Sunday, June 8, 2014

Great Scot!

Do the words,

"Come with me girl and let me run my hands all over your lovely little body and make you purr..."

Make you squirm? No? Maybe? What about this then,

"Come with me lass and let me run my hands all over your bonny wee body and make you purr..."

Now maybe neither of them does any of them for you but that's maybe got more to do with the cheesy dialogue than the point. Which is this, what's in an accent? Why is it that a man with an accent is so much more of a turn on? Particularly a Scottish accent it seems. Maybe it's all the rolling 'rrrr's' and the thought of what a tongue that dexterous can accomplish. Now a Scottish accent doesn't do a hell of a lot for me but that might be because I'm Scottish myself. Now give me an Irish, Italian, or an American accent and whoa! I write Scottish heroes in my books because it's what I know, but the Irish, American and English characters... well,
they're for me.

So what is it? Is it the appeal of the exotic? Is it the whole package? Do we fall for the stereotype's attached to that voice? The Scottish Laird who will lift you up in his big brawny, sword wielding arms and carry you off to his castle, uncaring about the freezing Highland mist that nips at his naked arse under his kilt. The charming, playful Irishman who'll ply you with Guinness and legends of pookhas and banshees and take you home to his picturesque village on the coast. The fiery Italian who'll sweep you off you're feet with romance and flowers and make love to you with unrestrained passion.
I know which on I'd choose, so which accent does it for you and why?


  1. Oh, Cait. It's the Scottish for me. And Irish. Let's not forget the Aussies. :)

  2. Huh? You asked a question? I was distracted by the visuals.
    (Accent for sure!)