Monday, March 16, 2015

Guest Diva Robyn Bachar Dishes about Bite Me

For those who don't know her, Robyn is a wonderfully talented author who I was honored to be in a critic group with. She is also the person who convinced me romance is the genre I needed to write. I'm so happy to welcome her here today so she can tell us all about herself, her writing, and her very yummy new book-Bite Me!

What is the Heat level of your books from 1 to YOWZA?

This one has an orgy in it, so I suppose it qualifies for YOWZA. Bite Me has a f/f/m ménage and some light kink. (The heroine’s inner lust demon, Mistress Elizabeth, has enough sex toys to start her own store.) ;-) Bite Me’s heat level is on par with my sci-fi ménage series, the Cy’ren Rising trilogy.

What are you writing right now? Is it part of a series?

I always have a few projects in the works. Right now I’m working on the next installment of my Bad Witch books. It’s a bit haunted house, a bit Beauty and the Beast, and very steamy. I also have a fantasy romance planned for later this year, and another Bad Witch book.

Any hobbies non-writing related (stalking male cover models on Facebook doesn’t count)?

Gaming. Right now I’m addicted to Dragon Age: Inquisition. That’s not surprising considering I was addicted to the first two games in the series—I’ve played Dragon Age Origins over 20 times, and every time I encounter new material. That game is so good. Plus BioWare includes romance options in their storylines, so you get to save the kingdom and get the guy.

       Last book you read?: Widdershins by Jordan L. Hawk, and now I want to read all of the books in that series. I loved it.
      Cake or pie?: Cake, unless it’s a chocolate pie.
      Stand alone or series?: Series. I’m very nosy, and I like to hear what happened to characters after the        first book ended.
          Novella or novel?: Novel.
      Real or pen name?: I write under my real name. ;-)
      Vanilla or ANY another flavor?: There’s a time and place for vanilla, and that is buttercream frosting.
      Tattoo or piercing?: Tattoo, I have four of them.
      Once Upon A Time or The End?: Once Upon a Time is so much easier to write than The End!

Bite Me Blurb

Consumed by the need to feed…

After an out-of-control spell triggers the zombie apocalypse, Lizzy Addams is left in the ruins of Chicago with only the slightly unhinged commentary—and endless erotic appetites—of her inner demon for company. Her blood supply dwindling, she is forced to find survivors to feed from, or die trying.

Officer Angela Kinney was on duty when hungry corpses overwhelmed the city. The survivors look to her for leadership, but nothing prepared her for a beautiful monster who offers safety in exchange for blood.

Sean MacMillan never expected to see Lizzy again after she rejected his attempts to lure her back to the vampire fold. But with his flock threatened by the horde and his murderous vampire brother, Lizzy is the only one he can trust to keep them safe.

The veil of secrecy shrouding the supernatural world torn apart, humanity’s only hope is to forge an alliance with vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night. Though accepting their aid could be a devil’s bargain that puts humans at the bottom of the food chain.

Warning: Contains vampire orgies, angsty demon sex, a frisky lesbian werewolf, light kink, and enough sex toys to start a store.

Want to know more about Robyn? You can find her here!


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