Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rebooting My Mindset

I can't believe a quarter of the year is almost over already. Wow!

As we barrel near my birthday (UGH, I remember looking forward to those!), I'm trying hard to firmly entrench myself in the goals and objectives I had for the year. So far I think I've done decently. Not perfectly, but I'm on the right track.

I jumped into 2015 with a renewed determination to make it the best writerly year I could. I also committed to becoming a healthier me in the process. It's March and I'm finally on the right track from a diet perspective.

With my new eating structure firming up, I've found myself at a loss on how to celebrate the writerly milestones I achieve during 2015. Like most writers, the majority of my hours are spent in solitary confinement as I yank the words for the latest book from my muse (sometimes with pliers). In the past when I've finished a book, I'd celebrate with a dinner out with a friend. With copious amounts of alcohol at times. When books release, I'd lather, rinse and repeat the process.

The summation? Foods always part of it. LOL. And while I realize it can still remain a part of it within reason I'd really like to come up with better ways to celebrate the milestones.

So far I've decided on a mani/pedi day as a possible treat. But a girl can only do that so many times. Any suggestions? How do you celebrate things in your life?

How is your 2015 going?

I'll leave you with this morsel from my latest release (which released on a Friday the 13th btw...LOL) Have a great week and remember to celebrate the good in life. It's my primary objective for this year and I'd love it if you'd join me.


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