Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anna Alexander is Getting a Tattoo!

Like some of my other Diva sisters, I have a love of body art. A well-executed tattoo can be more beautiful than the finest oil painting or a marble statute. They can be a symbol of a great struggle, or of family, or a representation of a person’s soul. When that art is inked correctly, or course. J

I am a firm believer that one can become addicted to tattoos. I have observed that a person has either one tattoo or twenty. If they only have two or three, that usually means they have two or three for now. Knowing that I had a penchant to become covered from head to toe though I really don't wish to be, I have stuck with my one and only tattoo. I was eighteen when I had it done, and I wanted a piece to symbolize the inner me not very many people knew I had inside. That version of me was stronger than I appeared, more daring, cool and artistic and not afraid to take a risk. When I saw the snake and dagger tattoo at the shop, I knew that was the one for me and I’ve worn it proudly ever since. 

My first tattoo. Thanks mom!
But that was a long time ago, and every once in a while I caught myself thinking, “Hmmm. Maybe it’s time for another.”  Then I’d get all glassy-eyed as I start to look at all sorts of pretty things to have inked onto my skin. As a compromise to myself, I made a pact. The only way I would get a second tattoo is if I accomplished a goal, and not just any goal, something major. Something epic. And what could be more major than a goal related to my writing?

And thus, the objective was set- When (notice I say when and not if) I sold a series to a publisher, when the last book in the series released, I would get a tattoo to symbolize that series.

This past April, my book Hero Rising released from Ellora’s Cave. This is the last of the Heroes of Saturn series. Five years since I set the goal and now it’s time to commemorate that achievement with some kick-ass ink.  Yay!! As you can imagine, the design took months to come together as I worked with an artist to create the perfect symbol of my world. But that is a story I’ll share with you another day.
My friend Rob thought it would be funny to give me twenty choices.
Yeah, hysterical.

So now I am on the hunt for an artist. I think this process is even more stressful than picking the design!
Join me next month when I share the finished product!
Till then, my friends,
Anna- The Super Diva
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And did you hear? I'm a double finalist in the Passionate Plume Contest for Hero Unmasked and A Night at The Cavern!!

Congratulations also go to my Diva Sister Sabrina York who is also a finalist. Good thing we're not in the same categories. :)


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