Monday, June 16, 2014

Covert Desires' Cover and Release Date

I'm so excited! Covert Desires has a cover and a release date! When I first started this series, the last book seemed so far off. I thought it'd be forever before I was talking about it. But the time really flew by in a blur of words and alien sub-plots. And now we're here. Covert Desires releases this Friday! June 20th. I just can't even believe it.

Rowe has been one of my favorite characters from day one. Even before I knew what role she played in the universe, I knew she had an important one. She's not the typical heroine I write. She doesn't burst into rooms, make her presence known, and start shouting out commands. But she shows her strength in other ways. She's a wonderful combination of innocence and experience. She's lived through the worst of what humankind can dish out yet is still an optimist at heart. She honestly believes everything will work out. Which can be difficult because, as a prophet, she's seen every future possible but she can't remember any of them.

I've always loved the dual nature of her personality and I think the cover artist did a fantastic job capturing it.

Jack, on the other hand, is a pretty straight forward kind of guy. He's an agent. His job is to catch the bad guys and protect the civilians. And he's never really felt right about Rowe signing on with his agency. She's too soft, too innocent, for the kind of work they have to do. So when she becomes his partner, he has a hard time thinking of her as his equal. But when she saves his life, he starts to see that her belief in humankind and her quiet faith in the universe as the strength that it is.

That's why I love that he's standing behind her, yet his attention is focused on her.

This cover really captures so much of the emotion and the relationship of the two characters. I hope you give them a shot and read their story this Friday. If you want to read an excerpt, Ellora's Cave has one on their site. You just have to click on the hour glass icon in the upper right hand corner of the 'coming soon' cover on their page and it's one of the options. And please keep coming back. There will be an official blurb very soon.

Ellora's Cave


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  2. What an awesome cover! And am so very much looking forward to reading this and seeing how the series comes to an end... it's going to be bittersweet to see this Universe come to an end.

    1. Thanks :) I hope you enjoy reading it. It was very bittersweet writing it but glad I got to tell Rowe's story.

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    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading it. I was so happy I got to write it :)