Monday, April 27, 2015

The fun with stubborn characters

I'm currently working on book 6 of the Ashwood Falls series. The couple in this story is one I've set up and strung along from the beginning. So you can say the couple has always been in head and pieces of the story has come to me as I write the others. I thought their story would be easy to write and flow without issues. After all I know all the important parts and have a good connection with both Jared and Sable.

So what's the issue? They are stubborn. They have a past together and neither one is willing to give an inch right now. I want to lock them up in a room somewhere, but they are like "no it doesn't work that way." Well, i know that but a writer can try, right?

Now I'm faced with letting them tell their story. But it's hard when I know where it should go and how it should end. The control freak in me wants things to go as planned. Jared and Sable apparently have other ideas. One thing I've learned over the years is the characters will win. It is their story after all.

What is your favorite enemy to lovers story?

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