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Say YES to the Scot! Highlander Quartet and #Giveaway

Say YES to the Scot! by Lecia Cornwall, Anna Harrington, May McGoldrick, and Sabrina York
You are formally invited to the Highland wedding event of the year. These four lasses are about to meet their matches in an original digital anthology featuring stories from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Sabrina York, Lecia Cornwall, Anna Harrington, and May McGoldrick.
Get it Now!
In this retelling of The Princess and The Pea, Laird Alex Munro of Culmore has just five weeks to find a bride and marry her...or else the clan will be cursed with ill luck. Cait MacLeod finds herself caught in a clan feud, and when she tries to stop a deadly raid, she ends up as Alex Munro’s prisoner. With timing running out, is this couple meant to be?
A MATCH MADE IN HEATHER by Anna Harrington
She was the laird's daughter. He was nothing more than a penniless, nameless Scot with nothing to offer but his heart. Fate tore them apart, but now he's back in her life with status, money and a title. Can they let go of past hurts and find love?
Their marriage was two decades in the making. The young, educated woman and her highland, pirate husband, betrothed when they were still children. But on the day of their wedding, Elizabeth Hay and Alexander Macpherson are in for a surprise.
THE SCOT SAYS I DO by Sabrina York
Catherine Ross's world is turned upside down when her brother gambles away every penny they own. But to make matters worse? He’s lost everything to none other than Duncan Mackay, the rugged Scot who Catherine loved for years—but he never noticed her, and now she positively loathes him. But her brother’s in danger of going to Newgate, and the despicable Duncan has a plan– she can claim back the money and save her brother. If she marries him…
Duncan glanced at Peter who had dropped back down on the divan and covered his face with one arm. He was no use to either of them at this point. Besides, this business was between himself…and Catherine. He gently pressed her into the king’s chair, took one next to hers and scooted it around until he faced her. “You and Peter have no home now.”
“Not even the Wilds?”
“Not even the stables.” He tried to be as sympathetic as he could. This was difficult for her. Shattering. And it would only get worse. “For you, things are not so bad. You’re a lovely girl. You can marry well.” He ignored her snort. “But for Peter…” He let it hang there like a razor sharp icicle clinging to a roofline as a melt approached.
“But Peter?”
“He has other debts.”
“Oh no.”
“Small ones, but substantial enough for his creditors to ask for retribution.”
They both knew what that meant. Debtors’ prison. A truly nasty end for a feckless lad. But Duncan had the inclination to allow Peter to languish there—at least for a while—to teach the boy a lesson.
“Newgate would kill him,” Catherine whispered.
“It’s not all that bad.”
Her gaze snapped to him. “And how do you know?”
He lifted a brow. He had no intention of telling her that he’d visited and reprieved more than one foolish friend.
“Poor Peter.”
“He did bring this on himself. He gambles like a fiend.” A fiend who thinks he can never lose.
“Can’t you help him?”
Duncan swallowed an outraged laugh. “I believe I already have.”
“I mean, help him more?”
“Buy out all his debts? Return his wealth and property to him? Pat him on his head and charge him to go forth and risk it all again? What kind of fool do you think I am?”
“A heartless one.” She stood and whirled away, which gave him cause to follow.
But honestly, he was not the heartless one here.
When she spun back, he was right behind her and they were far too close. The tips of her breasts brushed against his chest and he nearly swallowed his tongue. She flinched as well, as though the touch had been like a bolt of lightning. She gazed up into his eyes, hers wide and damp. Her lips parted and her pink tongue dabbed out to wet them and his knees nearly failed him.
Damn she was so beautiful. So glorious. He wanted to kiss her now, ravish her. Claim her. He wanted—
“I cannot bear the thought of marrying one of my suitors,” she said, and he was brought back to the moment, his intent, with a powerful lurch.
“There may be a solution.”
She tipped up her delicate chin bravely. “And what might that be?”
So simple. So perfect.
“Marry me.”
Her jaw dropped and he fixated on the sight of her open mouth. If that was not a demand for a kiss, he did not know what was.
He pulled her into his arms, reveling in the warmth, the curves of her slight form, and lowered his head.
She tasted like heaven. Sweet bliss. Just like he remembered from that day when he’d pulled her from the loch and forced her to breathe again. Her scent infused him, enamored him, enraged a long-banked fire within him.
She would be his.
He would have her.
Catherine Ross would be his bride, just as he’d dreamed of for so many years. Just as he’d fought and scrabbled and worked for. His life ambition had come to him and the moment was so sublime…
Until she pulled away and stared at him with an odd mixture of shock and fear limning her eyes.
And she hauled back her delicate fist.
And punched him in the jaw.
By the time he’d recovered from the shock of what he could only interpret as her refusal of his suit, she’d whirled away and flounced off to her chambers—God only knew where—in the bowels of the enormous mansion.
But this was only the first salvo in his campaign to win her.
And win her, he would.

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Aslan's Fear is here!! Last book in the Fantasies A-Z Series by Jennifer Kacey

Smashwords –

  Wearing Zeke’s ring is no longer enough, but is wearing his collar anything but a fantasy?

On the heels of Zeke losing his wedding ring on their last fantasy, the entrepreneurial couple is almost ready to launch their newest ship.
After taking Aslan on her desk and against her office wall and on her floor, he does something that shocks her to her very core.
He proposes.
What could possibly be better than eloping to renew their wedding vows, on a beach during the maiden voyage of their beautiful new cruise ship? She wants to answer nothing, yet the idea of walking down the aisle has Aslan more scared than she’s ever been before. Because wearing his ring isn’t enough anymore.
So much has changed since the day she approached him at the bar to fulfill her first fantasy.
Being his submissive, his property, is the commitment she craves.
Before they say “I do” Aslan must face her biggest fear. Is wearing his collar anything but a fantasy?
It’s all or nothing for Aslan and Zeke, and the moment of no return is finally here.

This is the ninth and final short story in a serial release all featuring Aslan and Zeke. A married couple looking for more and finding it in the arms of each other. There will be nine stories total, with one being released every month or so. Short kinky stories meant to tantalize and excite you. May you fall in love with love and everything that word means to your fantasies…

Excerpt - 

The snick of the lock on her office door snapping into place pulled her attention from the final checklist she’d been pouring over from the moment she’d sat down at her desk, hours before.
Her breath hitched in her chest when she took in the need on her husband, Zeke’s, face.
“Are you wearing panties under that sexy gray skirt you have on?”
Just that quickly, Aslan went from one hundred and ten percent focused on signing off on their latest cruise ship to completely fixated on the man in front of her.
The man who needed her.
The man who wanted her.
The man she wanted to own her.
Instantly, her pussy trembled at the expression heating his features.
“No,” she whispered as someone walked past the windows next to the now-closed office door. She bit her lip as Zeke closed the blinds and faced her again. Squeezing her legs together beneath her desk did nothing to lessen the desire coursing through her body.
Zeke glanced lower, as if he could see through her desk as easily as he saw through any walls she’d ever tried to put between them.
One slow blink and his baby blues were focused on her face once more. Slowly, one side of his mouth tipped up into a grin and he stalked closer. “If it were up to me, I’d believe you, but you know what people say. Trust but verify.”
Aslan stood, smoothing her flouncy gray skirt down her thighs, and she didn’t even try to hide her grin. “People say that, huh?” Her ivory blouse slid down her shoulder, baring her heated flesh to his gaze.
Zeke tracked the exposed skin as she stepped closer. Dipping his head low, his lips and stubble kissed her exposed flesh. A shiver of anticipation fluttered down her spine.
Wetness slid from her sex, coating the bare folds of her pussy as he turned her around, placing her palms flat on her desk.
Manhandling her, he put her where he wanted her, tugging her hips back just a bit. He had this way of making her feel naked—vulnerable—dirty in the most amazing way possible. And she was still fully clothed.
The sounds of their exhales held them in a cocoon of anticipation as Zeke slowly lifted her skirt up her thighs.
“Holy. Mary. Mother of God.”
Aslan giggled.
There was no mistaking the moment Zeke discovered the little surprise she’d put on for him before she’d left the house. “You like?” she asked as he palmed her almost-naked backside.
“Like?” The word came out laced with a growl. “I like Brussel sprouts with bacon. I like winning five bucks when we play the lottery. This?” His hands brushed across the sensitive flesh of her other cheek. “You dressing up for me? Wearing a black garter and stockings, with no panties? It’s…everything I ever dreamed about.” Grabbing onto her hips, he pulled her back a few more inches and brushed his pants-covered erection against her ass. “No panties,” he mumbled and his grip tightened on her hip bones.
Excitement raced through her at his firmer touch. “Trust but verify,” she whispered to him.
“Mmmm,” rumbled out of him. “And why are you not wearing panties, my lovely wife?”
Aslan glanced over her shoulder because she wanted to watch her husband’s nostrils flare. “Because you don’t like my holes covered.”
Zeke’s gaze drilled into hers. Through gritted teeth, he asked her, “Whose holes?”
A fission of something dark and delicious bubbled inside her. Fuck, did she love it when he said possessive things like that. “Yours.”
“Mine,” he agreed. He licked one of his thumbs and slid it down the crack of her ass, circling her tight, puckered hole. More wetness eased from her core.
“Fuck,” she cursed as she tried in vain to keep focused as he slid the top of his thumb inside her.
“In a few minutes,” he chuckled.
“But I need you.”
“You’ll be needing me even more in a few minutes.”
The crack of his hand against the globe of her ass sucked the rest of the air from her lungs.
Before the pain had even registered, Zeke stepped beside her, somehow caging her in. He forced his thumb into her ass and a finger in her pussy. The thumb from his free hand shoved into her mouth and he yanked her head around to face him. “All of these holes are mine. All of them. All the time.”
As if to prove his point, he pulled his slick digits out and slid them firmly back in place. His nostrils flared as he pulled out of just her pussy and slid it over her peehole. “Even that little fourth hole you have. That’s mine too, and you’re not going to rush me. Understand, little girl?”
Aslan sucked on Zeke’s thumb and realized she was licking the tip, just as she did when he was feeding her her favorite treat.
On a moan, he pulled his thumb free and tipped up her chin, forcing her look at him. Then he just stared at her.
“Yes, Daddy,” she half sighed, half moaned.
His mouth was on hers before she could finish the E sound of her very private nickname for him. Lips and teeth and the perfect amount of suction stole her focus as he fucked her other two holes.
The taste of his possession nearly consumed her, an orgasm grew closer and closer but then his pace slowed, his thrusts growing gentle.
“Somebody’s pussy is sopping wet.”
“Mmhmm,” Aslan managed, as he pulled his fingers free. Her eyes closed on a moan.
“Lick them clean.”
Her musky flavor filled her senses as a wet digit slid along her tongue.
She had no idea which finger she sampled. Zeke growled as she sucked it clean.
“Fuck, I love how dirty you are.”
“Ditto.” She eeked as he yanked his hand free and picked her up.
Hauling her over to an open space on the wall of her office, he shoved her chest against it. “Hold your ass apart for me. Spread your cheeks. God dammit. Just like that. You’re so fucking sexy. Show me my holes. Move your legs apart.” He kicked them wider when she didn’t move fast enough.
His urgency bled into her veins and her pussy clenched on emptiness.
The edge of his belt brushed her skin as he yanked it open and unzipped his pants.
Thank God, whispered through her mind as she closed her eyes in anticipation.
She gasped when he touched her.
The head of his cock, she was ready for. The hard claiming she could feel pulsing through him, she could process.
Instead, the soft flesh of his tongue on her clit between her open legs destroyed her.
How she missed him getting on his knees behind her, she didn’t know. How she stayed upright, perched on her high heels, she had no clue. But she tilted her hips back, offering him all of her.
Every tiny piece already belonged to him. It had for as long as she could remember.
“Gimme that little nubbin, babygirl. Show me the holes I’m gonna fuck as soon as you come on my mouth. Arch your back. As soon as you come, I’m going to fill you until you scream.”
His words, his touch, his desire for her left her lightheaded.
The muscles in her back tightened as she offered herself to him.
To her best friend.
Her lover.
Her husband.

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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A Reunion Story for Summer! #BEACHREAD

Do you love reunion stories? I do. Especially when the couple faces great odds to get back together. It could be family issues, different backgrounds, or the infamous "We were on a break!" line that Ross kept spouting on Friends, much to Rachel's chagrin (until the very end). But whatever it is, when two people that have allowed their soul to trust another human being on the deepest level find the courage and the strength to make their way back to that original realization despite genuinely tough times - I'm a mess. A happy, story-fulfilled, blubbering mess. 

And with that, I introduce you to Dare and Abby from Real Deep, the second book of my REAL MEN series. These  two have been through a lot! Abby's from Money, Dare isn't. Yet he's the only one who's ever 'seen' her. And for his part, no one's ever been there for Dare before, either. So in the backstory, when they broke up, it's a tragedy.

But there's something about being stuck on a practically deserted tropical island that strips away the rest and brings out only the gold...

If you like reunion stories, I'm betting you'll want to take the journey with Dare and Abby, two of my very favourite characters.

And as an added benefit, Real Deep is another exciting instalment of the Real Men series. This series introduces readers to the brotherhood of a group of men who have bonded over serving as army reservists in various locations, and a number of them are connected to the town of Jack's Bay in northern Ontario as well as the fictional town of Golden, British Columbia.

Today, I'm giving away one copy of Real Deep to a randomly chosen commenter below! All you need to do is:

Follow me on Amazon and...

Take your pick of signing up for my newsletter or following me on the social media of your choice. 

Let me know in the comments what you chose. Giveaway ends on Sunday at midnight, so let all your friends know, if you like!

See you in a month, folks! 

Real Deep
Real Men #2
by Susan Saxx

About Susan 

Susan Saxx writes sexy, unexpected, heartwarming romances. Her REAL MEN series focuses on a band of Canadian military reservists and the strong women they fall in love with. Meet the cowboy, the ex-hockey player and more at her website, and join her mailing list for exclusive teaser stories and release updates!    

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Introducing Delilah Devlin! (Giveaway)

Hey there, Divas!

I'm thrilled to be here! Maybe you know me, maybe not. I've been writing forever (um, since 2000), and I've published a few stories (ah, around 180. I really need to count). I've written erotica, erotic romance, and very sexy sensual romances in every genre imaginable. 

Only way we're going to get to know each other is to just dive in. Tell me who you are, what you love to read, and, if you know me at all, what you'd love to see me write next! I'll give away a small Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter, so be sure to play!

In the meantime, I have three very recent releases I'd love to tell you about...

There's Big Sky SEAL, which readers are loving! Inside, there's a bounty hunter, a former SEAL, and a bomb dog with PTSD. What's not to love? If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can pick it up for free!

Then there's Blue Collar, an anthology I curated filled with sexy stories of hardworking me. Both Jennifer Kacey and I have stories inside that big, fat book, too! Check it out! It's 297-pages of hotness and only $0.99!

Lastly, there's Four-Gone Conclusion. If you love Texas, cowboys, and brotherly menage, you're in for a treat! 

Blue Sky SEAL

Romance sparks between a bounty hunter and a SEAL on the hunt for an escaped terrorist...

A former military police dog handler, Jamie Burke, along with her former bomb dog Tessa, are still trying to adjust to civilian life. With a jaded, testy personality, Jamie has few friends. Now, a bounty hunter, she's tasked to help federal and local law enforcement search for an escaped terrorist in the Crazy Mountains of Montana. 

Former SEAL, Sky Reynolds can't believe Jamie Burke is part of the task force. The last time he saw her was in Afghanistan. Back then, he thought he'd never stand a chance with the pretty , ballsy blonde, sure she had someone waiting for her back home, But here she is, still single, still prickly as hell. Assigned to stick close to her and her dog Tessa during the hunt, he'll use the situation to get close. This time, he's not letting her slip away. 

When Jamie's captured by the terrorist, it's up to Sky, his fellow SEALs, and her motley crew of bounty hunters to save her...

Blue Collar: A Boys Behaving Badly Anthology


When it comes to love...Blue Collar is better!

It's time to set aside those sexy billionaires and enjoy stories about the everyday, even sexier bad boys you meet in real life. They may have dirty hands and wear tool belts and jeans instead of Rolex watches, but they're earthy alpha males unafraid to get down and dirty when face to face with a woman in need--whatever her need may be!

Just a few of the titillating stories inside...

In "Elevation" by Megan Mitcham, an always-in-control policewoman trapped in an elevator shaft gets a sexy rescue from the handsome repairman. A lonely woman drives a thousand miles to meet an oil field roughneck ready for a long night of laying pipe in Mia Hopkins' "We Drill Deep While Others Sleep". Jennifer Kacey shows the lengths to which an enterprising gal will go to get the owner of an oil change shop to check her fluids in "The Boss". And those are just a few of the sexy stories inside this collection about the everyday hero next door.

These are men who've built their powerful muscles from hard work rather than inside any gym, and they sure know how to use their hard-earned skills to pleasure a woman...

Four-Gone Conclusion

Sometimes a cowboy needs a little help--or three brothers--to snare a wife...

Sam Logan's boys have a bad rep in Two Mule, Texas. Most of it earned. When it becomes clear his foster sons won't settle down without a nudge from him, he issues his challenge. Find a wife...

The oldest, Johnny, already had his eye on Mean Ellie Harker. Sam's challenge just gave him the gumption to ask her out. However, before he makes his move, the twins kidnap Ellie from under his nose. Now, he has to compete with three brothers for the woman he wants.

Ellie thought her prospects were drying up until Johnny Logan finally untangled his tongue and asked her out. When his brothers kidnap her and take her to the ranch, she's furious...then intrigued by the thought of four men bent on showing her what being their's would be like.