Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Guilt-free Pleasures with @elle_rush

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. So long as it’s legal and everyone is of age, you should just enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy.

My not-guiltiest pleasure happens once every summer. This will be the fifth year in a row I’ve spent with my special pleasure, a bottle of wine, and two hours of my life that have to be experienced live and with an internet following to be believed.


I’m talking about Sharknado. And live tweeting it on Twitter. (This year it will be on Sunday, August 6th if you’d like to watch with me.)

I wait all year for this, folks. I love it. It’s hysterical. And I’ve learned how to improve upon my viewing experience since the first one. (Hint: it involves wine). It also helps to have phenomenal typing speed to keep up with cameos, horrible dialogue, and cheesy visuals.  It’s the most fun I have watching television.

There are rules to not-guilty pleasures:
  1. Alcohol may or may not be involved. For Sharknado viewing, I advise you to start drinking at least half an hour before it begins. You need at least two glasses of wine to get into the movie.
  2. A measurable amount of productivity is not required. That is what makes it a pleasure and not an obligation or a job.  In the case of Sharknado, logic isn’t required either. In fact, applying logic lessens the pleasure of it. Don’t be a pleasure-taker-away-er. Just go with it. It’s easier that way.
  3. You are not the only person who enjoys this pleasure. Sharknado was such an unexpected hit, actors begged for the chance to do cameos in the sequel. Find your tribe and then party with them till the sharks come home.
  4. It’s more fun if you watch with friends – either in person or online. The sheer level of Sharknado ridiculousness is too much for one person to handle alone.
  5. Your pleasure may not be somebody else pleasure and that is okay, but don’t feel bad about it being yours.

In fact, I wrote a love letter to this particular pleasure of mine, and called it ACTION HERO. It comes out on June 20th. It doesn’t have sharks, but it does have rabid, cyborg, panda assassins. I hope you check it out, because in addition to some killer dialogue there is some very hot romance and a happily ever after of epic proportions.


Nobody in Hollywood takes cable television star Glinda Crawford seriously, and that’s not going to change with her next movie. What started off as a serious drama has descended into a cheesy flick about rabid, cyborg, panda assassins, and she can’t escape the insanity. 

Mike Mosley has it all worked out. He's leveraged his teen-age TV heartthrob days into a successful adult acting career. But the first week on the set of his new movie with his Olympus co-star Glinda has him second-guessing everything: the plan, his single status, and just how dangerous robot pandas can be. 

When script shenanigans spill into the real world, the attraction Glinda and Mike have been faking turns into a hot, real-life adventure. If they can survive this movie, they can survive anything together. However, the shocking finale surprises them both.

Only $2.99 on Amazon - KoboiBooksNook 

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