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Nico's Curse by Jennifer Kacey

Trapped in a lonely prison is where he’ll stay until he finds love in more than just a dream.

Domenico was cursed six long years ago by a witch determined to teach him a lesson. A lesson in life, loss, and understanding that to love is to put someone first…always.
His only escape from his beautiful prison is a dating site called Crossroads. He can choose only one woman a year to contact. One woman to convince, in nothing more than a week, that he’s worthy of her love. But there’s a catch. She must fall asleep during a video chat so he can crawl through his laptop into her world. Then all bets are off.
His curse becomes his salvation when his beautiful submissive Rose is nothing but a dream away.

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Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

BEDDING THE HIGHLANDER By Sabrina York #giveaway

By Sabrina York

Only a Scot can steal her heart.

There's nothing ladylike about Katherine Killin. She's a spitfire who cannot be tamed. To rid himself of her, and to honor a truce set by the Duke of Glencoe, her father agrees to wed her to his clan's mortal enemy, Ben Rannoch. But when Katherine meets the enticingly masculine Kurt Rannoch, brother of her betrothed, she suddenly craves domination.

BookShots Flames
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It was a glorious ride. Kate wanted to throw out her arms, turn her face to the downpour, and revel in the moment. Racing across the lea with Kirk, warm and strong behind her, was magnificent.
She’d always loved storms and the savage beauty of nature. It made her feel one with the world. Alive. But there had never been a more exhilarating tempest than this.
She could taste the acrid scent of lightning on her tongue, feel the crackle of its energy in her hair. Danger stalked them, and it excited her.
But something else did too.
An enormous, muscled man, held her tightly, breathing against her neck in harsh pants. The movement of their bodies against each other created a friction as they rode in manic union. The damp heat of the plaid conjoined them and an earthy scent rose between them.
Ah, it was splendid.
It was nearly a disappointment when it ended, when he slowed and guided the horse to an outcropping protruding from the rocky tor.
And then, he slid from the horse, leaving her alone and suddenly cold. When she frowned at him as he reached up for her, he stilled. “Are you all right, lassie?”
“Aye,” she said, setting her hands on his broad shoulders and allowing him to ease her down. Lord, he was large. So hard and strong. So…tantalizing with his fierce expression. She didn’t bother to hide her shudder.
“You’re freezing,” he said in a low, feral growl.
She was not. She was on fire.
The thrill of the manic ride, the exhilaration of their near disaster, and the pure elation of life and living pulsed in her veins. Which was why she stepped toward him, rather than stepping away. Why she reached up and cupped his nape. Why she tugged him down and whispered, “You saved me.”
And she kissed him.
Surely she intended it only to be a kiss of gratitude, one of pure and simple thanks. It was meant to be quick and passionless and chaste.
Perhaps she had been deluding herself, because she fiercely wanted, to the depth of her being, to taste him.
Glory. It was a mind-numbing kiss. It began as a brush of her lips against his. But then, transfixed by the flavor of his breath, the velvet caress of his mouth, she lingered. Her fingers tangled in his hair, tightened. She eased closer and sealed them together from chest to groin.
Though he allowed this familiarity, she could tell he was resisting the urge to kiss her back. His muscles bunched, he arched away.
The thought annoyed her so she tipped her head and deepened the kiss, pressing her tongue between his lips.
He made a sound, something like a growl, and he broke the kiss completely.
In a rush, he whipped her into his embrace and backed her against the wall. She loved his power, the heat of his muscles, his raging passion. But even more, she loved that he did not give rein to his savagery.
Even now, as he consumed her in a series of hungry kisses, he held back. Refrained from crushing her against the granite tor.
With a growl, he reared back and stared at her. “Lass, you tempt me,” he said in a gravely tone.
She tried to hold back her smile, and failed.
“We canna do this.”
Ah, her mood plummeted. And the least of her despair was her plot to scuttle the wedding to his brother. Her body hummed with a desire she’d never experienced before. It was a soul-deep yearning. A need.
To her surprise, he chuckled, and that irked her. “What is so funny?” she snapped. Did he not know how she ached?
“Lass, lass.” He stroked her hair and cupped her cheek in an attempt to soothe her. She scowled at him. He would have to do better than that. Yet what did he do? He chuckled again and pulled her into his arms, though she remained stiff. “I have work to do before we play,” he murmured. He said this in a teasing tone, one that indicated there would indeed be more kissing.
More of…everything.

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous romances. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance in historical, contemporary and fantasy sub-genres. Represented by Nicole Rescinti at the Seymour Agency  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests.

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Springtime by Jennifer Kacey

I'm ready for Springtime.......sooooo ready!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Elite Elements: Cesium's Capture #Giveaway

Elite Elements
Book Three in the Elite Warriors Series

For most of their lives they’ve lived in the shadows, pulled from every nation and background, united by one common cause—an all-consuming hatred of Red Wolf. The unquenchable desire to rid the world of his very existence fuels them, drives them.
These men and women pulled the fallen Elite from the snow-covered wreckage of Operation Phoenix years ago. To some they’re called saviors. To others they’re called traitors.

As Red Wolf’s power grows, the end game they’ve sacrificed everything for may destroy them all. Or just maybe they’ll finally find the peace they’ve been hunting for.

Revenge is their salvation but is there enough humanity left inside them to save?

A new end. A new beginning. Elite Elements.


Satisfying Silicon by Virginia Nelson
Lady Dead may be number five on his hit list, but she trusts that Silicon will come for her. Save her or kill her... either way, it'll be a hot ride.

Cesium’s Capture by Sabrina York The mission is all that matters...until he meets her.

Vibranium’s Truth by Anna Alexander It’s not the size of the gun that makes a warrior, but the strength of her convictions.

Palladium’s Confession by Saranna DeWylde A defrocked priest and his benediction of death are no match for this BBW on a mission.

Francium's Chance by Rebecca Royce Just because he's on the right side of the fight doesn't mean she can trust him.

Asset: Arsenic by Heather Long Arsenic is playing a dangerous game, but one with hefty payout—Red Wolf’s head on a platter.

Kryptonite’s Oxygen by Jennifer Kacey To rid the world of the deadliest wolf a broken girl must trust her kryptonite.


Cesium’s Capture by Sabrina York

Jason “Coop” Cooper, AKA Cesium, is as cold as they come. Nothing matters except for the job—a lesson he’s learned through painful experience. But while on a mission in the gritty back alleys of Hong Kong to collect intel about one of Red Wolf’s criminal associates, Coop is stunned to meet a woman who reaches past his elaborately constructed walls. A woman who sparks a fire inside him. One that could burn him from the inside out.

What a pity she’s in cahoots with his enemy.

Natalia Goodinov Petrova is not all she seems. Oh, she’s beautiful and smart and uses her sexuality to get what she wants with no qualms whatsoever, but her sex-kitten mask hides her true identity as a hard-core Russian agent determined to root out the villain who killed her father…and wreak her revenge.

Coop and Natalia come together in a clash of wills that threatens to destroy both of them. Other than their stubborn determination to complete their missions, they have nothing in common.

Or do they?

Natalia Petrova fixed her features into some innocent, seductive mien and Cooper smiled and gestured toward the foyer.
God, men were so easy to manipulate.
Sometimes it revolted her.
All she needed to do was bat her lashes and infer she might possibly spread her legs for them and they melted.
She forced down a familiar irritation, an unwelcome desire that there could be something more for her than her life as it was.
Her life was fine. Wonderful. Perfect.
It would be even better when she finally achieved her goal.
She was so close.
She couldn’t allow this man to fuck it all up.
And he might.
The gorgeous bastard had been tailing her for days. He’d tried to be inconspicuous, but seriously, what woman with blood in her veins would not notice him? He was tall—seemed even taller here, in Hong Kong, where most men were in the five foot range. He was well over six. And his body…
She suppressed a shudder as he took her arm and led her across the elegant foyer of the hotel. His body was magnificent. Muscled and thick, bunching with energy and vigor. And then there was his face. Perfect features, beautiful blue eyes, long lashes and a noble nose.
She didn’t dare think of his lips. His lips on hers.
It was wrong to think of fucking him. Stupid, even.
She had a mission to complete—a critical mission that she needed to complete before Gregor figured out what she was really up to and dragged her back home with her tail between her legs. Fucking this man would only get in the way.
She glanced at him from beneath her lashes as they waited for the elevator. When his gaze met hers, when his beautiful lips kicked up into a small smile, she swallowed heavily.
Because, yeah. He made her drool.
No man had ever made her drool. No man had ever had such an effect on her.
That alone was ample reason to do her business and get out.
While Nat had never been afraid of any man, she had to admit, this one sent skirls of nervousness through her.
Or maybe not nervousness.
Maybe it was just lust.
It had been a while, after all.
The elevator door opened with a silent shush, and he set his hand to the small of her back and led her in. Funny how the contact burned, even through her blouse. Her nerves awoke and sang.
She told them to shut up.
As he pressed the button for his floor, her attention fixated on his thumb. Thick and blunt. Manly. It was—
Nat gave herself a mental shake. For pity’s sake. It was a thumb. Nothing to obsess about. Nearly everyone had one.
He nodded to an elderly couple who joined them in the car and as the doors closed, the four of them faced forward, staring at nothing as the elevator moved. Nat remained motionless, but her mind was in a whirl…because that thumb, his thumb, had begun some kind of heinous torture against her back. Sweeping, swirling, stroking.
She had no idea why her knees went weak.
No idea why her body liquefied.
It was only a thumb.
She was stronger than this. She always had been. No mere man had ever had any power over her. She’d gone to great lengths to make certain of it.
That was why this situation was so annoying…and scintillating.
She’d always wondered what it would be like to find a man who could move her. She’d always wondered what it would be like to fuck him.
Damn it. There was that whispered voice again. That resonating ache.
She attempted to tamp it down. Reminded herself of her mission. Of why she needed to be strong, resolute, cold…
The elevator stopped and the elderly couple stepped off with polite nods. Nat forced a smile at them, redoubling her efforts to maintain her professional façade. She needed information from this man and that was all.
What a pity then, that as soon as the doors closed, he whipped her into his arms, pulled her hard against him, and kissed her.
It was a blazing kiss, one that wiped her mind clean and sent her senses into a spiral.
God, had she thought his lips were perfect? They were beyond that.
He was beyond that.
She was immediately suffused with his scent, his taste, the feel of his hard, pulsing body. His arms around her, like steel bands, held her in place as he consumed her with a wild passion that only stoked hers.
He moved in, closer, closer, until he had backed her up against the mirrored wall. His broad hand skimmed over her hip, up and up, closing on her breast.
A sharp thrill cut through her as his palm scored her nipple and she gasped through the kiss.
His chuckle rumbled between them.
She had little opportunity to process her irritation when his hot mouth moved from her lips to the crook of her neck. The scruff of his beard scraped like a razor over her raw nerves, sending spirals of delirium along her spine. She tried desperately to be annoyed. She didn’t like this sense of…submission to her lust. She was used to being the one in charge, the one taking the lead. The one who didn’t care. Somehow, he made her care.
But she lacked the resolve to push away.
So to punish him, she raked his nape with her nails. It was a vicious swipe.
He liked it.
In fact, it roused him to greater passion.
He reared back and stared at her. His muscles went taut, his expression intense. His eyes burned.
“You are making me crazy,” he growled.
She found a little satisfaction in the fact that he seemed to be provoked by his lack of aplomb as well. Surely it was wrong to taunt him more.
She rubbed her belly against his hard cock nonetheless.
His nostrils flared, like those of a wild beast scenting its mate, but he merely chuckled again. “If you keep that up, I’m going to fuck you right here.”
She quirked a brow. “In the elevator? How bourgeois.”
“I don’t give a fuck.” He took her mouth again in a crazed frenzy, eating at her, devouring her, stoking the fire he’d built in her belly and making her as crazy as he. Indeed, she didn’t care where they were. Indeed, she would happily fuck him here—
It was irritating that the door slid open just then. Irritating because they had to part, had to step into the hallway, had to function like humans.
It took most of her reserves to put one foot before the other, even though he had a hold on her arm and guided her. Her vision blurred. Her body trembled. She could feel the arousal welling between her legs. She shook from wanting him.
The logical, well-trained part of her brain told her she should get him somewhere private—and his room was private—and begin her interrogation, discover why he was following her. Discover if her cover had been blown.
Another part of her, a far more feral and visceral part, saw an opportunity to slake the hunger that had been clawing at her from the first moment she laid eyes on him. To take what she wanted from this man and leave him panting for more.
Perhaps she could have both.
Hot sweaty sex, and the answers she needed…

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Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous romances. Her titles range from sweet & snarky to scorching romance in historical, contemporary and fantasy sub-genres. Represented by Nicole Rescinti at the Seymour Agency  Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests.

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Logan- I can barely find the words

Logan. Okay. Let’s go there.

Actually, I don’t know if I can. It's been a week since I attended a late night showing by myself, and was left weeping and with the intense need to be held.

The last installment of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is not even in the same universe as the previous X-Men movies. And by universe, I mean do not try to reconcile any part of the storyline to any of the previous movies. Really. This is a stand alone story with the same actors who have portrayed these characters in the past. That's about it. This movie is a Quentin Tarantino film on crack. It is violent. Violent. We’re not talking superhero movie violence either, but graphic, gory, violence.

But let’s sidestep the violence for a moment. This movie started dark and was without a happy moment in the entire film. The year is 2029. Logan works as a for-hire limo driver and is trying to save money to buy a boat. Why a boat? Out on the open sea is the only safe place he can think of to take Charles Xavier. The professor suffers from dementia, and with a mind as powerful his, he has been known to have psychic attacks that have left people dead. Their troubled existence is interrupted when Logan is hired to take a woman and a young girl to North Dakota.

Logan is not a superhero move. It is about a man who used to be a superhero who is doing everything in his power to keep the few people he dares to care about alive. This is a drama of the first-rate order.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are at the top of their game. The acting is superb, and the cinematography is visually compelling. But by the end of the movie I was spent. My heart had been ripped out, slashed into a million pieces, and stuffed back into my chest.

But did I like the movie?

I don’t know. As the final credits rolled, I was left wondering what was the purpose? If the message was there is always hope, I think there could have been another way to go about it. Or that life carries on… um…okay? But really, why?

If you’re a Wolverine fan, you should see Logan. Finish out Hugh’s phenomenal run. If you’re not a fan, then you may leave confused, disturbed, and as if you were the one impaled on his adamantium claws.
This is one of those films that I will never have to see again. Every scene is imprinted on my brain. The opening sequence, the hideout in Mexico, the casino, the hospital. Eric LaSalle. Nate!!! :( :( :( All burned into my brain. Definitely a movie that will leave an impression on me forever.

Thank you, Hugh! You will be missed.

Anna- The Super Diva

Get your copy today
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Make Mine a Cowboy by Sandy Lea Sullivan: First Ride Cowboy Collection

Make Mine a Cowboy by Sandy Lea Sullivan

First Ride Cowboy Collection
You Never Forget Your First…

Saddle up for a sexy ride with 18 bestselling and award winning authors as they share with you their first in a series. These cowboys will claim your heart with their rough edges and raw emotions. Dust off your boots, and join us for a ride you'll never forget.

Coming February 3rd!


Make Mine a Cowboy by Sandy Lea Sullivan
She writes fantasy cowboys for a living...but she never expected to find her own on the back roads of Hill Country, Texas.

Forget Me Knot by Lori King
Will her vacation into the heart of cattle country turn out to be a mistake?

Cowboy Crazy by Em Petrova
Five brides for five brothers…at least that’s the deal the Daltons have struck with their boys. Each son must marry in order to inherit a piece of the ranch they love so much.

Watching Fireflies by Jaycee Ford
A cowboy who knew nothing of love. A city girl who wishes she didn't.

Sweet As Candy by Sidda Lee Rain
She may be the softness to smooth his rough edges. That is...if he can convince her to give an ol' rodeo bum a chance.

Lazarus by Beth Williamson
Being a Graham isn't easy, and it's about to get a lot harder for one stubborn lawman and the woman who still owns his heart.

The Heartsong Cowboy by Melissa Keir
Can two people, one horse and the power of love cure a little girl?

Gimme Some Sugar by Stephanie Berget
She’s is a genius with cupcakes and croissants. He needs a ranch cook to whip up beef, beans and bacon. Love never tasted so good.

Her Fated Cowboy by Donna Michaels
Thrown back into the path of her first love, she finds hers is not the only heart fate has damaged.

Cowboy Proud by D’Ann Lindun
She left town to chase her dreams…he stayed and ignored his…can they find love again?

Davis: Letters of Fate by Paty Jager
A marriage of convenience ignites into a steamy romance and brings two strong wills together.

Chocolate Cowboy by Kirsten Lynn
Returning to Wyoming two things surprised GySgt Jared Worrell…becoming the town chocolatier and Lucy Thomas. Coming home never tasted so sweet.

Montana Bachelor by Hildie McQueen
Rich Bachelor seeks Single Female who won't mind complications of elite society, a suspicious father and an evil ex-girlfriend…

Cowboys Never Fold by Lexi Post
A cowboy honors a promise by working at a nudist resort but to win the sexy owner’s heart, he must bare more than his soul.

River’s Edge by Gem Sivad
From gunslinger to ranch owner. He's finding respectability a lot more dangerous than his former life of sin.

Under Pressure by Rhonda Lee Carver
The Stone sisters know their way with a gun, rope, three-inch heels, and a cowboy's heart.

Jake: Men of Clifton by Susan Fisher Davis
He can tame the wildest stallion, but can he tame a stubborn redhead that wants nothing to do with him?

The Real McCoy by Sabrina York
She mistakes him for a stripper...he is happy to comply!

Get a taste of:
Make Mine a Cowboy by Sandy Lea Sullivan

Mesa Arraguso writes about hot cowboys for a living. Being a romance writer has it perks and its drawbacks. She spends a lot of time alone in front of her computer, but she gets to fantasize about incredibly hot men wearing cowboy boots and Stetsons. While visiting San Antonio, Texas for a writer’s conference, she finds herself stranded on the back roads of Bandera only to be rescued by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever encountered, be it fantasy or for real.

Joel Young is a cowboy. From the top of his Stetson to the tip of his dirty cowboy boots, he’s cowboy through and through. Along with rescuing women when they do silly things like running out of gas miles from town on a dirt road, he spends his days herding cattle, fixing fences and breaking horses.
Can one handsome cowboy and a city-girl from LA find common ground is the Hill Country long enough to see beyond a quick fling?


 “No, no, no, no!” Mesa Arraguso banged on the steering wheel of her rental car with both fists. The gas gauge read E. “I can’t be out of gas! I’m in the middle of fucking nowhere.” The sting of heat from the leather burned her fingertips. The stifling warmth rose exponentially inside the car without the air conditioning running. It was, after all, the middle of May in Bandera, Texas.
A rumble of thunder broke the stillness as she contemplated what to do. She’d taken a drive to clear her head and jumpstart her muse for her next book, not end up on the side of the road, out of gas, with no houses within several miles.
This was cowboy country. Hill Country in Texas boasted some of the biggest longhorn cattle spreads in the state. Several cattle mooed in the distance but she couldn’t tell how close a house might be. At least cattle meant humans…somewhere.
Large banks of dark clouds continued to roll across the sky. Several huge raindrops hit her windshield with a loud splat before the sky opened up in a torrential downpour.
“Just fucking great. Now fate is going to throw me into a huge thunderstorm. Why? Because I was stupid enough to go for a drive by myself during a writers conference in San Antonio and I ended up out here in the middle of the country. Now, I’m stuck on the side of some dirt road, out of gas, and God only knows how far from the nearest house.”
Lightning flashed, followed shortly by a loud crash of thunder. Mesa jumped. A shiver raced through her body as her heart clenched in fear. She hated thunderstorms.
Her cell phone beeped—the ominous sound of no cell phone coverage. Great!
She glanced out the window and saw water rushing under her car along a gulley she didn’t realize she’d straddled when she stopped. “Shit. Flash flooding? I’m so screwed.”
As the water began rising rapidly, she realized she needed to get the hell out of her car before it was washed away. In the distance she could make out several larger rocks. “If I can get on top of them, I should be safe from the rush. Of course, that means I’ll be out in the rain getting soaked.” Fear rose, threatening to choke her with the lump in her throat. She rubbed her arms trying to calm the chills while deciding what to do. She really didn’t have much choice. Water ran in rivulets down the windshield. Lightning continued to flash and thunder rolled over the area. She sucked in a large breath as she bit her lip.
A moment later a tap, tap, tap on her window startled her out of her thoughts. She jumped and screamed as a face appeared near her door. Blue eyes with long lashes stared back beneath a black cowboy hat. Black hair ruffled slightly with the wind.
“Ma’am? Are you all right?”
“I’m fine.”
“You need to get this car out of the water. You’ll be washed away. It’s rising fast.”
“I can’t. I’m out of gas.”
“Open the door.”
“Hell, no. Do I look crazy to you?” she asked, her voice shrill with terror.
“Trust me. If I were a serial killer, I wouldn’t be out in this shit trying to find women to abduct. I’m going to help you, but you need to get out of the car first before we’re both swept away.”
Mesa bit her lip. Should she trust him?
“All right.” She eased open the door to find the water almost reached the bottom of the car. The cowboy pulled the door the rest of the way as she grabbed her purse.
“We have to hurry,” he said, offering her a hand to help her from the car. “Let me help you. This water is rushing pretty fast.”
A red horse stood patiently several feet away with its head down, riding out the storm the only way horses knew how. A cowboy on a real horse out here in the middle of nowhere? Surely, it’s safe. I mean serial killers don’t ride horses, right?
Her tennis shoes were soaked the moment she stepped into the rushing stream, chilling her feet even though the temperature outside today was a balmy ninety degrees. She shivered as the man pulled her from the car, but chalked it up to her cold toes rather than the broad chest, wide shoulders and trim hips of the cowboy in front of her.
“Sorry, ma’am,” he said, setting her back from where she landed against his chest. “Let’s get out of this downpour.” He slammed the car door before he pulled her toward his horse. “You’ll have to ride behind me.”
“No problem.”
His ass looked fabulous swinging up into the saddle. What the hell? I’m checking him out like a piece of meat and the man is here saving my butt from drowning.
“Ma’am?” he asked, holding out his hand so he could help her behind the saddle.
“Oh, yeah right. Thanks.” She swung up behind him and grabbed his waist like a drowning victim in the middle of a raging surf. “Sorry.”
“No problem. You need to hang on. I don’t want to dump you off the back.”
“I’m sorry you’re getting wet because of me.”
“I was wet before I found you. I’ve been ridin’ fences in between the downpours.”
The horse sidestepped to the right. A squeal broke from her lips. “Sorry.”
“You don’t have to apologize, ma’am. I shoulda asked if you were okay on horseback.”
 As the horse continued forward she caught the rhythm of its walk and relaxed into the gait. “My name is Mesa.”
“Excuse me?”
“Mesa is my name. I feel like some fifty-year-old woman with you calling me ma’am.”
“Sorry. Habit.”
“I can imagine.”
“It’s nice to meet you, Mesa. I’m Joel.”

About the Author

Sandy Sullivan is a romance author, who, when not writing, spends her time with her husband Shaun on their farm in middle Tennessee. She loves to ride her horses, play with their dogs and relax on the porch, enjoying the rolling hills of her home south of Nashville. Country music is a passion of hers and she loves to listen to it while she writes.

She is an avid reader of romance novels and enjoys reading Nora Roberts, Jude Deveraux and Susan Wiggs. Finding new authors and delving into something different helps feed the need for literature. A registered nurse by education, she loves to help people and spread the enjoyment of romance to those around her with her novels. She loves cowboys so you'll find many of her novels have sexy men in tight jeans and cowboy boots.

Sandy’s website