Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Romance

Last week I started writing a new story in a new world with all new characters. This hasn't happened for me in awhile. Actually, my writing had slowed to a crawl after the three releases I'd had in the spring, so when I started a new story, I was instantly in love.

Starting a new story, for me, is a lot like starting a new romance. Or, at least, what I remember about starting a new romance. There are the flutters of excitement, the compulsion to spend all my available time obsessing about it, and I constantly wonder if the story is actually going somewhere.

This particular story is a horror romance, which adds a whole new level of anticipation to the process. Who is going to live and who isn't? Plus, I get to throw myself into a diabolically evil manifestation and figure out what its motivation is.

Over the next couple of weeks, I anticipate the story growing and my understanding of it becoming second nature. That's actually my favorite part of writing a story. I like the anticipation and excitement of starting something new, but I love when the story finally clicks into place. And then I will have to end it. Just like a relationship, I hate that part. It sucks to get to know somebody so well and be in their lives so deeply only to say goodbye and set them free. I always drag my feet on that part.

Do you experience anything similar when you read a new romance? Do you have stages you go through when you find a new author or series to love?

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