Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Triumvirate of Hotness- X-men: Days of Future Past

Welcome to my first official Decadent Diva post!

As you may have read, I am the super hero girl, so it should come as no surprise that I am now going to dish about the men of X-men: Days of Future Past.

Before I go on, let me specify that this post is not a review of the movie itself. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it. But if you want to talk to me about plot and X-men history, come find me and we’ll discuss in depth over cocktails.

No, this post is about how I, an average (okay, above average)American woman, can feel deep, lustful urges toward three different men. James McAvoy as the younger Professor X is hot, Michael Fassbender’s Magneto- hot, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine- HAWT! And my opinion is not solely because we are gifted with an oh-so delightful view of Mr. Jackman’s naked backside. That was an unexpected bonus much like a sprinkles on top of a sundae, and to the director, I thank you.

But I digress, so please, allow me to break down my affections.

In X-men: First Class James McAvoy portrayed an optimistic, charming young man on the cusp of developing his full powers and enjoying every moment of exploring his abilities. In two words he was frickin’ adorable. Alas, the 1973 Charles Xavier is no longer that man. Broken in both body and spirit, he has lost hope, and that my friends is the tragedy. Professor Xavier is a beacon of hope and to see him so downtrodden makes you want to give him a hug. Right after a nice hot bath. Yep, Professor X has a wee bit of a drug problem in this one, but he bounces back, and to see him triumph over his adversities with the same charm that he had in First Class is why I love James McAvoy in this role. I want more!

Where Charles was light and hope, Erik (Magneto) is the dark and brooding opposite. Watching Michael Fassbender play Magneto gives me goosebumps. That stare. That jaw line! He has a quiet intensity that warns you shit is about to go down but you won’t  know when or how. I love how he can calmly stride into a room in a well-cut suit and fedora and kick major ass with a sweep of his hand. Sigh…yeah, he could totally talk me into joining the darkside.

Then we have Wolverine. Sigh some more. Okay, let’s try to look past the ripple upon ripple of muscles. I said try. With Logan it’s all about his confidence, that swagger. When he walks into a room you know you have to play by his rules or get fucked up. He is the biggest badass there is, and on top of that he has a wicked sense of humor. Wolverine gets the joke. He knows who he is and has never made apologizes for it. But the best- the best!- is we know that underneath all of that gruff and growl, Wolverine is a big teddy bear. He will fight for you to the death and beyond. That, my friends, is an incredibly attractive trait.

Three different men and I want them all.
So, who’s your man? Does your heart beat for charming and optimistic? Does brooding and intense make your panties wet? What about wicked and confident? Or are you a wanton woman like me and want to take them all home as your personal boy toys? Now that’s the story I want to read.

Until the next adventure, my friends!


  1. I love a superhero. Nothing like a smoking hot male who saves the day. Sigh.....


    Diva Simone xx

  2. Michael...oh Michael. I think I read too many books. He's so dark and deep. He has issues. I want to help him. And they easy he treated Mystique, swoon. (Never mind he sells her out when they get older!!) I love this movie. I can't wait for me. (SUNSHINE LYKOS)