Friday, June 20, 2014

If you had a choice, what would you like to see in a Paranormal Romance?

Sitting down in front of the keyboard, I thought about what I wanted to cover today. Looking at the stack of notes to my side, I knew then and there what I was going to blog about today - Supernaturals.

You may ask why Supernaturals? The answer is simple; I am currently working on, what will be, my debut Paranormal Romance Novel. It's only natural that my mind is filled with all things supernatural, as I plan, plot and devise a story filled with the amazing, mysterious creatures.

I have always had a love of vampires and actually, my first reads were filled with the fanged wonders. However, as my reading expanded, so too did my interests, as I came to love and be fascinated with shifters of all species.

One of my favorite is the wolf. Unfortunately, the market seems to be saturated with the all-time favorite wolf - and I can certainly see why - who wouldn't love a male, all alpha, who has the ability to call on his wolf and the strength of his pack backing him? But even with my love for the wolves, as I sat down to devise my story, I decided that I wanted to go bigger...badder. 

Enter the dragon.

Fire-breathing, mysterious, stronger than any known creature with a forty-foot wing span and, some believe, based on what actually roamed the earth during prehistoric times. Can you imagine? You're out, walking along and suddenly you hear the tell-tale "whop-whop," caused by the creature's massive wings, as he beats them up and down, majestically soaring overhead? 

Absolutely amazing...and so a story was born.

Of course, fascinated with all supernatural creatures, I couldn't be happy with only a dragon. Nope. I wanted to add more spice to the story and,  having plans to expand into a series, what better way than to have other supernaturals? There are so many yummy ones to choose from...

Naturally, there is a down side to this thinking, which I didn't consider at the time I hatched my oh-so-brilliant plan; my head is now filled (and I mean FILLED) with each supe, rattling around, banging against my skull, sometimes very loudly, wanting their own story told. Whoops. =)

That brings me to the thinking behind this post - what do you, the reader, want to read? If I were to use you as my personal muse, what creature's story would you have me tell? Why? 

Do you want to see more of the lovely, sly, slinky cats? Or could it be that you are dying to see more of the hulking, fuzzy, adorable but aggressive bears? Maybe you want more angels, demons or fey creatures? Or, possibly you really want to reach for the stars and you'd love to see some kind of usual shifter, rarely seen in the literary world?

So, the question I have for you, the reader, is what is the one Supernatural you long to read about? If you had your choice of any creature, be they vampire, fey, shifter, witch, ogre, etc. who would you like to read about and why? When you walk into the bookstore, or search the e-libraries, what are you desperately hoping to find?

As I work through this first novel, featuring a seriously kick-ass, sexy, alpha dragon, I too bring in his family, acquaintances and friends. 

This is where you come in...

How you ask? 

I have a special treat for the people who  take a moment to share their comments below, that's how. 

I will read all of the comments, selecting the one I feel will best work into my next novel/novella!

Even better? 
Your name will be listed as a thanks on my Facebook and Twitter and when I talk and write about the creation of the story, you and your character will forever be a part of it! 

In addition, as to not leave anyone out (as I love all comments), I will recognize each person who comments below with your amazing ideas! 

I will be cataloging all of your comments and, in a future blog posting, you will be able to see YOUR NAME AND YOUR SUPERNATURAL listed for thousands to see!

I am so excited to see the ideas people come up with that I'm practically shaking in my booties! Comment on whatever supernatural fills your heart - no supernatural is too common, nor to rare! Let your imagination be your destination! 

Remember to tell your friends & family. Tweet, Facebook, spread it around! Let's make this list the best of all-time, filled with all of your names & amazing supernaturals!

The more the merrier!

Supernatural away!

Shelbie Knight
Amazon(dot)Blonde Diva


  1. COMMENTS! I NEED COMMENTS! LOL! Maybe...maybe I should sweeten the won't know, unless you comment! =)

  2. I'd love to see a monkey shifter. :-D