Friday, July 3, 2015

CONTEST. Hot Fun in the Summertime by Alexa Silver

Thanks so much to Cait for hosting me here. I’m Alexa Silver, and I write erotic romance.
I have a complete yen for exotic locales and travel stories. I did the bulk of my traveling when I was in my early twenties. I was working in the music industry, dating a musician, and we hit the road hand in hand for a while.
The relationship didn’t last, but the memories of exotic places did. London, jetting off to Paris for an evening, wandering the streets of Aachen, Germany right before Christmas hand in hand with a romantic man. Spending an evening at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia and in the bar were—I kid you not—Robert Goulet, who was in town doing a revival of Camelot,  Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, and Joan Rivers. I looked over at my friend and then my guy, and asked if it was real.
It sure was! I wish I had the pictures. That was a memorable night.
But anyway…
I plotted out my latest story on an impromptu road trip. A day before a concert, I was able to get a second row seat to a show three hours away. My wonderfully indulgent husband said sure, and off we went.
During the drive, we discussed writing—we always discuss writing, he was a co-author of mine for a bit. As we talked, I started picturing a scene on a very exotic beach. Mediterranean coast, though I’d never been there. I knew it was a nude beach, but I had no idea where it was exactly.
And I saw a hero with gorgeous striking eyes on this beach.
When I got home from the trip, and yes, the concert was fantastic, I started looking on the Internet to see if I could find “my” beach. It took a week or so, but I discovered it, just as it was in my mind, in Barcelona.
My story took shape from there, the idea of a heatwave in Barcelona, a former boy band star, and an A-list actor was formed. Get Away can be found in Naughty Escapes, out now. 

You can buy it, or read for free, if you have Kindle Unlimited. 

I think my summer travels are over for now, so I’m going to really enjoy reading some summer reads and visiting exotic places, virtually.
Thanks again to Cait for hosting me!
Please post your favorite getaways. I’ll draw a name randomly for a 5.00 Amazon gift certificate.
Happy reading!
Alexa Silver

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