Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anna! Where the hell have you been?

Howdy all! Did you think I died?

I know. It’s been forever since you’ve seen me. And I know I say this every time but seriously, where has the year gone?

While I’ve been focusing on me and my family, I’ve still been working away and am so happy that the next book in the Sprawling A series is ready for pre-order and can be in your hands on July 18th!




But besides the plugging away on the book, I’ve had a pretty active spring. In February I had the pleasure of attending what ended up being the last Wild Wicked Weekend. Sad, I know. Good thing I took lots of pictures of me, and my friends, and my new friends, and the crazy activities we participated in and can share them with you. Well, almost all of the hijinks. I know there are pictures of me and Taylor having pretend sex during Sex Position Gumby somewhere in the universe just waiting to hit the net in the future.

Then in March was at the Emerald City Comic Con. This was my first year as a vendor, and I had an amazing time!!! I met so many people and had the immense joy of introducing the idea of a superhero romance to a new group of geeky-folks.  Fingers-crossed I get to go back next year.

Did you have a fantastic spring? Looking forward to a blazing hot summer? Me too! Can’t wait to share more adventures with you.

Until next time!

Anna- The Super Diva

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