Friday, July 31, 2015

Once In A Blue Moon

So as the graphic (thank you US NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE KANSAS CITY) suggests tonight is a Blue Moon. How awesome is that?  Funny enough my oldest son was just asking me about Blue Moons recently.  So, I guess tonight I'll get to show him one.

As a writer who mostly writes Werewolves I can't help but think that several members of my packs would consider this event very important.  It got me thinking a lot about festivals and tributes.  Would they have a big pack run? Would they have some kind of party? Is it ominous? A sign of something terrible to come? Don't mind me, the Muse wanders...

In honor of the Blue Moon, I thought I'd go ahead and make sure you've all seen my new cover for Alpha Enticing, the next book in my Fallen Alpha series.  Savage, the Alpha of San Francisco, would make it such a fun event. A. Big. Giant. Orgy.

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