Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yee haw! It's rodeo time!

The next book in the Sprawling A Ranch series features Jack who was a professional bull rider. I figured if I was going to write about a man who participated in rodeos, I should probably attend a few myself. Fortunate for me, there are a few close enough to attend, and did I ever get my research on.

First up was the Enumclaw Rodeo. My good friend and former rodeo competitor Carmen Cook went with me to point out the lay of the land. This was a smaller rodeo where everybody seemed to know everybody. There were a few fellows from my grandmother's hometown competing (go Hermiston!) and a pretty kick ass band entertaining the crowd after the show.

Still not sure what they were in line for.

Then it was on to the Ellensburg Rodeo. This is the eighth largest rodeo in the country and has been going strong for ninety-three years. Fate smiled upon me and I was able to have a private, behind the scenes tour of the rodeo. Warren Hall has been volunteering at the rodeo since he was fifteen years old (a long time) and told me all about the history of the arena and about some of the livestock. I even got to go inside the sports medicine trailer and behind the chutes themselves.
Inside the Justin Boots
sports medicine trailer.
Getting ready for the
Mr. Warren teaching us about the rodeo.
And there's still one more rodeo I'm aiming to get to! This is when I love research. Until next time, my friends. And be on the look out for Jack's book early next summer!

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