changed, and greedy men have taken their land. Cities, roads fill their once quiet world. Born on separate reservations, a group of young men with hearts of old souls, long dead warrior’s souls, ride together again, but this time they don’t ride horses. Today, it’s all about the motorcycle. Helping the desperate, following the call of the ancient spirits. They call themselves The White Buffalo MC and it’s their job to get their people ready for the dark day, which was told to them long ago.

Greed will not steal the woman of his heart. Running Wolf will save his crazy gypsy, Kizzy, even if it means reverting to scalping the white man.  


Amazon Universal Link:

To celebrate the halfway mark of Dark Horse's story, The Heart’s Dark Hunger I'm creating a contest here that will run for one week. A signed copy of the first book and a surprise goodie sent to you. Just stop by my FB or Twitter page, like them and say hello below.



Excerpt not edited to The Heart's Dark Hunger:

Never did she take her eyes off the one that seemed to draw her attention. He now stood, with his head bowed, his knives still in his hand’s as if saying a prayer, before lifting his head and turning sideways. Lilly swore he stared at the hidden camera and his dark eyes didn’t seem to move for a few seconds. It was if he was calling to her in some way.
Two of his friends moved to his side, one having a cut on his arm, drawing Dark Horse’s attention. Oh, Lilly had known it was Dark Horse. The one who claimed she was his in the email. Plus, he was also the man in her dreams. She scooted back on the sofa, brining her knees up and hugging them. What did she have to offer a man like that? Could she even allow another to touch her after what had been done to her.
Sure the nurse inside Lilly knew it wasn’t her fault she’d been raped and taken by at least four of the Irons, but it still didn’t stop her from shaking and wanting to rip her skin off her body every time she that of their rape, the first incident being the worst. After that, Lilly had just become numb to their groping, silently crying while the took her body, she’d retreated inside herself.
“Are you going to be able to break through the barrier, my Dark Warrior?” she whispered curling up on the sofa watching as the town folk slowly came out of their houses. Peaking to see what was going on.
But what was really freaky was that the bodies of dead Iron men seem to sink into the ground where they lay. That nothing, not even the blood that had once stained the earth was there. As if the Earth was getting rid of what was toxic to this world.
Lilly frowned, lifting up again staring at the town more closely. “What the hell?” she whispered for the first time noticing that the blacktop was gone. There was no pave road coming into town. A dirt paved road was there now, running through her small town. It looked as if she wasn’t the only one to notice this as several of the woman bent to where the road had been and running their fingers over the ground.
“Okay, Twilight Zone is in full force here,”  she mumbled laying back down, her attention going to the property around her burnt down house. “What?” she sat up straight as a van, truck and a few other cars pulled into her drive over the lump that had once been the ravine. A tall man, but older rode up on a horse and seemed to be scanning the area, before he nodded moving his horse closer to where the door to her underground hideout was.

Remember: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller

May all your dreams and Fantasy's come true for you, Trinity  Blacio

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Golden Flogger Awards

Today I'm off to the BDSM Writers Con. I'm going to meet Lynda Aicher, the keynote speaker and one of my favorite authors, so I'm really excited. I'm also excited about the fact that His Domain, an anthology I'm a part of, is a finalist for a Golden Flogger Award. Each story centers around the Playroom. Mmmmm

'The Prize' by Ashe Barker
A night to remember…
'Devious Tactics' by Katy Swann
She’s been caught in his playroom. Should she leave or should she resort to devious tactics to get what she wants?
'An Intimate Friendship' by Rosalie Stanton
A simple request. A single night. A relationship changed forever.
'Unconventional' by Lucy Felthouse
Penny’s being punished for doing something stupid. But will her punishment turn out to be the best-ever reward?
'Maid' by Anarie Brady
Alice, far from horrified by her new boss’ methods of discipline, embraces a new job, a new lifestyle and a new relationship.
'The Auction' by Rose C. Carole
When David puts his sub Jenna up for auction, they both get more than they bargained for.

The other finalists offer a diverse group of wonderful BDSM books. Check them out here: