Monday, April 6, 2015

It's My Birthday!

My mom created this bit of loveliness.
Yep. Last Thursday April 2nd was my birthday. I get very squiggly when it comes to birthdays. On the one hand I enjoy celebrating the day of my birth. However... I hate aging. Hate it. I will not age quietly into the night and will fight it every step of the way.

Rebecca made me a cake!
Some people say I shouldn't worry about growing older. With age comes wisdom and la-dee-da. I still detest it. Why? I have found that people as a society judge each other too harshly on age. There are expectations associated when you've reached a certain age. Oh, you should have done this by now. Married by now. Your career should be here, you should/should not dress like that, and your life as a whole should be there. I do not like that. I want to be me and not have to change because I've reached a certain number of years. If I am to change and evolve as a person, it will be based on experiences and not because the calender of my life has cycled so many times.

The girls know me so well.
Dutch Apple Pietini. Yep.
How did I celebrate without focusing on the growing older aspect? With friends and family. Just as one should. On Friday my writer friends converged with my non-writing friends for drinks and laughter. Most of that laughter was directed at me when I enjoyed one cocktail too many. Don't worry, I had a designated driver, and I wasn't sloppy drunk, only incredibly tipsy. Then on Sunday my family combined Easter with birthdays as my sister and father also have a birthday this week. Nothing crazy. No bashes to end all bashes. Just lots of fun with the people I love

So to my family I say thank you. To Anna Richland, Ronlyn Howe, Rebecca Neumann, Gwen Mitchell, and Kathi Myers, thank you for celebrating with me and being my
friends. I appreciate you more than you could possibly imagine.

Cheers! And here's to another year!

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