Friday, June 23, 2017

A Reunion Story for Summer! #BEACHREAD

Do you love reunion stories? I do. Especially when the couple faces great odds to get back together. It could be family issues, different backgrounds, or the infamous "We were on a break!" line that Ross kept spouting on Friends, much to Rachel's chagrin (until the very end). But whatever it is, when two people that have allowed their soul to trust another human being on the deepest level find the courage and the strength to make their way back to that original realization despite genuinely tough times - I'm a mess. A happy, story-fulfilled, blubbering mess. 

And with that, I introduce you to Dare and Abby from Real Deep, the second book of my REAL MEN series. These  two have been through a lot! Abby's from Money, Dare isn't. Yet he's the only one who's ever 'seen' her. And for his part, no one's ever been there for Dare before, either. So in the backstory, when they broke up, it's a tragedy.

But there's something about being stuck on a practically deserted tropical island that strips away the rest and brings out only the gold...

If you like reunion stories, I'm betting you'll want to take the journey with Dare and Abby, two of my very favourite characters.

And as an added benefit, Real Deep is another exciting instalment of the Real Men series. This series introduces readers to the brotherhood of a group of men who have bonded over serving as army reservists in various locations, and a number of them are connected to the town of Jack's Bay in northern Ontario as well as the fictional town of Golden, British Columbia.

Today, I'm giving away one copy of Real Deep to a randomly chosen commenter below! All you need to do is:

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See you in a month, folks! 

Real Deep
Real Men #2
by Susan Saxx

About Susan 

Susan Saxx writes sexy, unexpected, heartwarming romances. Her REAL MEN series focuses on a band of Canadian military reservists and the strong women they fall in love with. Meet the cowboy, the ex-hockey player and more at her website, and join her mailing list for exclusive teaser stories and release updates!    

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