Monday, June 9, 2014

An Interview with Guest Diva A. M. Griffin

Please help me welcome the lovely A. M. Griffin as she dishes about herself and her writing. 

What is the Heat level of your books from 1 to YOWZA?

Let’s see, I have some FMF action and my characters love to get busy, so I would say YOWZA.

Why did you start writing?

My mother is writer. She doesn’t have any books published but she has a ton of them. She writes for fun and spends all of her free time doing it. I’ve grown up watching her sitting at her type writer and it seemed only natural for me to go on to express myself through writing as well. She’s my inspiration.

What are you writing right now? Is it part of a series?

I’m in the middle of a YA series right now. I know, how can I go from YOWZA to YA? Easily. I love these characters, but they keep wanting to have sex. LOL. I have to keep toning them down, it’s getting harder and harder. Now that’s a true feat right there. An erotic writer trying not to write about sex. I should get an award.

Do you write full time?

Right now, no. That’s my goal, to in a couple of years be able to go to writing full time. I’d love to be able to travel or just hang around at home and be on “the clock”. One day though, I just have to stay up until the wee hours of the night to make my dream come true.


·       Last book you read?  Burning Dawn by Gena Showalter (love it)
·       Cake or pie? Cake. Chocolate please.
·       Favorite vacation spot? Jamaica
·       Hairy chest or smooth? I like a little taco meat
·       Stand alone or series? Series. I like to see how the characters are doing after their happily ever after
·       Novella or novel? Novel
·       Real or pen name? Real name.
·       Vanilla or ANY another flavor? ANY other flavor
·       Tattoo or piercing? Tattoo
·       Once Upon A Time or The End? LOL Both

   Want a taste of A. M. Griffin's writing? You're in luck! I have the blurb to the newest book in the Loving Dangerously series.

   Dangerously His:

Loving Dangerously, Book Four

Justin “JB” Blake has never met a woman he couldn’t bed—or one he wants to keep. That changes the second he lays eyes on Princess Saia Xochis. The beautiful alien makes his body burn and his heart ache. She will be his. All JB has to do is risk life and limb at the hands of her abusive father, her protective brother, and her warmongering intended mate.

The possibilities of death and dismemberment have never stopped him before.

Inside Scoop: This book has a small taste of female/female fun—as well as scenes of abuse that are decidedly not fun.

A Romantica® sci-fi erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Want to read more? You can find this book on the Ellora's Cave website or on Amazon.