Friday, June 12, 2015

Birthday Wishes of Gratitude

Tomorrow I head down to the old homestead to celebrate the my mother's birthday. This year, it hits me a bit harder exactly how much of an inspiration she has been to be through the years. As I embark on the task of releasing six separate releases this month, I know none of it wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been from her.

From an early age she fed my passion for the written word and enabled my delving into all the vast worlds found between the covers at our local library. She strengthened my creativity and imagination with her own passionate desire to be a writer.

I'm so proud to share my passion for writing with her now. I remember sitting and watching her pound away on a manual typewriter she'd had since forever. I remember even more humorously the not-so-simply switch over to an electronic typewriter. Then a computer. Now she knows more about graphics work and computers in general than I ever will (thanks, little bro!). 

 I recall with much love and fondness how supportive she was when I sold my first book--a very erotic work. She was so proud I felt terrible for making her swear never to ever, ever read it. I then bartered, threatened and otherwise finagled my brother into making sure she never figured out how to get ahold of it.

Through the years of my writing career she's been there through thick and thin, supporting me with her passion and belief. I know every writer would testify a strong support system is the foundation with which any career is built on.

She's since read some of my works and now has a list of potential publishers for the book she's waiting for me to write. Yes, she's already done the arduous market research and outlined all the possibilities for me. I think she missed her calling as an agent.

Tomorrow I will celebrate her birth, her life and the endless worlds she opened for me with her constant love and support.

Happy birthday, mom. May this year be the best yet for us both. I love you.

How about you? Who's your foundation? Let's give them all a big shout out. 

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  1. We are celebrating my mom's 85th birthday with her and the family later this month. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, counselor and support. She also can call me out on my BS better than anyone else :)