Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Family Connection

My upcoming release Border Town got sidetracked with the death of my grandfather in 2016, and I finished the story right around the time my grandmother passed away this year. In the space of 15 months, my husband and I lost three grandparents.

It can be extremely difficult to continue working, and writing, during times of sadness. No matter how much one prepares, the unexpected always happens.

That said, a certain amount of healing can happen while writing. I fully believe in the power of working through life’s difficulties via the written word. At the same time, working through issues that also may help others living through similar situations. It’s how we connect through stories.

Border Town centers on three sisters, Lucia, Dominique and Roxanne. The story is loosely based on my grandmother and her two sisters, who ended up marrying three military buddies. Growing up, I heard about the family ranch, and how they met my grandfather and his friends at a USO dance in south Texas.

As a long-time fan of the sci-fi series X-Files, I was instantly intrigued when bestselling author Lia Davis announced her publishing company After Glows, and the kickoff of the new Smex-Files series. With its rich history, and deep mysterious folk lore, the area my family comes from was a perfect setting for this story.

So this one goes out to my grandmother, who at 99 still loved to read her tales of romance, and hope. 

Border Town
SLICE Agency, book one
By Louisa Bacio

Coming September 26, 2017 from After Glows Publishing

A thin line exists between reality and the paranormal, between one country and the next. Lucia grew up stuck between cultures on the border of Texas and Mexico and the wavy lines of reality. With the help of her two sisters, she runs the family ranch, or what’s left of it.

Years ago, a hurricane shifted the river, cutting through the property with their land partially ending up on the other side of the Rio Grande. Mother Nature unleashed more than land wars. Legend tells of a supernatural beast slaughtering the livestock every seven years. When the carcasses of goats show up drained of blood, she reaches out for help.

Shaw McDiamond doesn’t want to be stuck in a hick town chasing after the myth of the chupacabra. As part of an elite force of paranormal agents that work the border, Shaw’s group, SLICE, exposes aliens of another kind. This vampiric creature is like nothing he’s encountered, and the woman he’s working with unnerves him even more. 

Lucia and Shaw clash over folklore and reality, fate and free will. As the killings escalate with the attack of a ranch hand, the storm returns, and the two become trapped in an ever-shifting world they can’t control. And to survive, they’ll have to do it together.


Louisa Bacio

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