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Guest Diva: Terri Brisbin -- HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO only 99c

Holding Out for a Medieval Hero – a boxed set from Laurel O’Donnell, Elizabeth Rose, Catherine Kean and Terri Brisbin – is a collection of four, full-length medieval historical romances. If you like your heroines strong and challenged and your heroes brave and fierce, this is the set for you!

 In Terri Brisbin’s ONCE FORBIDDEN –
Anice MacNab barely survived the brutal treatment of her now-dead husband and is forced to flee another planned political alliance by seeking the help of the only man she trusts. Robert Mathieson has been denied recognition and refused his heritage, but finds himself drawn into the intrigue surrounding Anice and wanting the one person he cannot have—his half-brother’s wife. Secrets of the past threaten the MacKendimen Clan and vows made will be broken as Robert and Anice seek to claim the love, once forbidden, that could destroy many lives or could unite them forever.

In Catherine Kean’s A KNIGHT’S PERSUASION –
When Lord Edouard de Lanceau finds an unconscious, wounded woman, he recognizes her as Lady Juliana de Greyne, to whom he was almost betrothed. He rushes her to safety, but is captured by his father's enemies. Imprisoned along with Juliana, who has amnesia, he tries to find a way for them to escape. As their forbidden love grows, will her memories finally return, or will the villains destroy all?

In Laurel O’Donnell’s ANGEL’S ASSASSIN –
Damien is an assassin, a man with a tortured past. Sold into slavery, he is trained to kill. Lady Aurora of Acquitaine is the epitome of purity and goodness. When Damien enters Aurora's life, tempting her with promises of forbidden lust, he threatens to tear her peaceful world apart.

In Elizabeth Rose’s SAPPHIRE -
Sapphire de Burgh arrives in Rye to be told her betrothed - a man she's never met - has died, and so she is married off to an evil, abusive baron. But things change dramatically when a mysterious handsome knight returning from war enters her life, and through mistaken circumstances they end up as lovers. But as they both discover, life sometimes takes a wicked turn, when Lord Roe Sexton returns to his castle to find his secret lover is not only married to another man, but is also his stolen bride.
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Breaking through the last barrier of trees that blocked his view, Robert reined in and dismounted his black stallion. Dunnedin lay afore him, the village spread out to the other forest, the castle and keep in front of him.
     Eight years.
     Not a day passed in those years when he did not think about returning. He never knew why he wanted to return--there was nothing here waiting for him.
     Dougal made it clear the night of the argument that Robert was no longer his son. His actions in the next weeks were the proof--Dougal shunned him and threw his few meager belongings out of the room they shared in the keep. The insults were the worst. His chest tightened with the memories of the words flung at him in anger.
     Bastard son of a lying whore.
     At first, he thought it couldn’t be true, the accusations about his mother, dead all those years. But, the look on the laird’s face and his lack of denial about his affair with Dougal’s wife told the truth well enough.
     Robert remembered waiting, waiting for Struan to say more after admitting by default to his fathering Glynis’ child. He had held his breath, fisted his hands, and waited. The laird looked at his wife and legitimate son, and then at him.
     Please, please, please.
     He’d offered a silent prayer to the Almighty, one that He chose to ignore at the time. ‘Twas not meant to be, then or now. Nothing in Struan’s message e’en acknowledged their true relationship.
     And, of course, Robert couldn’t forget that his half-brother had married the MacNab heiress and the marriage was about to bear fruit. There was no need in the clan for a recognition of an additional son--an heir and another on the way protected the future of the MacKendimens.   
     Robert pulled on the reins of his horse and began walking towards the castle gate. A rock sitting in the pit of his stomach told him that this was probably not a good idea, no matter how much time had passed. Well, if he was lucky, Dougal was beyond expressing his hatred.
     What about Struan? This had to grate on him--asking his true son to return to take over the duties of a man everyone in the clan thought was his father. Would anyone know the truth? How would he be treated now? Did they e’en know of the rank and power he held in the clan MacKillop? He may have started out as a steward, overseeing supplies for the castle, but his fighting and strategic abilities soon led him to a higher role--castellan.
     Coming back to take over Dougal’s duties was a step down for him and he knew that Duncan thought he did it only because of the family ties involved. He was not certain if Duncan was told the truth or no’. The only one at Dunbarton Keep who was privy to his side of the sad story was Ada. And, she told no tales.
     “Come, Dubh, ‘tis the dragging it out that makes it worse.” He rubbed his stallion’s nose and mounted in one jump. The horse snorted steam into the frigid winter air and pawed at the dirt. “They’ll no’ see Robert Mathieson, castellan of Dunbarton, walking into Dunnedin like a common beggar.”

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