Sunday, September 3, 2017

What Not To Do on a Long Weekend with @elle_rush

It's the Labour Day weekend. Time for the last big blast before school starts. Go camping while the last of the good weather lasts. One last trip to the beach. A backyard barbecue using up your garden's last bought.

What should you not do on a long weekend?

Put your neck out. Like me (which is why this post is delayed).

I'm typing this with a scarf around my neck, a belly full of Advil, and my phone within reach so I can call my chiropractor at 8am on Tuesday to get an appointment ASAP.

This is no fun at all. I had plans. Not great plans (mostly fall housecleaning, but I do have a birthday party) but there are things I should be doing rather than sitting on the sofa trying to to cry every time I blink.

The good news is that my Kindle is close at hand for when the painkillers kick in.

So, you aren't getting much from me today. I promise to have some great content for you next month, as it will be the week leading up to Canadian Thanksgiving. Plus I'll have some new book news.

In the meantime, enjoy this if it's your cup of ... coffee.

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