Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Erotic Romance Author Bronwyn makes us Green with envy!

I am so excited to welcome my friend and fellow Author, Bronwyn Green today! She brings with her some steamy news *fans myself* and an even steamier blurb! *dripping in sweat*

Talking to her from her home base of Michigan, Bronwyn had exciting news for me (that I had to share, of course). Plus, I had to have a little fun with my fellow Sugar Glider-loving Author. *whispers* She confessed she would kype one, right out of their cage, if she could.

S: Hi Bronwyn and welcome to The Decadent Divas Blog!
B: Thanks for having me Shelbie! *smiles*

S: So let's talk HEAT - would you say the level of steam coming off of your pages is Snorzeville, or YOWZA?
B: I think they're all hovering around the YOWZA range. The shifter menages and the Dark Destines Series is definitely in the YOWZA range. (Oh boy...)

S: What would you say the largest influence in your life, outside of writing?
B: That would have to be my mom. She's absolutely amazing. She's brilliant, funny, talented and has always believed in me (and all of my siblings) no matter what. (Awww. We love Moms!)

S: Do you write full-time?
B: It's about an 80/20 split between writing and freelance editing. (Here that everyone? She's does editing too!)

S: What are your (non-writing) related hobbies?
B: I have more hobbies than time! I love knitting, cross stitching, sewing, pottery, reading and gardening. (See, we are sisters by another mother!)

S: Can you give us a hint about your latest release, Elemental Enchantment?
B: I can do one better - here's a blurb! (Excitement makes Shelbie jump up & down)

Photographer, Meaghan Boulton thinks a steamy one-night stand with a member of the bridal party seems like a great idea. And it is…until the ghost of a missing child shows up in the wedding photos and her one-night stand turns out to be a cop who suspects her of being involved in the child’s abduction.

Eli Jones is having a rough week. The woman of his dreams—the woman he’s been infatuated with since high school—skips out of his hotel room after the hottest hook-up of his life. Worse, she’s got information on a kidnapping that she couldn’t possibly have—unless what she says is true and she’s a witch.

Despite the cloud of suspicion that hovers between them, they need to work together to find the missing child. When it’s over, will anything be left of their passion to salvage?

S: *snoops, taking a peek over her shoulder* And it looks as if you have more to share with the readers? *poke-poke* =)
B: Yes, I pulled an Excerpt I thought your readers might enjoy. ;) (Do tell! Do tell! Details!)

Elemental Enchantment

 “More,” she heard herself demand.

He sucked the distended nub between his lips, drawing on it while she arched her back, offering him more. Grabbing his head, she pulled him closer.

“Please tell me you’ve got condoms.”

He raised his head and met her gaze, his eyes dark with need. “What’s that saying? A Boy Scout is always prepared?”

She nodded, mesmerized by the rough timbre of his voice.

“So, yeah. I’ve got ‘em, but we’re nowhere near needing them. Not yet, anyway.” He thrust against her, grinding himself along her needy cunt. “Not even close.”

Meaghan’s breath caught in her throat and her eyes widened as his words sank in. She’d anticipated a quickie. Something fast and hard to get it out of their systems. Her stomach flipped in nervous anticipation when he lifted her away from the wall and began walking with her. She gripped his shoulders for balance when he stopped in front of the bed and dropped her, startling a squeal from her when she landed.

He stared at her, his eyes slowly devouring her where she lay. She could just imagine what she looked like—breasts bared, skirt around her waist and panties soaking wet. God, she wished he’d just fuck her already.

His words drifted back her. She pushed herself up on her elbows and frowned at him. “What do you mean, not even close?”

He lowered himself to the mattress, wedging himself between her thighs and hovering over her upper body, his hands on either side of her head. Bending, he caught one nipple between his teeth and flicked his tongue across it before releasing it. It took everything in her not to scream.

“What I meant was that if you want a quick fuck you picked the wrong guy.” 

S: (Mouth hanging open) Ah *gulps* wow! ;)
B: (Laughs)

S: Okay, now that I've recovered...what do you say about having a little fun with a quick ask & answer session?
B: Sounds great! 

S: Remember, only fast answers are allowed - no thinking. 
B: Okay, okay. You said something about questions?

S: The last book you read?
B: Abigail Barnette's The Bride (super hot BDSM) *rubs chin* Ah-ha! I see...

S: Multi-layered cake or fruity-licious pie?
B: Honestly? Neither. But if you want to toss a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips my way, that would be great! (Sugar-fun killer!)

S: You're favorite place to visit on vacation (other than my Sugar Glider's cage)?
B: (Laughs) On the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I go for two week every summer. *booking tickets* Exact date? lol

S: Niiiice. Okay, chest like Harry like the Henderson's or smooth as a baby's bum?
B: Hairy, but not so thick it looks like it needs to be vacuumed.

S: Real or pen name?
B: Pen...but, this fall I'll have a YA Novel come out under my own name. :D

S: Oooh, can't wait! Vanilla or any other flavor?
B: I'm really an "all the flavors" kinda girl.

S: Tattoo, piercing or born as?
B: Both! I have both and so dies the hubs. ;)

S: And lastly, I have to ask Once Upon a Time or THE END?
B: Once Upon a Time - my four most favorite words (other than "Here are your chips."

S: This woman and her chips...and Sugar Gliders. I'd be willing to be she would probably feed them Salt & Vinegar Chips too! LOL =)

A big thank you to Bronwyn Green for stopping by to share her love of Erotic Romance - and Salt & Vinegar Chips. I can't wait to check out her latest release (and hide away with it until I'm done)! =)

If you are interested in learning more about Bronwyn and her work, I have placed her social links below for your convenience. Remember, her website shows all of her work and the links to purchase each title!

Happy Reading!

Shelbie Knight =)
Amazon(dot)Blonde Diva

Twitter: @Bronwyn_Green


  1. Thank you so much for having me on the blog! Such a fun interview! :)

  2. Thanks for coming and being decadent with us!!!

  3. LOL! You're welcome sweetie! As always, it was a blast! *big hugs* =)