Friday, April 10, 2015

The Black Hills Wolves...

As a lot of you know, and if you don't you now will, I helped create a multi-authored werewolf series earlier this year called The Black Hills Wolves.  Today, I thought I'd give a shout out to the whole series so far.  Its not at all finished, or anywhere near, just the first bunch. We are signing new authors all the time and I love it.

                                                      Wolf's Return by Rebecca Royce
What A Wolf Wants by Heather Long
Black Hills Desperado by D.L. Jackson
Wolf's Song by Taryn Kincaid
Claiming His Mate by M. Limoges
When Hell Freezes by Rebecca Royce
Portrait of a Long Wolf by Rebecca Royce
Taming His Mate by M. Limoges
Alpha in Disguise by Afton Locke

A Wolf's Promise by Cara Carnes
Reluctant Mate by Chandra Ryan
Diamond Moon by Celia Breslin
Tempting the Wolf by Lia Davis
Your Wild Heart by Dena Garson

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