Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Exclusive Excerpt: Weekend Games 3

Hi, everyone!

So, the final two parts to my erotic serial, Weekend Games have released. This is a republished work which has been significantly expanded.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart. This is hawt stuff. :) If you've ever wondered what role-playing with ultra sexy, highly creative men would be like, this one's for you.


“What do we have here?”

Her pulse raced as her eyes traveled over the three men. She smiled at Lorenzo. His unruly, dark blond hair threatened to hide the gray eyes she had found so fascinating in their last encounter. Damn, she wanted to fuck him. Her pussy moistened at the thought as her gaze drank in his bare, sun-kissed chest.

She nodded her silent approval of Evan and Rex. Both bare-chested as well, it was hard to keep from thinking of the hedonistic possibilities trickling in the dark recesses of her mind. All three men wore the same black jeans. Aubrey couldn’t help but smile. Only men would overlook the importance of matching their clothing to the setting.

Not that she was complaining. Snug jeans conformed to Rex’s thick, powerful thighs she remembered all too well. The black material matched the mass of hair that fell around the most stunning face she had ever seen. Hazel eyes stared back at her with the same hungry, demanding lust she had once feared. Tonight she looked forward to sating it.

And Evan. Her skin tingled under his perusal, his almond-colored gaze sliding down her body with an intensity that reminded her of Rex and Lorenzo. The three men were too much alike in that aspect. 
All determined to fuck her hard.

The rich hues of indigo, burgundy, gold, and royal blue accentuated Lorenzo’s olive-toned skin. He had starred in her dreams for the past few nights.

Her skin tingled under their lusty perusals. “What am I doing here?”

“We freed you from your confinement,” Lorenzo said.

Anticipation knotted in her stomach as she shook her head. “No. I was fine where I was. Send me back.”

Evan smiled. Her pussy moistened. “Afraid we’d rather keep you around. After all, you have to obey us now, right?”

Aubrey closed her eyes and willed her body to play the role out rather than pounce on the three men like she wanted to. She nodded at Evan. “Yes, Master.”

“Anything at all?” Rex asked.

“Yes, Master.” She looked down at the plush beige carpet of the rented beachfront cottage. The possibilities racing through her mind had awakened her primal passion. Hopefully they wouldn’t disappoint her.

“For how long?” Lorenzo asked.

She shivered at the open-ended question. “For however long you find amusement with my service, Master.”

“You poor thing.”

Evan and Rex snickered at Lorenzo’s comment as she tugged at her costume one last time. The movement captured the men’s attention, and their gazes roamed over her body once again.

“She’s such a little bundle,” Rex commented.

“Good things come in small packages,” Lorenzo stated.

“You think she can handle us all?” Evan asked.

“Without a doubt.” Lorenzo’s voice cascaded through her. “Why don’t you come and sit with us?”

Wariness filled Aubrey. Fear of the men was the farthest thing from her mind, but she worried about her reaction. It had been too long since she’d enjoyed the pleasure of a man thanks to the psycho ex. 
The freak had made it impossible for her to enjoy the company of men. Not that she’d clued anyone in on her latest side effect of Crazed Dave.

Her bare feet padded to them. Rex fluffed a burgundy and gold pillow and motioned for her to sit between him and Lorenzo. When she sat Indian-style between them, her thighs grazed their legs. Her pulse pounded in response.

“There’s no reason to be frightened. What’s your name?” Evan asked.

“Most do not worry about names. They merely demand.” She glanced at the men as she placed her hands on her knees. “Aubrey, Master.”

“That’s a beautiful name. How long had you been in that bottle?” Rex asked, his fingers traveling down her right shoulder.

“Too long, Master.”

“It must get very lonely in there,” Evan said as he positioned himself behind her. “What do you do to pass the time?”

Aubrey closed her eyes and savored the light caresses of their hands on her shoulders and back. What would a genie do to pass the time in a bottle? This one would be trying to make her toes curl, but she doubted they’d find that as humorous as she did.

“It gets quite dull.”

“Lie back and relax.” Lorenzo stroked the soft skin of her rib cage and downward to her upper abdomen once she was lying comfortably on the soft pillows. “I’m sure you find ways to amuse yourself. Do you want to show us?”

“Show you?” Aubrey’s heart beat wildly.

“Yes, show us how you pleasured yourself.” Rex’s warm breath tickled her neck.

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