Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Anna Alexander's The Marlboro Man is here!!!

Happy March y'all!!

The second book in the Men of the Sprawling A Ranch series is here and Mark is ready for your reading pleasure.

We all have a secondary character that does not leave you alone. In my Saturn Series, it was Bale and Marco DeWinter. In the Sprawling A it was Mark. That man stood behind my shoulder one day and demanded his own book. And from that the entire Sprawling A Series was born.

Read. Enjoy. And welcome back to the ranch!


For years Mark Webber was in love with his best friend’s girl, and it had become well past time for him to move on for greener pastures. Not long after he left, Mark realized the Sprawling A was his home, so now he’s back, ready to leave the past in the dust. While he was gone there had been some changes at the A, including a new ranch hand who comes with a sister that stirs Mark’s passions in ways he never felt before.

Gabriella Montoya has come to the ranch seeking shelter after a failed marriage. Not only is she welcomed with open arms, but she gains six big brothers. But one man doesn’t look at her like he would a sister. Oh, no. Mark gazes at her with a heat and promise in his eyes, and damn if he doesn’t deliver on every one. But Gabriella’s not certain she’s ready to embark on another relationship so soon with a man who has made no bones about wanting forever, especially when both of their pasts rise from the ashes and threaten everything they have. 


How could one man’s gaze burn her like a blowtorch set on high?

During her marriage, the sexual chemistry had been good, but it was nothing like the excitement she felt sitting next to Mark at the dinner table. All of her senses were attuned to his every move, his every breath. From his scent of Old Spice and spearmint to his low rumbles of appreciation. The shifting of his thigh muscles alongside hers under the table brought to mind images of him thrusting inside her wet and achy sheath. The glances he flicked her way were hotter than the peppers on her tongue, and she lost track of how many glasses of water she drank in an attempt to cool the fire he lit within.

God, she hoped she responded correctly to the questions the others asked her during the meal. The last thing she needed was to come off as a complete goober, or worse, have Rafe start to suspect something was up.

“Ladies.” Ben stood and gathered his dishes. “That was excellent. You sure know how to spoil us.” The rest of the men nodded.

Mark stopped her as she began to stack the dishes. “There’s a rule around here. Whoever cooks dinner gets to relax while the others clean up.”

“Yeah,” Greta chimed in. “I usually sit on the swing with a glass of wine. Why don’t you join me? You can have the wine, I’ll make do with grape juice.”

“All right. But I can at least help clear the table.” She collected a few utensils and then her plate.

When she stood, Mark’s big hand covered hers, just like it had that morning. In the back of her mind, she was vaguely aware that the others had gone into the kitchen and they were all alone in the dining room. Her gaze lifted to his face and her lips parted as she saw the desire in his eyes. A second later his mouth was on hers, hot and firm. She barely registered the texture of his lips when he pulled away and disappeared without a sound into the kitchen.

Shock held her immobile for several long seconds before her tongue swept her lower lip in an attempt to recapture his flavor. 

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