Saturday, April 4, 2015

Anna Alexander Does the Emerald City Comic Con

The 2015 Emerald City Comic Con was insane. 80,000 people, over 200 hundred hours of workshops and panels, and exhibitor space that goes on forever. It’s Halloween and Christmas bundled up in three days of awesome, and I was a part of it.

Yep, this year I had the opportunity to be a player in the action and moderate several workshops in the Writer’s Block section of programing. I got to hang with authors Holly Black, Peter V. Brett and RJ Terrel, among many others, and talk about different topics in the writing world like pitching an idea, writing magic, and diversity in commercial fiction.

I also attended several of the celebrity panels and got my shopping on. I scored several charms, a new corset (of course) and super cool nail art I’m going to wear to the RT Convention. Adamantium nails- Score!

Who's ready to learn how to pitch?

Some of the fantastic costumes.

Haley Atwell said Chris Evan’s lips are soft and he smells really good. J She also spoke very eloquently about feminism, but, you know,  Chris Evans.

One of my purchases.

My first panel. Writing Magical McGuffins with Holly Black, HL Reasby, and Peter V. Brett.

Don't you love these Lego men? And of course, Stan Lee is represented.

Gina Torres –I think the power of your femininity can move you just as far as a set of balls. (Preach!)

Clark Gregg- For those of you who write Coulson/Thor/Hawkeye fanfic. Keep writing it. He thinks it’s funny, especially when the artists draw him with bigger muscles than he actually has. Also, I love it when an actor knows his show and is just as excited about the work as the fans. So attractive.
Did you know Anthony Mackie was roommates with Lee Pace while at Julliard? His stories about his early acting years are funny.

Oh, Captain my Captain.
John Barrowman is hysterical. If you have the chance to see him at a Con, go!

Get your copy today!
 Next year the event will be four days. FOUR! I’m starting the countdown until next year now. J

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