Saturday, July 11, 2015

Superheroes- More than Magic

When I began writing superhero romances, I didn't know I was blazing the trail in a new genre. Come on, superhero stores have been around forever, so everyone should know what elements make up a superhero story. Right?

Yeah... Imagine my surprise when I discovered there are many, many people who are misinformed.

The common misconception I hear is that most people believe a superhero must have super powers,or a form of magic if you will, therefore all superhero stories are paranormal in nature. Makes sense. Almost.

I'm sure you have all heard of Batman, and let's not forget our favorite billionaire weapons manufacturer Tony Stark. Their power stemmed from their intelligence, access to weapons grade materials, and big, fat bank accounts. Then there is Frank Castle, the Punisher. He ain't rich and he ain't sauve. Nope, Frank's power is in his ability to nurture revenge and not give a fuck if anyone cares what he does.

Then there's Ant-Man, Huntress (my fav!), the Atom, Green Arrow, Elektra, I can go on. All great superheroes who do not possess magic. Some of their stories are more science fiction in nature, while others could be considered suspense. That's what makes these stories so great! You can have a superhero story set in any genre, any world, in any time period.

So what elements make up a superhero story? It's simple really.

1. There is an injustice in the world.
2. The person who fights that injustice cannot do it as themselves and takes on an alter ego.

Ta-da! That's it. The secret identity is the key to a traditional superhero story. Think about it. James Bond is a mask and alias away from being a superhero. That dual identity and the struggle to balance the two is where the greatest exploration of character and conflict occur. Spiderman walked away from the mask when the pressure to keep his family safe became too great. Wonder Woman is so devoted to her role as the world's protector, that she sometimes forgets what it means to be a part of that world, which in turns colors her relationships.

So next time you're looking for a superhero story, remember to look beyond the paranormal section. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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