Saturday, September 12, 2015

Witch's Concubine Sneak Peak

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I'm locked up in the writing cave right now, but here's a sneak peek into Witch's Concubine, which is releasing October 1st through All Romance ebooks.

     Nothing stands between a cursed witch and her quarry.

Macy Davenport has two weeks to purge the familial curse or she’ll suffer a sex-starved eternity. Finding a vampire strong enough to handle her rare dragon witch powers isn’t easy. But Doctor Death comes with a very high price and a string of complications.

Prince Dmitri Siysky, aka Doctor Death, doesn’t have time for the fiery dragon witch, even if her carnal dilemma offers interesting compensation. There’s an underground slave ring selling vampires and he’s been sent the witches responsible.

He expected trouble, but he never anticipated Macy.

Macy summoned the flames drifting from the wall behind the men. They licked at their hair with disinterest. She pressed them downward, beyond their waist and channeled the heat into the crotches they were so determined needed attention.
The men yelped and dodged the fiery children of her creation currently waging war with their clothing. Their feet moved in time to their screams, but Macy remained where she was.
“Last chance, fledglings. Leave us. Now.”
The two men raced past her, yelping as the fires gave chase. Macy allowed her thundering heart to slow. Her heated blood burned within her veins. Sandalwood, musk and butterscotch.
The latter scent drew her curiosity closer, until her gaze took in the cell’s interior. A small cot, minus the mattress, hugged one rat infested corner. Chains hung from the stone ceiling, their intent clear.
The man within the shackles snarled his wrath. “Dragon witch, come closer. I haven’t killed one of your kind in at least a century.”
“No doubt it’s been longer.” She pried the cell open with her telekinetic energy, but remained several feet from the predator within. Though chained in silver, Dmitri Siysky was anything but defenseless.
Power flowed from him, mottled with uncontained, murderous disdain.
“I see you’ve received Hilda’s VIP treatment.”
His lips curved into a luscious grin meant to devour the kind-hearted and disrobe anyone with a pulse. Wicked grey eyes danced with amusement. “I thought I’d receive no company, yet here you are. Witch number seven for the day. Tell me, dragon witch, will you bother to remove my pants or will you simply try to impale my cock as I am now?”
A sliver of guilt slithered into her as she allowed her startled thoughts to process him. His massive form engulfed the room, his aura exuding confidence and unbridled lust when he regarded her. Corded muscle bulged from his arms and ceded to ribbons of sinewy flesh spreading across his powerful chest and down into unbuttoned pants. A thick, hard cock jutted proudly.
Dmitri remained silent under her perusal. She took a step forward and noted the tense stance in his thick thighs. Large, defenseless fingers knotted into fists, a strong jaw twitched with unspoken threats.
“I see you’ve had visitors.”
“They tried to take what they seek,” he rasped.
She swallowed the hunger rising within her, forcing the fiery depths of need back with a measured step toward him. “Their curiosity was to be expected. It isn’t everyday Doctor Death is encased in silver within the witch’s Imperial Station.” She circled behind him, noted the tight, firm ass and rippling, muscled back. “Surely you realized what violating an agreement would warrant.”
“There was no agreement,” he growled.
“Hilda seems to think otherwise. Word from The Imperial Council is that the terms of your service were rather extensive, both in duty and duration.” A shiver traveled along her tingling skin as she circled back to his front and met his intense gaze. His heated skin beckoned her dragon powers. So much heat. She swallowed. “It seems your prowess has no bounds.”
“My wrists would beg to differ.” He tugged on the chains and shoved his massive body into her aura. “Tell me your intent, witch. I tire of the games.”
“I offer you freedom.”
He tossed his head back and allowed his laugh to echo through the dank chamber. Raven black hair tumbled, the tips grazing his wide shoulders. “A witch offering freedom? That would be like my kind giving away blood.”
Dmitri had no doubt been down this road more times than she’d imagine. Vampires worked off simplistic barter systems without hidden context or underlying motivations—the only reasons she’d even considered this as a viable solution to her problem.
“I’ll offer you a blood oath.” Purging her powers would be even simpler if she had a vampire sucking them out of her willingly. The offer was a win-win.
His grey gaze darkened. Flecks of gold mingled in the shadowed depths. “No witch would offer her blood to my kind.”
“I will have the contract drawn up and witnessed tonight, before the full moon strikes. I demand three months of service in exchange. Upon completion of your contract, you will be released.”
“And brought right back here to serve my time again.”
“No.” She stepped back and took a deep breath, forcing her labored breathing to give way to lungs of clean, vampire-free air. His aura struck hers, forcing her need to intense levels she couldn’t contain. “My contract would, by Imperial law, sever Hilda’s right to demand your punishment.”
“By what right?”
“Ancient law.” She narrowed her gaze. “You know very little of witches for someone who spends all his time bedding them.”
“And you are as na├»ve as you are aroused if you believe everything you hear about me,” he whispered. “I smell your arousal, dragon witch. Take what you want and leave.”
Beads of pre-cum trickled from the thick, bulbous tip of his cock. She licked her lips and snagged her thoughts from their errant path. Her pussy clenched, moistened by the sudden lust projected within his aura. Negotiation first. Play second.
“Three months service.”
“One week,” he responded. “I tire of fucking a witch after the first night. Anything more than seven is dull at best.”
“Perhaps you’re not as legendary as I heard after all.” The challenge was met with a flicker of amusement glinting in his eyes. “Perhaps you enjoy the chains searing your flesh.”
Lush lips curved into a wicked grin. “Be careful what you wish for, fire sprite, because this vampire has no qualms about playing rough.”
Awareness spread through her limbs, rushing power into her fingertips. Flames danced on the wall behind Dmitri. “Two months is my final offer.”
“And you’d allow a blood contract during that entire time? You’d let my fangs sink into you when I fucked you so hard you passed out. You’d take my cock however I wished you to because I, fire sprite, would determine how you get fucked.”
The statements rattled her resolve. The sheer dominant nature of his words proved their truth. With him she would have little say.
Though she only had two weeks to begin the process of purging the hex, she knew it would require at least eight weeks. Anything less and she’d be saddled with the remnant anguish of a lackluster, sexless existence for eternity.
“Eight weeks.” She chewed her lip and met his gaze. “With full blood service and decision making in the bedroom only.”

He chuckled. “You are too cute to think the bed will be the only place I pound your sweet pussy.”

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