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Jennifer Kacey's Buried Permission OUT TODAY!!!

Decadent - used as an adjective - "having low morals and a great love of pleasure"...
as a noun - "a person who is luxuriously self-indulgent"
Especially when it comes to new releases - such as BURIED PERMISSION which releases today!!

This is my first full FF story line and I absolutely love it from the first page to the last sigh.
It has quite a bit of me in it...and another friend I used for inspiration. :)

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Kerrington needed her best friend Danielle in her life. Secretly, she wasn’t just a need. She was an ache, buried so deep Kerrington couldn’t breathe without wanting her. But she’d promised her grandmother she’d make her proud and find a man to marry, to have children with, to love, to cherish…
Nothing else mattered more than following the straight and narrow path set before her. Until one night, when a simple kiss changed everything and put Danielle and Kerrington’s strained friendship into question.
Searching for answers, Kerrington finds the permission she thought lost forever—unearthed by hypnotherapist, Dr. Mackenzie Raith. Now Kerrington must convince Danielle to give her one last chance, if it’s not too late.

A Romantica® female/female erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

PS - and when I typed in OUT TODAY in the title line all I could picture is a closet!! *snort*
That's just funny!!

Here's a little excerpt to tickle your fancy and whet your appetite...eriously, sorry, but I'm feeling very puny today!! MWAHAHA!!! Hope you enjoy and will let Kerrington and Danielle tell their story!

Excerpt from Buried Permission -

A woman?
Kerrington questioned, “I thought you said the hypnotist’s name was Dr. Mack?”
Danielle continued searching for a place for them to sit, but must have come up as empty as Kerrington on their current no open real estate dilemma.
“It is. It’s short for Dr. Mackenzie Raith.”
For a tiny girl, not yet twenty-five, her voice carried over the murmuring crowd, drawing more attention.
The hypnotist turned, pausing in her speech and Kerrington cursed herself again for deciding to come.
Instead of looking put out by their tardiness, Dr. Mack smiled, pointing out two seats open in the front row before resuming her demonstration.
Kerrington opened her mouth, ready to tell Danielle she didn’t want to sit that close. Before she uttered a single word, her best friend grabbed her hand, linked their fingers, and then pulled her down the short set of stairs. She dragged her around chairs and small, round tables filled with people.
“No, let’s go find another—”
“Shh,” came from several directions, shushing Kerrington into submission.
She followed silently, focusing on Danielle’s mocha flippy skirt. It bounced on every step she took with her platform heels. Kerrington started to sweat and glanced away nervously. She felt eyes watching them. It wasn’t the skirt she’d borrowed from Danielle that barely covered her ass that made her nervous, or being the center of attention in a room full of people. It was her best friend holding her hand…in public.
They could have been a couple, maybe even lovers.
But they weren’t.
Never had been, even though Danielle had made it clear, several times, they could be if Kerrington would just come out of the closet.
Kerrington cleared her throat as they settled into their seats, trying to shake off the memories of those late-night conversations they never spoke of in the light of day.
“Great seats,” Danielle exclaimed in as quiet a voice as she could muster.
Her breath brushed across Kerrington’s cheek and she tried not to react. But her eyes closed, her nipples beading beneath the thin top she wore. She thanked her lucky stars for wearing a push-up bra so her nipple rings didn’t show.
One more secret she hid from everybody.
She took a deep breath and held it, closing her eyes for a few seconds and wanting a cigarette in the worst of ways. She shook off the craving, trying desperately not to give in to wanting two things she shouldn’t.
On her exhale, she tuned into what the hypnotist said, instead of just how cute her black high-heels were.
She spoke directly to the people on stage. “Continue down your body, relaxing each muscle group. Let your hips relax, your thighs. The simple weight of your palms resting on top makes your legs feel very heavy. That heaviness travels down to your knees, along your lower leg.”
Kerrington caught the eye of Dr. Mack and a rush of awareness traveled up her spine, smacking her in the back of the skull.
Dr. Mack winked at her, never losing her place in the speech she’d obviously given before.
“Now that your entire body is relaxed and heavy I want you to focus on your breathing. Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale… Breathe in positive energy and then release all of your negative thoughts and feelings when you exhale.”
All of the people sitting on stage, three guys and two girls sat slumped in their chairs. Kerrington relaxed with them, following the suggestions of the hypnotist.
What could it hurt?
“As you close your eyes I need you to picture a favorite location. A vacation spot you went as a child. Maybe a room in your house you relax in, or even a spa you go to for a massage.”
Before the cerebral suggestion had been fully described, Kerrington pictured the sitting room at her grandmother’s house—
Her house.
It was hers now, free and clear. Even after four years she still had a hard time remembering her signature resided on the title’s owner line.
“Take a deep breath for me and when you let it out I want you to picture a staircase. You can walk to the top or the bottom, whichever level you like best. I need you to grasp the handrail attached to the wall beside you. It might be metal or wooden. Feel it against your palm. Wrap your fingers around it.”
Kerrington smiled, feeling the rail in her hand. She stood at the top of the stairs leading down into her basement, as if she were going to get a load of laundry.
The warmth of her grandmother wrapped around her and she took another step down.
“Take another step, feeling your foot solidly press against the next stair. Your body is relaxed and safe here. When you’re ready, take two more steps, and—”

Kerrington’s arm slipped off the armrest, jolting her awake. Her eyes popped open and adrenaline spiked her heart rate.

Decadently Yours,

Diva Jennifer

And if you need a bit of kink in your life, I've got you covered!!!

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