Thursday, September 17, 2015

What happens when characters create dating profiles for each other?

We’re about to find out. I asked Jared and Sable from Jaguar’s Judgment to create a dating profile for each of other. I’m very interested in seeing what they came up with, so I brought them with me today.

Hello, guys. Thanks for coming and sharing your profiles with us.
Sable: You’re welcome. I had fun creating my profile for Jared. I think I nailed him.
Jared: [grows but one side of his mouth lifts] I’m not sure if fun would be the word I’d use, but I have put together Sable’s profile.

Lia: I have a hunch that we’ll have more fun listening to you read them. Sable, why don’t you go first?

Sable: [smiles wide] My pleasure. So here’s Jared prefect dating profile.

Dark, sexy jaguar seeking strong, confident female.

Name: Jared Nickels
Age: old
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Height: 6’ 2”
Species: black jaguar

Short Bio: I’m a born justice and lived most my life as a lone-cat until my parents passed away and left my baby sister in my care. I like quiet evenings at home and long runs under the full moon.

Prefect Mate: She’s strong, confident, and caring. A great mother to cubs. And she won’t hesitate to kill to protect her family.

Warning: this is for entertainment purpose only. Jared is happily mated to a female who will kill to protect what is hers.

Jared: [presses his lips together before speaking] Was the warning necessary?
Sable: Yes.
Jared: Un huh. Well I did mine a little different and less online mating site style.

Sable Darwin-Nickels, if she was available—which she is not—is strong, stubborn, a caring and protective mother, and beautiful. She likes to be dominated, but only on her terms. She loves chick flicks, spending time with her son, and making rogues pay for their sins. If you enjoy beatings by her jealous mate, give her a call.

Sable: [crosses her arms and glares at him] You are not funny.
Jared: [shrugs] I never said I was. But I did say you were beautiful.
Sable: You did…
Jared: Besides you described yourself in the perfect female part of yours.
Sable: [moves to sit in his lap] Because I’m your mate and no one else can have you.
Jared: The same goes for you.
Sable: I’ll have it no other way.

Lia: That went better than I’d expected. I mean, sometimes they can be a little… well, they can misbehave and things can get too heated if you know what I mean.

Thanks for coming by. You can read Jared and Sable’s story in Jaguar’s Judgment (Ashwood Falls, book 6)

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