Saturday, May 26, 2018

Summer Salads ... Summer Reads

The weather is heating up ... finally. I’m definitely a summer person. Or, more precisely, a late spring/early summer person. I love being outside even when the allergies start acting up! I’m also content with leaving a window open for the breeze and reading. I’ve got a few great books on my summer reading list. Here’s the first of many:

Bomb Voyage! by D.L. Jackson

Captain Jayson Rivers, owner of a commercial mining scoop, likes the simple life. He appreciates order, making money, and reaping the rewards of a hard day’s work.
What he doesn’t like is getting dragged into galactic politics, or into the crosshairs of his ex-wife, a ruthless bomber, who has already tried to take him out once. He doesn’t need complications, like the sexy red-headed mechanic who’s walked her sweet ass onto his vessel, bringing with her a shitload of trouble, and turning his world upside down.

From expensive and illegal boiler parts that break the bank, to homicidal in-laws and a shotgun wedding he’d better be able to get an annulment from, his life can’t get much more complicated.

Until he ends up knocked out, bound naked with his bride, on a one-way trip to a hostile world with a bomb hooked to the control panel of his shuttle.

Yeah, the universe is a crazy place, but Jayson’s simple life has gone past complicated. He’s sliced off a bit of that insanity pie, and things might never go back to normal, if he can even remember what that is.

I’ve also got my absolute favorite summer salad chilling in the fridge.

Avocado Summer Salad (Serves 6-8)

Main Ingredients:

·         6 mini cucumbers
·         3 firm Roma tomatoes
·         1 medium red onion
·         2 ripe avocados
·         Salt and pepper to taste

Optional: 1 T cilantro OR 1 T parsley (depending on taste)

Dressing: Any creamy dressing works
OR for a lighter version mix:  
¼ C virgin oil and the juice of one lemon and toss


·         Quarter mini cucumbers lengthwise and then slice into bite size pieces.
·         Quarter and seed Roma tomatoes and cut into bite size pieces.
·         Finely chop onion
·         Half and pit avocados, score into squares while inside peel and then scoop out with spoon (much easier than trying to slice when already removed from skin).
·         Mix together in bowl, add salt, pepper and either cilantro or parsley if desired.
·         Drizzle with dressing (doesn’t take much) and stir until combined.
·         Serve immediately.

Hint: This salad can also be done as a LARGE individual serving with 2 cucumbers, 1 tomato, quarter of an onion, 1 avocado, salt & pepper & herb to taste. It’s a big salad, but it’s great for a cool summer lunch!

While my salad chills, I’m going to give one last listen to the first three chapters of my newest book scheduled for audio release, The Vessel. With any luck, it’ll be ready to go in time for a beach premier!

Major Liam McGregor is a career soldier. Chosen by the leader of the United Republic to transport a government protectee to safety, Liam takes on a task that has cost his predecessors their very lives.

Alora of Delawon is an alien princess who holds the key to the survival of mankind. With the women of the United Republic left barren by previous chemical warfare, Alora’s ability to bear humanoid children makes her the government’s most valuable commodity.

Together, they make the trek from the government’s safe house back toward the current capitol, fighting off raiders, survivalists, and an unexpected attraction to one another.

Will their desires put them in danger? Or, will their being together become more important than the mission?

So, whether you’re writing, reading, or making a great salad, enjoy your holiday weekend and the coming summer!


Friday, May 25, 2018

Happy Memorial Day by Jennifer Kacey

Happy Memorial Day and Happy Happy Happy 3 day weekend!!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Monday, May 21, 2018

It's Victoria Day in Canada


Top Five Things to Do This Holiday Weekend


This is Victoria Day in Canada, or as we call it in my neck of the woods, the May Two-Four weekend. It’s a statutory Federal holiday and the unofficial kickoff to the summer season. The holiday has been observed in Canada since at least 1845, originally falling on Victoria's actual birthday (24 May 1819). Now it’s celebrated on the last Monday preceding May 25.


We call it the May Two-Four weekend to refer both to Queen Victoria’s birthday, but a two-four is also how we refer to a twenty-four pack of beer, always a popular drink on the holiday weekend.


So how do we celebrate:


1. A lot of folks go camping or to their cabins. I’ve seen snow on the holiday weekend and I also went swimming one year. Yeah, the weather is unpredictable around here.


2. Drinking. It has to be said, a lot of people will gather at parties and enjoy a few cold and alcoholic beverages.


3. Barbeque. You have to fire up the barbeque and grill some steaks or burgers or hotdogs…something.


4. Campfire. It’s always a nice weekend to have a campfire on the beach. I haven’t done this in years, but did a lot of it during my teenage years.


5. Relax. It is a holiday after all, a three-day weekend to relax with family and friends, maybe curl up and read a good book.


While Wolf of her Own isn’t due out until May 28th, you can always pre-order, or maybe check out the others in the series, if you haven’t already done so.


Have a safe and wonderful holiday.


Wolf of her Own

Salvation Pack, Book 9

Mikhail Matheson may be an outsider in Salvation, but he stays with the pack to be close to his sister. It has nothing to with the fact that Elise—the most fascinating woman he’s ever laid eyes on—is part of the pack. Mikhail has wanted Elise for years, but being with her could cost him his life. Soon he’ll have to decide if he’s going to leave the pack or risk it all to pursue a place at her side.

After escaping her abusive mate, Elise LaForge has made a home in Salvation with her sons. She never expected to have her emotions stirred up by the always serious and seriously handsome Mikhail. But can she finally put her past behind her and dare to move on?

When danger creeps into the pack, both she and Mikhail have to be willing to sacrifice everything to have a chance at love.


Buy Links:


N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.

Visit me at:


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Catering to His Demands is up for preorder!

I'm so excited that my book Catering to His Demands is coming out on May 29. It's Book Three in my Kitchen Confessions series and it's Sam's story. She's the sassy—sometimes bratty—sub of the group, and Mike is just the Dom who can bring her to her knees. It was so much fun to write the interplay between these two characters.

Catering to His Demands
Book three in the Kitchen Confessions series
by Rose C. Carole

Sam has lost faith in relationships and love. Will Mike be able to crack open her hard shell and teach her to feel again?

As a part owner of Catered Affairs, Sam is a leader in the kitchen, advising the chefs about food, friends and lovers. But as her friends find Doms—and love—Sam stays steadfastly opposed to anything but one-night play scenes, never allowing a Dom to get to know who she really is deep inside.

Mike, a private investigator, is intrigued by the beautiful yet haughty sub, but he’s not interested in a superficial relationship. He becomes fully invested in anyone he plays with, giving them his rapt attention—and expecting it in return. His years in the Special Forces—and a near-death experience—has taught him to treasure every moment in life.

One night, Mike entices Sam into a scene. Through a combination of absolute control and perfectly delivered pain, he takes the staunch masochist to places she has never achieved before, making her unable to resist playing with him again. Every time they meet, Mike pushes her further, laying bare her innermost desires. But Mike finds that Sam’s reluctance to commit keeps pushing back.

As Mike starts to discover why Sam is hesitant to trust anyone, he becomes more determined to shatter her defenses and show her what real surrender to the right Dom can provide her. But a dangerous job for an old Special Forces buddy threatens to put a damper on his efforts. Can their budding relationship survive his need to protect the daughter of a friend?

This book can be read as a standalone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018



The warmer weather always makes me think about long summer days and beach reads. I prefer my summer reading light, funny, and fast-paced. One of the things I loved about writing my romantic comedy, The Accidental Cougar was the camaraderie of the four women who go out once a week for Ladies' Night Out. They each have their own distinct personality, and their banter is quick and funny. 

Of course it wouldn't be a romance without a hottie in it, and this one comes with a young hottie, ahem, a 25-year-old one to be exact. Can a 41-year-old single mother find love with a 25-year-old?

You'll have to read it to find out! Her's a teaser excerpt to whet your appetite...

Wanda returned to the table, looking flushed and exhilarated. “Any man that can move his hips like that has got to be amazing in bed.”
                  “Do you really think there’s a correlation between the two?” Nicole asked.
                  “Oh honey, absolutely,” she said, fanning herself with her napkin. “I would bet my first-born on it.”
                  “What about your husband?” Paulina said, raising her eyebrows. “Can he dance?”
                  Wanda took a long sip of her drink. “Larry has two left feet. But thank God he’s trainable.”
                  “Let me get this straight,” Annie said. “You can be a lousy dancer, yet learn to be a good lover, but if you’re already a good dancer it’s guaranteed you’ll be a good lover?”
                  “Exactly!” Wanda said, smacking her hand on the table so loudly it made Nicole jump.
                  Paulina didn’t seem to buy it. “Has this theory ever been tested, Dr. Ruth?”
                  “Do tell,” Nicole urged, giddy from mojitos and female camaraderie.
                  “In my dreams it has,” Wanda said, with a face so serious you knew she wasn’t kidding. “Some of them are so steamy they come with a disclaimer attached.”
                  “I’m lucky if mine are rated PG-13,” Annie sighed.
                  Wanda looked past Nicole’s shoulder and then gave her a wicked smile. “Why don’t we have Nicole test out my little theory. There’s a hottie at the bar that’s been scoping her out for the last ten minutes,” she said, tipping her head toward the bar.
                  Paulina, Annie, and Nicole immediately whipped their heads around to see the alleged hottie.
                  “Oh, that’s real subtle, ladies.”
                  “Hottie? Scoping? What are we, seventeen?” Nicole said, scanning the assortment of males. “Wait, let me guess—the short, balding man with the flushed face?”
                  “He does seem to be looking our way,” Annie said. “You can have him, Nic.”
                  “Actually, he’s a client of mine,” Paulina said, turning back toward the table. “I wax his back.”
                  “No, no, no,” said Wanda, excitement making her voice rise a notch. “I’m seeing tall, I’m seeing dark, and I’m seeing delicious.”
                  Annie patted her friend’s back. “Careful Wanda, you’re salivating all over what little you have of the front of your dress.”
                  “Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I can’t admire.”
                  The “hottie” was the good-looking guy Nicole had noticed earlier. Now that she was able to see him full frontal, she realized why he had looked so familiar. She turned back around and drained the last of her mojito. “If you’re talking about the guy in the black shirt, I know him. He’s my neighbor.”
                  Wanda’s eyes grew wide. “That hot man lives next to you?”
                  “Technically, he isn’t my neighbor. His mother is. He doesn’t—”
                  “Does this he have a name?” Annie interrupted.
                  William doesn’t actually live there with her,” Nicole clarified.
                  “Then how is it you happen to know this man’s name?” Paulina said.
                  “He’s not even a man. He’s a boy.”
                  Wanda looked toward the bar and slowly raised one eyebrow. “Honey, I don’t see anything boy about him. I see all man.”
                  The cocktail waitress approached their table and set down fresh drinks for each of them. “Compliments from the man at the bar.”
                  “The short, bald one?” Paulina asked.
                  “No, the hot one in black,” said the waitress.
                  Wanda raised her glass to William to say thank you. He smiled and nodded. “And he’s a gentleman to boot,” she said, without taking her eyes off him.
                  “How young is this man-boy, exactly?” Annie said.
                  “Looks mid-twenties to me,” Paulina guessed.
                  Nicole had to admit she didn’t know. They had only spoken briefly in passing. Which is not to say she hadn’t noticed how attractive he was. Oh, she had noticed, alright. The first time Nicole ever laid eyes on him she was on her way to get the mail and he was outside of his mother’s condo in a tight tank top washing his car—a luxury sedan the color of fine merlot. She was a sucker for a man with a nice car, and this vehicle looked as if it slept at night swaddled in down comforters.
                  She hadn’t meant to stare, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from this beautiful, sexy guy with skin that made her think of grade A maple syrup. He soaped up his sponge and ran it over the hood, the roof, and all four doors. He rubbed lightly as he went, his muscles flexing and his tendons straining with each action.
                  What is the matter with me? Nicole asked herself, shaking her head. She looked down and focused on the task of retrieving her mail. I’m forty-one years old, for God’s sake. When did I become a dirty old woman who lusts after men half her age?
                  She sorted through her mail, refusing to look up even when she heard the hose turn on. To add insult to injury, there was a catalog with her name on it entitled Change of Life. An entire catalog devoted to menopause. Pills to enhance libido, gels to increase lubrication, herbs to calm mood swings.
                  Can somebody please shoot me now before I have to go through all this?
                   Nicole looked up. Might as well get in one last gander before her vagina shriveled up like an old, discarded sponge.
                  He was drying the car as if it were his baby. Caressing it, stroking it until it shined, no part left untouched, right down to the alloy wheels. She wondered if such thoroughness and attention to detail carried over into other activities in his life as well.
                  Nicole turned to leave, deciding she had had her fill of more than enough eye candy stimulation to last her throughout the week. Her movement must have caught his eye, because he suddenly glanced up from his crouched position. His eyes slowly traveled up her entire body and Nicole felt herself blushing like some Catholic schoolgirl. He smiled a confident, almost cocky smile, and then he winked.
                  He winked at her.
      An awkward wave was all she could manage. She quickly made her way home, clutching the mail tightly to her chest and praying her menopausal catalog had been hidden from his view. 

Like what you just read? The Accidental Cougar is available on Amazon. You can buy it HERE.

Tiffany N. York is a romance author who may or may not be menopausal and a cougar. A menopausal cougar? She lives in SoCal where despite the days being almost always sunny, she still has a vitamin D deficiency. Go figure. You can visit her website at 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Summer is here by Jennifer Kacey

I love summer and warmer temperatures and swimming and wearing bikinis. So thankful it's here in TX already! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and Happy Mother's Day!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Avengers- Infinity Wars Part 1- Holy Sh!t

Howdy all!

It's May 4th, and based on box office receipts and social media posts, most of the world has seen the latest Avengers movie. You know I'm going to have an opinion. But don't fret if you haven't checked out this blockbuster yet. No spoilers here. Mostly. :)

Infinity Wars picks up right as Thor: Ragnarok ends. Right as it ended. It's been about two years since Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther would have taken place at the same time as Ragnarok. Got it?

Then the chaos ensued. But why rehash it here, when you can hear my thoughts taken right after experiencing the epic live.

If I had been a little more relaxed, I would have been a bit more ready to shout my "oh nos!" and "Wakanda Forever!" but I kept those inside and watched, wide-eyed as the action unfolded.

Now I know, I know. Some people have serious issues with this movie. And I know there are plot holes. But I was happy with how the events unfolded. For now. We'll have to wait to see how Captain Marvel and Infinity Wars part two shakes out. I have a suspicion I'm going to see some hankies for that one.

Until next time y'all!
And if you need a super hero story with a happily ever after, check out Genesis or Hero Revealed.

Anna- The Super Diva

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