Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When The Writing Is Hard

Hello Everyone
Its me, Rebecca Royce.  And I'm here writing this blog right now.  I had thought I would just give you a general blog post about the forth book in my Outsider series re-releasing  (Love Beyond Sight is out, yay! I really am excited.)
But then I read Jenn Kacey's amazing blog post from 6/1 and I thought I could do better than just another promo post again.  I thought I could spend a few minutes actually writing about something real.  I've gotten into the habit about not really speaking about 'real' things online anymore. Why? Well, its probably three-fold.  The first is that I recently had a creeper really make me upset.  He got really inappropriate with me and I didn't like it.  Since we were on an app together playing Words With Friends, I hadn't anticipated he would be able to gather so much information about me so fast. It got really creepy and I made it stop. But it did shut me down from wanting to share too much about anything for a little bit.  While most people are downright wonderful, I do have to be careful.
The second is that as authors we are often told not to share. The readers don't want to know about us, we are told.  Keep it to yourself.  Just stay happy, stay smiling. But I don't think that's real. Do you? And even though I write Paranormal and Fantasy Erotic Romance (and some contemporary romance lately, thank you Jenn Kacey for dragging that out of me in the form of Platinum, who knew I'd like that so much?) I do think that what I do does drag at what I hope are real emotions.  And not everything we feel is always upbeat and happy.
Last month, I had to watch my son undergo some testing which thankfully turned out okay. It was enormously stressful and while I am the luckiest person in the world for the health of my family and that it was fine, it sidelined me. While we were at the hospital with him, my computer broke. It was under warranty and for the next two weeks I didn't have the computer I am comfortable writing on.  Then it came back. And I stared at the screen. And no words came. And no words came. And no words came.
I guess I could have panicked, would have years ago.  But I'm an old enough hat at this to know you can't force it when its just not there. So I pushed through.  100 words here, 100 words there. I did three sets of edits which came in.  I ordered cover art.  I watched television. I bought cheese from a shop 45 minutes away.  I started some renovations which need to be done on the house.
And then...the words came back. I'm still not at full speed for me. I still have shiny object syndrome.  But its there again. 
And I guess that's what I do when the writing is hard.
And this is my real blog post for today.



  1. You absolutely delight me!!!! What an amazingly personal post and LOVE that I had anything to do with it!!! *SQUISHY HUGS*

  2. I read you blog and I was like you know what? I'm not doing a book promo today. So thank you. Felt good to write this blog.

  3. Felt good to write mine yesterday!!! It was almost like a journal entry!! Really loved it!