Friday, September 18, 2015

Real Life Versus Fiction

I asked a question on Facebook asking my friends to tell me their love stories with the promise that I would fictionalize them until they worked the way they would in a book. I gave an example of my own. I met my husband in real life in law school. In a book, however, the heroine would be trying to go to school so she could get her father who was wrongly convicted of espionage out of jail when she falls in love with the son of the man who put him there. 
Fiction v. Real Life.
Here are some of the stories I got. 
(And for the record I have cut and paste straight from Facebook. I have copied and pasted. Any terms used are not my own.)
Maria Michelle Varley I met my partner through a friend who set up a blind date. Went to local close to my house had a drink then went bowling with said friend of mine and his friend who were dating also.
My fictionalized version: Small town romance.  Heroine has sworn off men after losing her fiancĂ© in a terrible accident. She agrees to go on a date to make her friend happy and falls in love with the hero who was once her late fiancĂ©’s friend.
Melissa A Keir I met my husband when I was his oldest son's teacher. His ex suggested that we date because she knew I had gotten a divorce. We went out for the first time that summer after I was his son's teacher and walked around Target.
My fictionalized version: Melissa, yours is pretty close to a romance novel. But here we go.  Here and his ex are still on good terms but he’s sworn off love.  Too messy.  And there’s a child involved.  Ex-wife knows she did the heroine wrong.  She made bad decisions and since she is dying of an incurable disease she is determined to set the hero up before she passes.  Heroine is really good with children, really bad with adults.  But she’s always been in love with the hero and his ex knew it.  Lots of emotional bumps.
Trina M. Lee Neat idea! I was googling for info about a local battle of the bands concert. The search results brought me to a bass player's live journal page because he'd mentioned said concert in a post (he was playing in it). On a whim I messaged him to say hi. We became good friends for a couple years and then we became more.
My fictionalized version: Hmmm. Okay, it has to be vampires.  Or a vampire. Heroine is googling info for a local battle of the bands (because that is so cool) and brings up results of elusive bass player who never gives interviews except his blog which draws fans.  She messages him and for some reason he answers. Turns out he is a vampire.  He plays his soul into the music…
Melisse Aires Lol, hubby and I met in a hippy dippy home church back in the Jezus freak days(daze).
My fictionalized version: Hmmm. Okay, let’s make it a cult.  Hero and heroine raised in a cult under the thumb of a dynamic but abusive leader who wants to marry the heroine to join his five other wives.  Hero defies upbringing to rescue her and save her from her horrific fate. 
Beckey White I meet my husband thru a co-worker ... It was Her husband's best friend... They got tired of him going "dateless" on "date" night...
That was May of 1999 (16 years ago...)
We got married on 3-13-13 (why you may ask- if you take the ones and angle them to form the v and place the 3 horizontal you get a heart and then you take to other two threes and you can make a four leaf clover- luck of the Irish  in the month of all thing Irish - Corny I know)
My fictionalized version: Lets go with the Irish angle.  The Fae.  Prince of the Fairy Folk tired of his advisor going without love. Sets them up.  But the enforcer can only get married on a specific day or he loses his powers…
Sheri Vidal I met my husband at this college program trust fall day. He was the photographer for the day and kept taking pictures of me falling off things lol
My fictionalized version: Same idea. I love the trust fall aspect.  But let’s have him take a picture of her and catch the guy who has been stalking her in the background.  Now the crazy guy is after both of them…
Danielle Pierce: I met my husband when a friend brought him to an Irish bar to forget about the woman who left on his first honeymoon. His waiter was neglectful, so I took over, but messed up his order a bit. For the past 19 years, we have been together but he knows that he should probably just get the drinks himself.
My fictionalized version: Hero knew her a decade before when he was too shy to talk to her in high school. Goes to the bar (same meet-cute) but she doesn’t remember him…
Stacia D. Kelly: How fun! Nick and I met working at a Dialysis Clinic. I'd graduated 6months early from college and came home to work. He loves to comment that he can survive anything as he worked for his MIL for 9 years.
My fictionalized version: I think we have to go with sick patient here.  (who will get better.) One working in the clinic, one needing treatment…
Dawn: I met my husband when I was coming outta the bushes- I ran right into his chest, said hello and ran off smile emoticon.
My fictionalized version: So, its gotta be running from something.  Coming through the bushes having escaped a kidnapping.  Slamming into…the Alpha of the local werewolf pack.  And you are his mate…
Rebekah McCleary Trevelise I met my husband through my divorce attorney. We were both getting a divorce, and he was representing both of us! My attorney, Charles, kept telling me, "You have got to meet this guy. You have so much in common. You are both so rational. I just need to get him divorced first!"
My fictionalized version: I think you add CRAZY exes and this is already a love story for the books.
Janice Clark: How about a women semi Truck driver falling in love with her trainee who just got out of the Army.
Fictionalized Version: I love this. Already a story….

This was fun for me. Hope it was for you too. 

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