Wednesday, July 8, 2015

An Interview with Colton Lee By Tara Nina

It’s a balmy day in south Texas. Colton Lee and I sit upon his front porch, sipping iced sweet tea and discussing his life as depicted in Texan’s Silky Seduction.
Let’s get things started.
“So Colton, how long were you a stripper before meeting the love of your life, Melisa?”
“I tried out at one of those amateur nights on a dare when I was eighteen. Needless to say, I didn’t win. I wasn’t that good.” He shakes his head as he’s giving me this sheepish grin. “But I got the bug bad to be up on that stage in front of a bunch of screaming women. It’s a high like no other.”
“It seems you’ve been dancing close to twenty years. Is there an age when a man is too old to be up there shaking what he’s got?”
“Naw. It’s all in how you feel. If you keep in shape and change up the routines regularly, age has nothing to do with one’s ability to put on a good show.”
“How long have you been at Dixie’s?”
“More years than I care to remember.” He laughs as I take a sip of my tea.
“When Dixie gave you that ultimatum to up your game on stage or lose stage time, were you shocked?”
“Yeah. But I understood. It’s all about the business and keeping the place packed. When a dancer’s act gets stale, it’s either time for them to go or change it up. I chose to change it up. But it couldn’t have come at a worse time.”
What do you mean a worse time?
“I’m all about family. My sister and her husband were in need of some financial help for a personal medical issue. When Dixie laid down the law, I was short on funds and felt like my hands were tied. It tore me up inside and I knew I had to do something. I was determined to find an act that would bring down the house and increase my tips.”
“That’s when you met Melisa?”
“Yeah. Best day of my life was walking into her dance studio and signing up for her silks class. She taught me how to use the silks in a show of strength and agility with the flow of the music. The women loved it.”
“Had you ever had a dance lesson before?”
He nods. “Mom made me take classes with my younger sister, Cara when we were kids. Didn’t like it then, but now I’m glad that she did. I learned how to Tango.”
“And that dance is important why?”
“It’s Melisa’s favorite.” He wags his eyebrows and I laugh at the definite innuendo in his tone. “I get lucky every time we do it.”
“Are you still dancing at the club or have you stopped?”
“Naw. I save those dances for Melisa in the bedroom.” His smile turns into a devilish grin. “She’ll probably kill me for saying that.”
“Was dancing your only job?”
“I’ve always worked full-time at my family’s auto shop, Lee-McCains.  Now I also work for Dixie as manager and help scout new talent. Melisa works as the club’s choreographer whenever a guy needs help with a routine.”
“Was winning Melisa’s heart easy for a handsome guy like you?”
“Nope. She made me earn it. She’s the first woman who didn’t make it easy for me.”
“Does the story Texan’s Silky Seduction depict the struggle of how you won Melisa’s heart?”

Available July 8th, 2015 from Ellora’s Cave Publishing:
Texan’s Silky Seduction by Tara Nina and Taylor Cole

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