Sunday, July 19, 2015

Phoenix Crossing Available Now

She’ll commit the ultimate betrayal to save those she loves….

Xandra was forged in the fires of hell’s heaven’s nemesis and sharpened by humanity’s executioners. As a child, she failed to protect her little sister. With Riles located, Xandra will do anything to save her—even if it means committing the ultimate crime. Forced into a perilous situation, she’s drawn to the Alpha wolf shadowing her every move. Trust comes with a high price—one she’s paid too many times to count. But the sexy man her inner beasts desire refuses to give up.

The half phoenix, half angel was an assignment at first, a potential threat to the campus pack Lane had assumed leadership of. The longer he follows her, the more his wolf is drawn to protect her. Frustrated with her inability to trust him and his pack, he’ll do anything to keep her safe. Claiming the curvaceous hellion would be simple, but he’s determined to win the trust of the warrior beasts within her.  

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“You okay?” The concern startled me. I took a few cleansing breaths and channeled my inner bitch. The sooner I severed the connection between Lane and me, the safer he’d be. I hoped we were alone.

The Alpha wolf prowled toward me, all sleek, sinful grace and sinewy flesh meant to be licked, worshipped. My body hummed in anticipatory awareness. Unable to meet his gaze, I focused on a spot above his shoulder. He continued forward until a primal impulse to step backward overpowered me. I stood firm and basked in his scent.

Romantic entanglements with men never made the priority list. They’d steered clear of me.
Apparently, a woman who could kick your ass without trying didn’t merit chasing.

I inhaled the crisp woodsy musk cloaking me. Damn. He smelled even better than I’d imagined. Mom said my fascination with scents derived from my phoenix blood, something about a natural desire to track, hunt my prey—her warrior contribution. Dad, the ever romantic he was, claimed the allure was because my angel sought her soul’s other half.

Whatever the reason, Lane’s scent settled around me with the ease of a second skin. My pulse quickened when I chanced a glance upward and my gaze tumbled into the pale-blue depths of his eyes. The color reminded me of the human oceans we traversed when I was a child—before things went south. Strands of coal-black hair drifted downward along his temples. His full lips turned slightly upward into a smirk. I licked mine, wondering if his tasted as good as I imagined.

Yeah, I spent too much time thinking about the wolf and what I could do with him. His nostrils flared, and he closed the distance. “You gonna answer my question?”

Right. Question. Answer the unheard question. I nodded.

The smirk turned into a full-out grin. I licked my lips again, wondering if he had fangs.
Didn’t all wolves have fangs? Or was that vampires? Huh. Too bad I couldn’t ask Vira.

“Babe.” Strong fingers bracketed my face, forcing my attention to those sexy waves of ocean blue. Warmth settled in my belly as I leaned in and inhaled his scent again. I could spend an eternity basking in all things Lane.

But I didn’t have the right. I never would. One of my inner beasts wanted him. I suspected the phoenix. She was a bitch in heat half the time, primed to want any male she thought could handle her how she wanted. Fortunately, my angel was a prudish shrew.

The combination turned me into a wanton spinster with no hopes of mating anyone. Ever. I sighed and forced the hazy Lane fog aside.

He chuckled outright and ran his thumb along my lips. The gesture was too intimate, too full of potential. His gaze darkened as he leaned closer until our breaths mingled—my minty one to his cinnamon. Suddenly, I craved the tangy heat of cinnamon.

“We got a problem, babe.”
“Yeah.” Whatever the problem, I enjoyed the “we” in the scenario far more than I should.

“You lick your lips again, we got an even bigger problem.”

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