Thursday, June 18, 2015

Please Stop Killing Your Characters!

Hi everyone,
Rebecca Royce here today.  And I am blogging with a mission.  See the cute cat above? Isn't she sweet? She's begging you too. Please stop killing your characters. Lately I am seeing a trend in books I am reading.  I'll start a series and it'll turn out to be anywhere from 3-5 books. Great. I get hooked. So excited.  And then BOOM the last book comes and the author kills off their characters.  Or the main character. Or the love interest.  Or the best friend.

For the love of peet please stop. I am not talking about Game of Thrones. I am talking about romantic series, whether they are YA or the grown up variety.  I have no problem with an occasional death thrown in for plot and I am a pantser so I never know what's going to happen when I start a book that I'm writing. But I am seeing this trend over and over and over again.

Okay, I'll admit it.  In my YA series I killed off a character. And then I brought him back in the next book. I can do this--its Paranormal. However the trend since the shocking ending of the Divergent series is to do this all the time. Lets see how shocking I can make things for the reader...

Come on. Sometimes its okay to give us a happy ending.

Particularly in Romance. I'm begging you. I like my escapism happy.  One author I read recently killed of the entire book--the entire human race at the end of her series.  I think I might still be traumatized. 

Just stop it. Tell a great story. Give us a HEA or a HFN.  Let George R.R. Martin kill of everyone. If I pick up a love story, that's what you should give me.

And now I'll get off my soap box for the week. Hugs and Love.



  1. Those books should come with a new warning label.

  2. Yes!! It's like Nicholas Sparks movies. I refuse to watch them cause something awful always happens at the end. Red!!