Friday, June 26, 2015

Are you ready for The Rending? Let's explore Redemption

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Books 1 and 2 of The Rending will be releasing on Tuesday. I'm thrilled the second book, Redemption's Forgiveness is part of the Romancing the Wolf anthology.

When I first came up with this series idea, I wanted to infuse everything I love about shifter romances into a post-apocalyptic/dystopian environment. The result was The Rending. I've had a tremendous amount of help breathing life into the world. The first angel to help was Lori, who created this lovely map of The Rending world for me. To say she did stunning work is an understatement, especially since what she had to work with was pen drawn lines across interstates of a U.S. map that was scanned to her. LOL. See? Total angel, right?


Books 1 and 2 both take place in Redemption, which is a trading post established and run by the paraspecies. (The human NAH forces call them The Others). Redemption is the gutted remnants of what is now the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Specifically, it's the area where Interstate 35 bubbles out into East and West.

Scott Carpenter designed all the covers for this series and has done a remarkable job visually representing Redemption. Since Redemption is gutted remnants of what was once Dallas, I wanted to show the destruction, yet also show the progressive repairs.

The Tower used by the flyers is the one in the middle. Technically the tall building to the right doesn't really exist in my books, but we'll pretend that's a future growth development :)

Security for Redemption is handled by the wolf pack, which is run by the Quadrant Alpha, Adrik. He's the hero of book 1. Book 2 features Marek, one of the sentinels (enforcers).

So, there's a small peek into The Rending world. If you'd like to see more, visit It's a work in progress, but will soon have an in-depth glossary and bonus footage.

Meanwhile, here's a peek into Book 1, now titled Redemption. It was originally in the Under a Wolf Moon anthology. It's been slightly expanded and will now be in ebook and print formats:)

Redemption Blurb:

Mira grew up in a savage tract of existence known as Hell’s Highway—a parcel of land for genetically impure humans (Impures) cast out during a savage battle between humanity’s government  (the NAH) and the Paraspecies. When a cease fire was declared, the two opposing sides retreated, regrouped, but the fight for survival had just begun for Impures forced to exist within a kill or be prey existence.

As a runner for The Alliance, Mira ran messages and provisions back and forth between her camp and Redemption—a bartering outpost created by the Paraspecies to help Impures within Hell’s Highway. But for the past two years Mira has been a prisoner of war, detained and tortured in an unsanctioned NAH facility within the lawless lands of Hell’s Playground. Now free, she must risk her life to fulfill a promise made to a fellow prisoner—travel to Redemption and enlist the aid of the Paraspecies. Returning to the outpost, though, means reuniting with the Alpha wolf she’d once hoped to have a future with.

As Quadrant Alpha of the most dangerous section of Paraspecies land, the last thing Adrik needs is the Impure from his past suddenly returning after two years. He ripped Hell’s Highway apart searching for her two years ago, and his pack reaped the consequences of his shattered soul. Now, with a civil war threatening on his southern border, the constant battles with the succubae on his eastern border, and the latest command from Headquarters to assume the role of Alpha Commander, he doesn’t have time to wander around Hell’s Playground searching for a secret facility no one believes exists.

But the temptation to spend time with the Impure he’d once intended to mate proves too tempting. Together they must heal the wounds their time apart created and find a way to survive the dangers awakened.

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