Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's Your Story?

Yesterday my mum and I were discussing the latest drama in the extended family and I joked with her that “We lead very boring lives, don’t we?” It was an off the cuff remark but it got me thinking, is my life really boring? Sure, I may never have smoked, took drugs, passed out drunk or spent the night with someone I wish I hadn’t. Nor have I ridden a rollercoaster, bungee jumped or been skydiving. I’ve never been married, I don’t have kids. There’s a lot I haven’t done but I have time... don’t expect to find me passed out drunk with a pack of cigarettes on a strangers bed any time soon though!

Things I have done though? Those are awesome. I went abroad for my first time ever when I was nineteen and I did it alone (Washington DC I still love you). I’ve travelled alone many times since then and enjoyed myself immensely. I’ve become a published author not once but six times... so far. I went to University – first one in my family – and I graduated as a midwife. I’ve brought many new lives into the world and escorted some out. I’ve rejoiced and I’ve grieved. I’m educated, independent and adventurous in ways many people will never be. I’ve lived.
So next time I bitch about being single, being boring. Slap me upside the head. My life is AWESOME.

So tell me, what are you proud of?

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