Thursday, July 2, 2015

Breathing Fire With My Dragons

To me, at least so far in my career, Dragons have not been the good guys. Of course because I'm writing this the next time I go in for a dragon he'll have to be a hero...I never got over that proving myself wrong stage I guess...

But in the meantime I have a series called the Dragon Wars. In a world where there aren't humans (or are there?) Werewolves and Dragons are at war.  Its called The Dragon Wars.  The heroes are hot, strong, capable and war weary.  The heroines are women who have learned how to care for themselves and have the strength to carry their men when they need it.  I love writing it.  There will be five books in the series. So far, its Forever, Eternal, Always (in the Romancing Austin box set) and Evermore (coming soon.)  The series will finally end with Endless later this year. 

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