Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Subversive: The Warrior Series Book Two

I know I blogged about the first book in the Warrior Series, Initiation. I love this series. It's full of action,  adventure, and amazing characters. Well.... Today book two in the series, Subversive is out! Yay! And it's only $2.99


Rachel Clancy should never be counted out. She's a fighter and fighters never quit. Her destiny is to lead in a world filled with vampires and werewolves--void of romance and flowers. In charge of a secret revolution that could change her home forever, she's forced to battle and vanquish any threat to her friends and family. But no matter how many times she's won, the evil that threatens her never forgets her name. 

Life is a continuous battle that never ends. 

Especially for Rachel... 

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